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CAMHS won't see you now

Dr A Pillai

  • GPs are the sink-hole of the NHS

    Dr A Pillai's comment 05 Apr 2015 11:32am

    Pev as usual you have hit the nail on the head... I've only been a fully qualified GP for 5 and a bit years and a partner for 4 years. Frequently come home after 9pm! Frequently log in from home to finish work. Am always tired and getting very disillusioned with GP work! My other half is a GP partner and feels the same. We barely see each other properly in the week and are always worrying about e-portfolios and appraisals and QOF and patients! This is no way to live! We want to quit and leave the country! Oh and we both have lesser drawings than salaried doctors in my practice! So no we aren't living this life of luxury that some people think GPs have!

  • The abolition of practice boundaries is complete twaddle

    Dr A Pillai's comment 21 Oct 2014 7:21am

    Totally agree with the article. Patients' demands are rising exponentially, not helped at all by the half baked ill thought out promises all the political parties make to get votes! I do not have 5 minutes in my day sometimes to go have a wee, let alone visit someone 40 miles away. Gps are expected to do more and more in their working day and quite often 12 hour days aren't enough to finish everything that needs doing. This is not about monopolising the system, it's about practicality and sensible care. Let's ask the politicians at Westminister to promise to visit people in Newcastle as a given... Everyday.... Then ask primary care to abolish boundaries! Total load of crap from the government yet again!

  • Seven-day access to GPs for all patients, promises PM

    Dr A Pillai's comment 30 Sep 2014 3:04pm

    Talking out of his arse!How can he fulfil the enormous demand?This year more than 8000 GP recruitment places were not filled. Partners are retiring left right and centre. Im certainly looking to defect. Not worth working in the NHS anymore. Patients arent even grateful!