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The waiting game

Post-truth Practitioner

  • Let's not pretend the NHS is open for business

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 28 Jun 2020 4:47pm

    I agree 100%. Sad and frustrating state of affairs.
    I suspect that giving almost everyone an unexpected break in their NHS workload for nearly 4 months (yes, us too) is not something anyone wants to rush back from. I reckon 50/50 split exists between clinicians on "won't" versus "genuinely can't" help.
    An Xray receptionist told me 2w ago that although their scanner hadn't been used all week, "London" says no non urgent footfall until 1st July and no exceptions. Not negotiable apparently. If you are cynical (Moi?) this was another few weeks of reduced expenditure. Obviously the NHS would be able to recognise a second wave and this should be up to 2 weeks in arriving....plenty of time to do some "boring, normal work" in between.

  • BMA sets out plan for general practice to become carbon neutral in 10 years

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 28 Jun 2020 4:37pm

    .@.Honest from Yorkshire. Right on the money. Financial depression, biggest acute pressure on NHS since 1948, 10 million on waiting list by Xmas, (yes, we'll be patching up / ReSPECT forming these for poor old secondary care) trying to reboot structured chronic care at the surgery without any guidance or senior leadership from the profession. Sure, the DHSC is really interested in "carbon neutral General Practice" I agree that the death of General Practice would achieve this but then the methane from a rotting corpse is much worse for climate change anyway. Hmmm!

  • Primary care network serving 80,000 patients collapses due to DES concerns

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 09 Jun 2020 9:09pm

    Well done. Learning to say “no “ is the first step in regaining some self respect for GPs. The illustrious CCG mandarins can always ask clinicians from that vast untapped pool of alternatives... we know there isn’t a plan B. Welcome to the downside of marketisation. Ha Ha Ha!

  • The Government is happy with a laissez faire approach (except for GPs)

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 15 May 2020 6:09pm

    Merlin is right. The lockdown was to build up resources and then we will have some more, staged infections, hopefully with hand-wringing and long-faces but just what the FTSE100 needs.

  • Refresher respiratory support training for all NHS clinical staff in next two weeks

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 21 Mar 2020 2:17pm

    When this is over, and we have all done our best, I hope the BMA will capitalise on our improved access to power. Don’t miss the chance. We could push through some good changes to the NHS
    for the future.

  • As a GP who's overcome coronavirus, here's what I want you to know

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 21 Mar 2020 1:55pm

    Sorry to see column inches being used again by Drs who avoid patients more than the rest of us.

  • Government may call in retired doctors to help deal with coronavirus outbreak

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 10 Mar 2020 10:33pm

    Ha, Ha Ha, Ha. Wouldn't make it as a screenplay.

  • DHSC to 'lift all appropriate bureaucracy' to free up GPs for coronavirus effort

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 10 Mar 2020 10:27pm

    "Jo Churchill said: 'I’m currently having those discussions to make sure that we can lift - within the bounds of making sure that patients stay safe - all appropriate bureaucracy"
    So we need bueaucracy to stop us killing our patients, huh? Does "Vocation" mean anything?

  • Shut your coronaviral face

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 10 Mar 2020 10:22pm

    "despite native" = as in "not travelled recently", in case the woke neoLibs choose to be offended.

  • Shut your coronaviral face

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 10 Mar 2020 10:19pm

    So, it seems we are rationing the tests for now, because "you don't meet the criteria and it's just some othe rvirus" (desopite native to native transmisison now. Then, at an appointed time, according to the FTSE100 or price for Brent Crude: we will flip overnight to say "of course you have coronavirus, it's everywhere now,there's no point even testing you unless you are in resus".
    What a load of b*llocks!

  • Continuity of care has worsened 'due to part-time GPs', says NHS England chief

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 10 Mar 2020 10:09pm

    One of the few benefits of working for a heavily politicised NHS is that the politicians by definition are responsible. If we had say a 10 year charter and regular reporting but light touch interference from politicians this could all go away. At the moment it goes like this:
    1. 6 sessions + associated admin IS full time. That's just maths. Suck it up.
    2. NHS and the DoH refused to plan ahead. Just ask George Magnus.
    3. Poor old, bleeding heart secondary care eats all the pies.
    4. Filling surgeries with helpful but less able para-clinicians doesn't make it much easier after all.
    5. PCNs like all the other DoH wetdreams is not looking at the core issue: sustainable demand, morale, helping GPs to feel valued and listening to our suggestions for simple,and relatively cheap service improvement.

    Sdaly I agree with the contributors above. It's too late now. The 50-somethings who are at the top of their game are being forced out and that is a BIG mistake as it is gutting Primary care of its most efficient core.

    Good luck Simon.

  • GP pension tax crisis causes closure of out-of-hours services

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 02 Mar 2020 11:39pm

    In my last partnership we consistently watched about 64% of our annual proft/income/drawings failing to arrive into our personal bank accounts. We have all left now. Working at KFC would be a betetr hourly rate: what a dreaful result after studying and slaving for so long in our teens, twenties, thirties, and even forties...! It is high time to just make it all stop. NOW. At aged 55y and working as a self employed sessional GP, my accountant says no point in ever taking another regular NHS post as the take home is so much less and my pension is maxed out (even if not as much as I had budgeted for...!) Ptahetic. If DoH wants the NHS to fail, just have the courage to admit it. Stop driving us out and doing the fake wringing of hands.

  • CQC specialist adviser quits role due to disillusionment with inspection process

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 02 Mar 2020 11:27pm

    I know I have mentioned this before but if we all went to a chambers model, we could still see patients, secure our revalidation and work for the NHS and not within it, and leave the Rationing, Resources, and GMS Contracting to someone else. Never has been our job to be Health Economists: it has been a confict of interest all along and probably not consistent with GMS guidance about mixing personal finaces and clinical impartiality. For goodness sake why are we still working like this? Baa!

  • GP practices threatened with bankruptcy due to unpaid rent

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 22 Feb 2020 2:34pm

    .. give notice on your lease and then threaten to close. That will get their attention. Bright future as a non-partner beckons. I did in my English practice. Marvellous uplift in pay and sanity. You might even end up in the same practice earning the same as a sessional.

  • LMC still ‘cannot recommend’ signing network DES due to 'significant' concerns

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 22 Feb 2020 2:14pm

    … interesting situation. From Fundholding and LES heydays, I can recall hungrily signing up to things and then finding they cost 10-20% more to deliver than they brought in! The FHSA / PCT/ CCG always countered this by saying that if we joined in we would become the "A-listers" who would be first in line for discretionary stuff like IT upgrades, pilot funding (...which also never happened). You won't find anyone in the corporate world prepared to take on costs for no profit...apart from the idiots like Northern Rail, Crapita, Carillion (oh... they were government contracts too..) There is a pattern here!

  • GPs to declare if they earn over £150k from 2021 for national publication

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 10 Feb 2020 1:18pm

    So if a Gp accepts a Golden Handshake, expect shaming at the year end. Dumb*ss idea!
    £150k is not a good return on the time invested in study, crap Jnr Dr working conditions, forgone income in 20s, being an absent parent from school plays etc. Recruiting more GPs...just not going to happen with this nasty 5y of looming brex-tatorship.
    My brother left school at 16. Works as a skilled welder. We are both in late 50s. His lifetime earnings are still higher than mine. None of my kids became Drs... thank god!

  • Straight to detest

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 04 Feb 2020 9:18pm

    Generally "worst diagnosis ruled out" has become the fsctory setting for a lot of secondary care encounters nowadays. Our consultants are smart and experienced clinicians with excellent communication skills. We see their full prowess when they have the opportunity to see patients properly in a private consultation. The NHS seems to settle for diagnosis avoidance: "medically fit for discharge" for example doesn't seem to be in any textbooks although this is often the only thing a patient can recall about the outcome of their admission. I do not have a CCST for their speciality so I usually send them back to clinic...

  • The career-ending Catch 22 decision

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 04 Feb 2020 9:07pm

    Sorry, but just a quick one : as OOH GPs we have our consultations audited regularly (my provider does monthly) and my compliance against PHEcurrent guidance is a part of this.
    I hope you can justify your prescribing to this standard.

  • A draft of the deluded or deceitful

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 20 Jan 2020 2:37pm

    One million appointments a day not enough for the DoH?
    ..methinks it is time for them to rethink the model entirely. You just CAN'T HAVE ANY MORE, and that's it. The UK public purse can't afford it, you haven't planned for it and you don't respect what you are already getting. Stop bragging about your NHS at the hustings and to your sniggering international mates, and accept that it should be in the history books and not the newspaper.

  • RCGP releases action plan for primary care with 'urgent' call for GP workforce boost

    Post-truth Practitioner's comment 20 Jan 2020 2:14pm

    ... and if you're worried about your pension, you will be fine with a Private Pension regulated by the FSA and funded by twice your current income rather than a discretionary one bugger*d around with by a politician every time they are trying to show off to their neo-lib cronies.