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Independents' Day

Robin Conibere

  • Hunt urges GPs to benchmark themselves against others on antibiotic prescribing

    Robin Conibere's comment 19 Apr 2016 9:47am

    Umm, the tool doesn't actually work for GP level data...

  • Pharmacy flu scheme 'leaves GPs with £4m loss'

    Robin Conibere's comment 17 Dec 2015 7:05pm

    DH just announced 6% cut to community pharmacy contract

    "GP practices allocated 4% funding boost every year until 2021" whose "pockets are being lined" Anon Sessional/Locum GP?

    If some GPs "don't see Flu jabs as viable in future" there is somebody whos income is about to drop waiting in the wings to step up!

    Pharmacists DO have a role to play in managing patients health and minor illness and providing clinical services to patients whether egotistical Locum/sessional GP likes it or not. The "commercial interest" of pharmacists is negligible at most as most pharmacy income comes from NHS services (90%) . Most pharmacIES are owned by a multinational conglomerates and pharmacISTS get a salary like any other employee, they usually have little concern in what buying choices patients make [Patient: "I'll stick to the Nurofen because its got a nice shiny packet and an advert with a target in it so it must be better than the generic Ibuprofen which you're recommending as its cheaper/the same, thanks anyway though Mr. Pharmacist"] .All businesses need to make a profit though, otherwise they are not sustainable, whether thats a pharmacY or a General Practice. The double standards of "pharmacists are only in this for the money" vs. "I'm really upset beacuse I'm losing profit is laughable!"

    Can't we all just get along for the benefit of the NHS, ourselves and most importantly the patients? If they make a choice to get their jab from a pharmacy for whatever reason they choose, should we be denying them that? Particularly in the era of Patient Centred Care

    Rant over!

  • How to secure funding for an in-practice pharmacist

    Robin Conibere's comment 04 Aug 2015 5:11pm

    Yep, I am covering own indemnity too at the moment, not too ridiculous at the moment (in the hundreds not the thousands). I agree that pharm techs definitely have a role in supporting meds optimisation, but the Pilot is more for pharmacists in patient facing clinical roles, e.g. running a hypertension clinic, or Minor Ailments Clinic, while also supporting MO goals, i.e. cost effective prescribing and getting the most out of medicines

  • How to secure funding for an in-practice pharmacist

    Robin Conibere's comment 30 Jul 2015 10:02pm

    Thanks for the reply anon 9:02, great to hear you're taking advantage of the skills of a pharmacist and have been for many years! I agree that for the maximum benefit to be achieved then the end game should be for them to have a prescribing qualification so they can practice as an independent clinician (within their areas of competence of course), this interesting article shows that pharmacist prescribers have very low error rates:

    I take it it you've received no funding for your practice pharmacist so you must have had to develop some kind of 'business case' to demonstrate their worth (clinical, safety, or financial) to the partnership. If a practice has a pot of money to recruit a GP but they cannot recruit, why would they not use some of that money to recruit a practice pharmacist (or an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, or a Paramedic Practitioner, or all 3 like at the practice where I work!)

  • How to secure funding for an in-practice pharmacist

    Robin Conibere's comment 29 Jul 2015 6:45pm

    Anon 09:02am funding is for ~250 pharmacist positions for the practices that enter a bid for the pilot, not every GP/Practice

    Anon 11:01am the pharmacists WILL BE front line clinical staff, seeing patients and assisting with medication based problems to free up GP time. Hopefully the (majority of) GPs I work with will strongly refute the statement " not serve a function that will offload significant work for GPs". Ss with any employer/employee relationship, if a pharmacist feels valued by the GPs they work for/with I would hope that the vast majority would want to continue working for/with them.

  • How to secure funding for an in-practice pharmacist

    Robin Conibere's comment 28 Jul 2015 0:00am

    The aim of the pilot is not to replace doctors but to explore how pharmacists can support General Practice, it is about using a different skill set to improve patient care. As Jeremy Hunt is finding out GPs don't grow on trees and we should look at different ways of working.

  • GPs shouldn't dismiss physician associates - my practice couldn't do without them

    Robin Conibere's comment 07 Jun 2015 8:21pm

    Just like to add in pharmacists to the skill mix that can support primary care. We have a vast knowledge of medicines, their actions and interactions, can prescribe, and do many of the things listed above. I do have question for the PAs, what happens when the patient in front of you requires a prescription? Which many interactions in general practice end in. Do the UKAPA have template job descriptions so we can see where this role fits with All the other HCP roles? I think it's really interesting how the GP workforce is diversifying

  • Don't let pharmacists cream the easy patients from the top

    Robin Conibere's comment 27 Sep 2014 11:05am

    Why not just ask the patients what they prefer? Isn't that what the NHS is meant to be doing these days. Although 1537 may seem lie a "tiny" number to you that's still 1537 patients who have chosen to be vaccinated in pharmacy. The pharmacy scheme is, relatively, in it's infancy and I'm sure this number will grow year on year as patients exercise their right to chose the service they prefer at their convenience

  • NHS staff 'could be incentivised to lose weight' says NHS England head

    Robin Conibere's comment 08 Aug 2014 2:28pm

    Can't wait for the "TreadDesk" explosion in GP practices!

  • How we reduced workload by working with pharmacists

    Robin Conibere's comment 30 Jul 2014 9:18am

    Great example of working with community pharmacists and IT to maximise patient care, well done!

  • NICE urges GPs to adopt latest risk scores for assessing stroke risk in atrial fibrillation

    Robin Conibere's comment 02 Apr 2014 10:59am

    have a look at for info around NNT and NNH, we need greater prescribing of Warfarin and/or NOACs to reduce patients stroke risk, Aspirin has very weak evidence for stroke prevention and increases the risk of ICH with little/no benefit.

  • Pharmacies to be given access to GP records

    Robin Conibere's comment 05 Nov 2013 2:35pm

    As a community pharmacist these comments are a great concern when all healthcare professionals are meant to be working together for the benefit of patients. 95% of community pharmacy income is generated by NHS services ( We do not just stick labels on boxes and put them in bags, but counsel patients, give them health advice, and refer them to other NHS services if neccessary.

    If we were given access to records this could potential help with the advice we give to patients and we would be bound by the same confidentiality code as anybody else who has access to patient notes, and any pharmacist found to be in breach of it would be held to account the same as anybody else (whether "in the village" or "in the city")

    I would encourage all the negative commenters to speak to their local community pharmacist, heck invite them to a practice meeting to discuss how you can work together to help meet the health needs of your local communities, we are all on the same team!

  • GPs censured over online pharmacy recommendation

    Robin Conibere's comment 06 Mar 2013 8:25am

    Is this really censure? or just making sure that patients are given a fair choice of dispensing contractor?