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A faulty production line


  • GP died by suicide after fears over sharing his mental health diagnosis, inquest hears

    Truthteller's comment 16 Oct 2019 6:12pm

    Does seem that a bill for £48.000 is wrong and cruel for anyone, (especially if only £3,000 is actually owed). What a shocker, especially for someone unwell. Enough to put many hard workers like GPs over the edge. Perhaps there should be a law against organisations sending out false bills. and hold MPS to account. A Duty of Care to the doctor was required by MPS, I think. Very sad indeed. He deserved much better.

  • Push Doctor temporarily suspends appointments for under-18s

    Truthteller's comment 23 May 2019 1:07am

    Typical "continuing to provide safe and effective care" like they do not admit their stupid error in the first place. Nobody wanting to take responsibility for their mistakes; and what's this all costing financially, and in other ways...

  • ​CCG's £32m Babylon deficit 'may lead to practice closures', Hancock told

    Truthteller's comment 29 Apr 2019 4:59pm

    GPs lay down with NHS England, Government, Babylon GP at Hand-promoting dogs then they wonder why they have fleas...

  • Patients waiting longer than ever for cancer treatment from GP referral

    Truthteller's comment 15 Apr 2019 5:27pm

    'Scrapping the four-hour A+E target'? Fraudulent way to treat patients and demoralising fake target for hospital doctors and GPs. Likewise usual demoralising waits for cancer treatment for patients who need uplifting the most...
    What a fake NHS England health service this is.

  • Superpractices looking to take leadership roles on GP networks across England

    Truthteller's comment 15 Apr 2019 5:00pm

    Grasping for the money! Which of these grasping 'supers' cares two hoots for a single patient?
    What is the opposite of so-called 'super'?
    Watch out you practices that are not super: the words 'swindling you' springs to mind, and'more
    hoops for you to spring through' to get your share...

  • When I grow up, I’ll be a worse GP

    Truthteller's comment 10 Sep 2018 4:58pm

    When she is a bit older but not a better GP, will she still be criticising middle age and male? or just everyone who is middle aged including herself?

  • Nurses and pharmacists to prescribe via phone to relieve GP pressures

    Truthteller's comment 10 Sep 2018 1:16pm

    This will mean more work for GPs when the other healthprofessionals double or triple the time involved dealing with a patient because they need your advice to get things right. When it goes wrong, or they are not sure about something, they don't want to take the responsibility you take.

  • Three simple solutions to the workload crisis

    Truthteller's comment 18 Aug 2018 0:58am

    Many of our GP colleagues already only work 3 days a week, so why is Dr ZN wanting another Half Day off: sounds a bit lazy and greedy, and see even fewer patients, and even less continuity of care, and even more patients having to attend A and E instead. Also, she wants "backfill": what's that about, except to do less work again without harming her pay?
    Get real. This was once a profession where dedication and devotion to our patients meant something. It was a vocation where you put your patients as your top priority. Not "Me,me,me"!
    Also, we should not be calling for charges for patients to see a GP: which sounds like doing some nasty job on behalf of the government.
    We should be defending our patients, many of whom are already feeling unnecessarily guilty when they book an appointment, from charges to see a GP. An NHS that's Free at the point of access: we don't want a Fake NHS with more restrictions: we have more than enough restrictions placed on patients and GPs already.
    As for "cardigans": they often know a lot more than than self-deluding young whippersnappers who are still "wet behind the ears"...

  • BME doctors lack ‘unity and purpose’ in fight against racism, says leading GP

    Truthteller's comment 09 Aug 2018 9:43pm

    Professor A Esmail has become a Professor not just through his work but also through the tolerance he must have experienced in the UK. Instead of attending various minority and ethnic meetings, perhaps he would be less divisive , and speak more of how minorities could do more to integrate and communicate: possibly the wearing of garments that effectively hide a person's face and greatly reduce non-verbal communications (such as a burka or niqab) would be something he could start with, in order to promote more integration and cohesion. Niqabs and burkas make many people feel they are facing "bandits"
    stated Boris Johnson..perhaps a very good point.
    Many Islamic people even agree that these garments present an obvious wall to communication, and can be seen as insular.
    Is it just pure chance that so many female IS convicted terrorists', and those who have prepared for acts of terrorism, photos that appear on the TV news and other media, are wearing niqabs or burkas or hijab-type garments? Small wonder that some people can be scared by the perceived disguises.
    Many more doctors, medical students could be perceived to be more integrated within the community,
    and less subjugated? This could even be a start of less perceived racism, possibly.
    This Professor should promote more integration within Medicine and within the wider community,
    and not promote any divisive, how-hard-done-to-I-am organisations, and he presuming so many white doctors have a conscious or unconscious racial bias. It makes him sound a bit racist against whites?
    He even has a history of complaining against the University of Manchester.
    Promote more integration...

  • BME doctors lack ‘unity and purpose’ in fight against racism, says leading GP

    Truthteller's comment 09 Aug 2018 6:20pm

    Some doctors are too scared to talk about another doctor or medical student wearing a niqab or burka at a meeting or professionally. This is not necessarily racism. Covering the face can be a hindrance to proper communication and non-verbal clues when engaged in conversation or not.
    It is like putting a wall between ourselves and colleagues or patients, and gives an appearance of unwillingness to integrate or communicate with other people of ethnic or non-ethnic background.
    While in many countries it may be a recognized convention to wear these garments and appropriate to those climates, it is non-essential to Islam.
    In the UK, people can wear what they like to a great extent, this does not mean wearing a niqab, burka is not a hindrance to proper communication or integration. It is seen by many (who have no xenophobia or racism) as looking scary and isolationist: Boris Johnson (topical news) has said, "like a bandit"... which many people can see is obvious, in this country, and yet some have criticised him.
    How a doctor or medical student makes it easier to encourage people to communicate with them is
    a very important matter indeed...not racist, and who even IDs colleagues in a niqab to patients or colleagues who don't know them?
    It is like a disguise in certain circumstances, and not just a traditional thing for some to wear.
    Remmember, also, for many women, what you wear
    can indicate subjugation or be perceived such.

  • Hunt and Madan may have gone, but the privatisation juggernaut rolls on

    Truthteller's comment 08 Aug 2018 12:22pm

    "Experiment" is right. Every experiment, a so-called innovation. Every (fake) innovation, an experiment.The wasted finance on innovations and privatising is now on an industrial scale, yet why are more patients dying and the UK lagging behind other developed nations on Mortality, and others waiting too long for a routine NHS, GP appointment which is the most basic essential.

  • GP Forward View needs extra £2.5bn in ‘urgent overhaul’, says RCGP

    Truthteller's comment 07 Aug 2018 2:27pm

    Professor Doublebarrel Stokes-Lampard: "Not turning our backs", "Needs urgent overhaul" = Fake terminology. Why not just say, "change the GP Forward view" to some other "Brilliant innovation" among so many so-called brilliant innovations which are ushered in by Government, NHS England.

  • Government proposes to shorten training for doctors post-Brexit

    Truthteller's comment 06 Aug 2018 11:44pm

    What medical or NHS knowledge has Mr Barclaybank Man got? None.
    He is a solicitor. He will want shorter training even if it means a lower standard of care for patients, as long as its done legally. Surprise!
    I will be fake training...

  • NHS England launches consultation on ‘voluntary’ new care models GP contract

    Truthteller's comment 06 Aug 2018 11:25pm

    When will we see the top, and very best innovation to end all further innovations? (or are we all forever doomed to the relentless onslaught of innovation after innovation after innovation?).
    How can doctors feel secure in their practices or that the best is being done for their patients when there are so many brilliant innovations, each one deemed so much better than the last.
    The fake news of "superb innovations" abounds!
    And everything "integrated, caring and organised", that is fake.
    One thing you can be sure of, everything will be so "innovative" (until the next innovation!)

  • Retired GP accused of hiring hitman to kill his pensions adviser

    Truthteller's comment 24 Jul 2018 12:16pm

    I don't know why the Daily Mail is singled out: it sounds very pious. A lot of people read it and can up their own minds. We should all comprehend you cannot believe everything you read; that includes politics and all news papers and the internet or social media.
    This court case should not be commented on.The law needs to take its course. Innocent unless proven guilty.

  • One in four GPs willing to work for online providers

    Truthteller's comment 23 Jul 2018 9:58pm

    The 20% GP partners are 'enemy collaborators'. If they were like the vast majority of partners (working flat out for their patients in the practice), they wouldn't be contemplating part-time work for GP at Hand; they'd be too overworked...and if they are already overworked they should not be working online...Criminal.

  • Health secretary says Babylon-style GP model should become 'available to all'

    Truthteller's comment 20 Jul 2018 3:59pm

    Health secretary, 'Mr GP At Hancock', uses apps, digital and tech things and has ?financial interests in devices that many would consider to be incompatible with his job.
    If he went out to dinner with you, do you think he'd be more interested in you or more interested in his iphone, and apps, and his financial interests? and how many Millions of pounds of taxpayers money will be squandered on his 'keep the patients further than arms length developments'?
    Also,many of the sick or elderly,we may know some elderly relatives or patients, have not got a functioning computer or iphone at home, so these developments are no use to the most vulnerable.
    GPs will work from home,looking at apps, never seeing a single patient in the flesh, become deskilled, or perhaps checking the visits protocol to trigger sending out a med drone.
    In just a few years, Scientific research wil reverse the tech trend and tell us seeing a patient face to face was really the best thing ever, and actually the human touch saves the UK money.
    Come back Mr Hunt, perhaps? At least his money was in properties.

  • Patient online access to GP record may come to exclude historical notes

    Truthteller's comment 18 Jul 2018 11:15am

    Incomplete records will be 'fake records' and may be misleading...and disrupt the health care of patients in a potentially serious way for patients and doctors.

  • Patients across whole county set to consult with GPs electronically

    Truthteller's comment 18 Jul 2018 10:47am

    Yet another layer of delaying and diverting care of your patients, keeping them at arms length with electronic non-human touch.
    Where is the guaranteed electronic data security?
    Can a patient even be sure who is responding to their health concern in these days of 'fake treatment'?
    This still does not help people who do not use or have not got a functioning computer like many elderly, frail or living alone.
    The list of questions is huge.
    AI, algorithm-led protocols, will be the next great development in health, doctors not needed at all. The money saved by not employing doctors can be used to develop AI Health still more!
    Is this what doctors have trained for, keeping our patients at arms length, and that arm is growing increasingly long and non-human: and non-humane?
    Buck the trend, actually see our patients!

  • UK doctor leaders back calls for workload cap 'to protect sanity of GPs'

    Truthteller's comment 26 Jun 2018 2:42pm

    My opinion is that Workload Crap will not protect the sanity of GPs.