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A faulty production line

GP with no union

  • I’m sick of being the fall guy

    GP with no union's comment 23 Jan 2019 7:59am

    As far as I can see GP's are the dumping ground for work and risk of all other primary health workers , secondary care, and the CCG.
    We need our union to use some leadership skills to organise industrial action quickly, or the whole of GP will collapse.We need a robust definition of what we will do and what we will not-without adequate finance and workforce planning.

  • GP practices face annual pension contribution rise of around £50,000

    GP with no union's comment 20 Dec 2018 7:41am

    The BMA is useless. They need to ensure that these costs are fully met by the governement. If not ,all members resign.If they had any leadership skills at all they could get enough GPs to resign to force the government to back down .
    In fact I think the GP partner contract is so bad that no one should be a partner. The government know this. This is why most young GPs are salaried, and are on a much lower income than they should be .Government has already won, thanks to the BMA.

  • Choosing our battles wisely

    GP with no union's comment 29 Nov 2018 7:29am

    If we didnt have to monitor things for secondary care, see patients discharged too early from clinic, carry out their treatment plans etc, then we wouldnt need all these visiting services .Everything we are now expected to do incaeases our medocolegal risk. If you havnt got an adequately monitored recall service for the psa, and a patient defaults this will be partly deemed your fault if there is a delay in diagnosis and similarly for other work . If the ECP or nurse practioner makes a mistake, you have some responsibility.
    Of course we should demand pay for all unfunded work .Of course there should be a cap on what the condract we have pays for.

  • GP leaders to vote on new workload limit of 1,500 patients per GP

    GP with no union's comment 08 Nov 2018 7:31am

    pay per consultation, per 10 minutes- so the longer the patient takes and the more problems the more they pay.Also bill any time taken for results/ letters/ phonecalls. They can then work it out with the government about whether or not they can be reimbursed.Likewise any use of practice nurses etc should also be billed .This is the only way I can see that we will be paid fairly and not continually have worke shifted our way.

  • Just one in 10 locum GPs interested in future partnership role

    GP with no union's comment 05 Nov 2018 9:04am

    Until the conditions for GP partners change, I would never recommend this to any doctor.
    It is not just about the pay, it is mainly about the enormous responsibility and financial liability.
    In fact I wouldn't even recommend a young doctor stay in this country to work as a GP.

  • Neurology hotline for GPs 'saves more than £100,000 a year'

    GP with no union's comment 05 Nov 2018 8:43am

    All of these services-for GP's to get advice -result in the GP doing more work.

  • CCGs suggest charging GPs up to £1,800 for access to data protection officer

    GP with no union's comment 20 Oct 2018 9:34am

    I would say this is the final straw ,but that happened years ago, and I aleady have my exit strategy well underway, as i am sure most GP's have.

  • 'Unmanageable' GP workload putting patients at risk, says partnership review

    GP with no union's comment 03 Oct 2018 11:37am

    I also blame BMA and RCGP .We should never have been put in this position.
    I plan to retire in 2 years, many years early. It will take a miracle to stop me.
    I hope they can sort the mess out, as I would like to have a GP in my old age. One who has the time, and health , and skill , to look after me.

  • Two in five GPs have experienced mental health problems, finds survey

    GP with no union's comment 27 Aug 2018 9:53am

    Our union should pay no attention to public/media opinion. It should insist on safe workloads and working conditions to both doctor and patient.The pay should be commensurate with our qualification, the importance and responsibility of the job.
    It is the union and those of us who continue to support it, which is at fault, in my opinion.

  • GPs asked to lobby MPs over 'bombardment' of patient data requests

    GP with no union's comment 11 Aug 2018 9:55am

    Yet anotherreason to LEAVE as soon as possible

  • GPs to get 2% 'pay rise' as Government moves to 'multi-year' negotiations

    GP with no union's comment 24 Jul 2018 8:47pm

    This is, of course, a pay cut.
    Why doesnt the BMA stand up for us. Useless.

  • No one likes us – and we don’t care

    GP with no union's comment 20 Apr 2018 10:23am

    Blame the BMA. If they had robustly stood up for our terms and conditions we would still have a GP system we could be proud to work in. They bothered too much about what the rather ignorant public thought, they should have ignored any public or media opinions and consistently insisted that GPS had the correct pay, work conditions and resources to provide a GP service.

  • We must tell people the truth - the Tories are deliberately wrecking the NHS

    GP with no union's comment 13 Apr 2018 10:23am

    I believe the funding of a health care system is not Drs job to decide , only as far as we have vote in elections. It is for the electorate to decide.
    We must simply demand the correct pay and conditions to do our job to a minimum acceptable standard. Who pays for it is irrelevant.
    The NHS is currently not really fit to work in.We are not safe with the volume and complexity of work we have to do .Our union should simply state this and we should all refuse to work until this is sorted out.
    The current system in which if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an error that causes significant harm to someone you can get a criminal conviction is, to my way of thinking, the last straw. I am definitely leaving.

  • Minister blames 'counsel of despair' GPs for poor training uptake

    GP with no union's comment 06 Apr 2018 10:13am

    I would worry about the intelligence/sanity of any GP partner who thinks our job is alright.
    12 + hours of trying to fit 24 hours of work in, prospect of mistakes leading to a manslaughter charge, infection risk,trying to run a business with an unresourced and ever expanding workload over which you have no control, constant media cristism etc. The only GPs that I know who claim to enjoy there job spend most of their time being well paid for not doing it.

  • #IamHadiza: GPs share stories of when it could have been them

    GP with no union's comment 06 Mar 2018 6:44pm

    The BMA is useless. If it was any good it would have immediatly insisted all doctors work to rule, only seeing a fraction of the patients we do each day to give us a half descent chance of not making a mistake- and even then we obvioulsy will make errors as we are human. We should never be criminally prosected for making a mistake at work. The only reason I am not in Dr BW position is luck, not that I havn't made any mistakes.After this case I have brought my retirement forward to age 55, and am seriously considering bringing it forward even more. I might be poor but at least I will be free.

  • GP 'black alert' guidance suggests cap of 25-35 routine consultations a day

    GP with no union's comment 05 Mar 2018 6:16pm

    Different patients need varying amounts of time. Most GPs would accept some days being longer than others because of this variation , but the fact is that somehow our day is now 11-12 hours every day , and we are continually rushing, working too fast and not having time to reflect. The simple answer is we need about twices as many doctors.

  • Final verdict on 6% GP funding boost 'could be delayed until the summer'

    GP with no union's comment 03 Mar 2018 9:14am

    I agree we need another union. No one should be convicted of manslaughter whilst working in a system with unlimited workload and limited manpower. We need a competitive salary for our work, but more importantly we need much better working conditions.

  • Doctors 'face more severe sentences' if convicted of negligent manslaughter

    GP with no union's comment 23 Feb 2018 1:43pm

    You would have to be mad to consider a job as a doctor in this country. I cannnot wait to retire. I am 52, was going to hang on until 55, but am reconsidering this.

  • Health secretary 'deeply concerned' about implications of GMC court ruling

    GP with no union's comment 03 Feb 2018 6:27pm

    All doctors should strike until she is cleared of manslaughter and back on the register in my opinion
    It is the department of health who should be convicted . If they ran an Airline it wouldn't be safe to walk down the road in case a plane landed on your head.
    We dont just need to reflect, we simply need more time with each patient and not to be doing 3 things at once ,our blood results after a 12 hour day and so on.

  • ​GPs have almost twice the safe number of patient contacts a day

    GP with no union's comment 24 Jan 2018 9:45am

    How we see patients has changed. You cannot see a patient in 1 minute if you are a doing their observations and examining them thoroughly, and if one of the patients deteriorates then it is now expected that there are observations recorded to prove this- or to prove they were ok when you saw them. This is defensive medicine, but in the current litiginous and blame culture , it is required.
    So, this is why we can only see a fraction of the amount of patients.
    Before I changed my practice- which has been a gradual thing- I could have seen more patients. I am not aware of a single patient who had suffered from my previous method- most doctors can tell at a glance which patients need a more thorough examination- but todays culture has changed. No one can predict which patient may get worse.
    We are not allowed/expected to refer as soon, we are discouraged from sending to a+e- indeed many patients who have perfectly sensible reasons to go to A+ E now come to us to be assessed.
    We can employ more clinical staff to help us, but then our income is reduced substantially and then when older partners leave , you get no one interested in the job.
    What on earth is the BMA and the RCGP doing. I think we should all stop giving them a penny of our money, they are useless to us. In fact I think they are responsible for many of our problems.