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  • BMA: GPs face ‘tsunami’ of extra work due to poor IT infrastructure in hospitals

    Truthteller's comment 23 Jun 2020 2:50pm

    Why have certain people been allowed to set tasks that are 'not a good use of time'? and why have certain people allowed them to be accepted?...

  • There is racism in the NHS – and we need to address this

    Truthteller's comment 17 Jun 2020 11:25pm

    Racism from blacks towards others occurs too.
    It is who you are inside, not your skin-colour that matters. Everyone should be taught that education, working hard and living with respect for all others is the important thing in this world. Britain is a very open and tolerant country compared to many countries. Blaming today's whites for black-slavery centuries ago
    is wrong, as slavery is too, of course. I think having separate BAME groups is a recipe for increasing division and non-integration in many cases. Do not make others feel like victims.
    Respect for all, hard work and education needs to be the recipe for living, for all races.

  • Face coverings are not mandatory in GP practices, DHSC confirms

    Truthteller's comment 16 Jun 2020 0:41am

    People say 'we follow the science'. 'Science will save us all'. Trouble is the scientists on groups like SAGE do not all agree, and some voices don't get heard. So what does government do? In my humble opinion, after this length of time we need to have different types of scientist giving good advice, like Social Scientists, who are more likely to look at the overall gains in getting children back to school and getting people back to work and the economy running, urgently. Without the economy
    there will not be the money for public services like Schools, Police, importantly NHS, and so on. Jobs will be lost, more ill-health and deaths from all causes. Probably people like Prof Robert Dingwall of Nottingham Trent University, have the right answer: Social scientist. Government, and doctors, do not prevaricate. Soon no jobs, soon no money, soon no NHS. Other countries are doing all they can to open schools, jobs and the wider economy.

  • Babylon patients could view other video consultations after 'software error'

    Truthteller's comment 10 Jun 2020 4:47pm

    So many faults with IT. The problem 'resolved quickly' does not make Babylon 'not guilty'. Reporting themselves does not mean they are innocent; Babylon had no choice, but to act in
    a self-preservation way, so they can can continue
    to operate until their next blunder occurs.
    Of course, they could try blaming the clinician
    for trying to access other people's records
    that they were not entitled to access...?

  • GPs left to make unenviable choices need proper support

    Truthteller's comment 08 Jun 2020 2:01pm

    Some great thinker once said the problem with common sense is it's not that common. Also, your version of common sense may not be the right version. Right?

  • GMC defers all GP revalidation this year

    Truthteller's comment 08 Jun 2020 1:47pm

    Yes,it just shows how unimportant this suddenly has become. However, in another way this should have been a priority time for everyone to be seen for revalidation to show how a practice is dealing with Covid-19, and a great time to get individual commentaries and reflections on ways our practice is being severely restricted, e.g PPE provision and ways practices have handled this virus in varying circumstances. Also, how often has GP or nurse or manager or staff self-isolation led to a breakdown in proper patient care. Reflecting on the sidelining of some groups of patients or aspects of patient care
    would have been some help to GP, e.g. cancer patients or the elderly, in or out of care homes, with or without their access to computers. In addition, what about waiting outside a closed surgery to collect a prescription with entry to buildings seriously restricted, or not being able to physically examine a patient when this was thought to be necessary. This could be a truly lost opportunity for doctors to voice what's going on and reflect on our practice and to guide practice going forwards.

  • Regional commissioners should 'save' Covid-19 tests for GPs, says NHS England

    Truthteller's comment 07 Apr 2020 1:22am

    Yes, figures and statistics will be used to suit certain politicians and others who do not work at the coal-face of medicine and do not directly put their lives on the line.
    In addition to Covid-19 deaths, some medics and reporters should start asking politicians what has happened to the number of daily non-corona deaths? Have these too increased much, perhaps
    because so much focus is, correctly it seems, on coronavirus? Let's be told all these answers: Corona and Non-Corona...For example, 13 elderly (not tested) died in a care home in Glasgow in 1 week: were all these coronavirus? or was the focus just not on them.
    Then, how about the signing of DNRs? Used wrongly, as some form of pre-death legitimising of non-treatment of some patients, when treatment could reasonably have been expected, usually elderly, and in or out of hospitals, and even when there is or is not a pandemic going on...

  • The message on respecting the NHS is going viral

    Truthteller's comment 07 Apr 2020 0:52am

    Yes, David, it was probably some numbskull who does not see any patients, or administrator who has power beyond their humanity who took £2000 off you. You wonder at the waste of money when the NHS pays such people to waste time demoralising you and then you quite rightly got your hard earned money back. What was it all about...
    Incidentally, there's no reason to blaspheme in a comment. Would you do the same for Islam,
    Judaism, Hinduism and other religions, or do you just pick on one religion? Be polite.

  • Where were you when...?

    Truthteller's comment 02 Apr 2020 4:40pm

    As a doctor, you could have probably foreseen the global spread before your travel date. You would not need to be an Epidemiologist.
    However you took a considerable chance to see a cousin, and did not cancel. You were only human and made a bad choice, just like our patients sometimes do. However, you can learn from this.

  • My plan to deal with Covid-19

    Truthteller's comment 18 Mar 2020 12:24pm

    Perhaps some among us will treat all patients in their surgery as time-wasters and allow them to sit or stand outside in the wind and rain, distance-speaking to them by loudspeaker, instructing them to huddle together unwell in the cold and so gain some kind of herd immunity, undertakers standing a safe distance away to catch those who collapse unhelped…and untreated...

  • Government introduces 'drastic action' against coronavirus

    Truthteller's comment 17 Mar 2020 6:21pm

    This dodgy PM, 'Winston' Johnson, is treating some of our country's struggles as a witty (only in his eyes), joke... When quizzed by a reporter at press conference today, he was asked why he thinks it's clever,funny for him to refer to "last-gasp" attempts to get needed ventilators; to which legitimate question, he had no direct reply regarding how he should be speaking in a more responsible, serious manner.

  • GP died by suicide after fears over sharing his mental health diagnosis, inquest hears

    Truthteller's comment 16 Oct 2019 6:12pm

    Does seem that a bill for £48.000 is wrong and cruel for anyone, (especially if only £3,000 is actually owed). What a shocker, especially for someone unwell. Enough to put many hard workers like GPs over the edge. Perhaps there should be a law against organisations sending out false bills. and hold MPS to account. A Duty of Care to the doctor was required by MPS, I think. Very sad indeed. He deserved much better.

  • Push Doctor temporarily suspends appointments for under-18s

    Truthteller's comment 23 May 2019 1:07am

    Typical "continuing to provide safe and effective care" like they do not admit their stupid error in the first place. Nobody wanting to take responsibility for their mistakes; and what's this all costing financially, and in other ways...

  • ​CCG's £32m Babylon deficit 'may lead to practice closures', Hancock told

    Truthteller's comment 29 Apr 2019 4:59pm

    GPs lay down with NHS England, Government, Babylon GP at Hand-promoting dogs then they wonder why they have fleas...

  • Patients waiting longer than ever for cancer treatment from GP referral

    Truthteller's comment 15 Apr 2019 5:27pm

    'Scrapping the four-hour A+E target'? Fraudulent way to treat patients and demoralising fake target for hospital doctors and GPs. Likewise usual demoralising waits for cancer treatment for patients who need uplifting the most...
    What a fake NHS England health service this is.

  • Superpractices looking to take leadership roles on GP networks across England

    Truthteller's comment 15 Apr 2019 5:00pm

    Grasping for the money! Which of these grasping 'supers' cares two hoots for a single patient?
    What is the opposite of so-called 'super'?
    Watch out you practices that are not super: the words 'swindling you' springs to mind, and'more
    hoops for you to spring through' to get your share...

  • When I grow up, I’ll be a worse GP

    Truthteller's comment 10 Sep 2018 4:58pm

    When she is a bit older but not a better GP, will she still be criticising middle age and male? or just everyone who is middle aged including herself?

  • Nurses and pharmacists to prescribe via phone to relieve GP pressures

    Truthteller's comment 10 Sep 2018 1:16pm

    This will mean more work for GPs when the other healthprofessionals double or triple the time involved dealing with a patient because they need your advice to get things right. When it goes wrong, or they are not sure about something, they don't want to take the responsibility you take.

  • Three simple solutions to the workload crisis

    Truthteller's comment 18 Aug 2018 0:58am

    Many of our GP colleagues already only work 3 days a week, so why is Dr ZN wanting another Half Day off: sounds a bit lazy and greedy, and see even fewer patients, and even less continuity of care, and even more patients having to attend A and E instead. Also, she wants "backfill": what's that about, except to do less work again without harming her pay?
    Get real. This was once a profession where dedication and devotion to our patients meant something. It was a vocation where you put your patients as your top priority. Not "Me,me,me"!
    Also, we should not be calling for charges for patients to see a GP: which sounds like doing some nasty job on behalf of the government.
    We should be defending our patients, many of whom are already feeling unnecessarily guilty when they book an appointment, from charges to see a GP. An NHS that's Free at the point of access: we don't want a Fake NHS with more restrictions: we have more than enough restrictions placed on patients and GPs already.
    As for "cardigans": they often know a lot more than than self-deluding young whippersnappers who are still "wet behind the ears"...

  • BME doctors lack ‘unity and purpose’ in fight against racism, says leading GP

    Truthteller's comment 09 Aug 2018 9:43pm

    Professor A Esmail has become a Professor not just through his work but also through the tolerance he must have experienced in the UK. Instead of attending various minority and ethnic meetings, perhaps he would be less divisive , and speak more of how minorities could do more to integrate and communicate: possibly the wearing of garments that effectively hide a person's face and greatly reduce non-verbal communications (such as a burka or niqab) would be something he could start with, in order to promote more integration and cohesion. Niqabs and burkas make many people feel they are facing "bandits"
    stated Boris Johnson..perhaps a very good point.
    Many Islamic people even agree that these garments present an obvious wall to communication, and can be seen as insular.
    Is it just pure chance that so many female IS convicted terrorists', and those who have prepared for acts of terrorism, photos that appear on the TV news and other media, are wearing niqabs or burkas or hijab-type garments? Small wonder that some people can be scared by the perceived disguises.
    Many more doctors, medical students could be perceived to be more integrated within the community,
    and less subjugated? This could even be a start of less perceived racism, possibly.
    This Professor should promote more integration within Medicine and within the wider community,
    and not promote any divisive, how-hard-done-to-I-am organisations, and he presuming so many white doctors have a conscious or unconscious racial bias. It makes him sound a bit racist against whites?
    He even has a history of complaining against the University of Manchester.
    Promote more integration...