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Angela Parker

  • GPs requesting ambulance will have to provide a score for level of emergency

    Angela Parker's comment 30 Sep 2019 10:29am

    Maths brains versus fluffy ones - Scores versus words . Why don’t we say what we mean ? 999 Ambulance required. “Karnovsky score 4.9 “
    versus 999”Hi there we’ve a very sick patients here in the surgery please get a sprint on “
    Let’s stop scoring - it only works for accountants -

  • GPs should not have to follow up on private screening, says RCGP

    Angela Parker's comment 30 Sep 2019 10:19am

    Who are we supporting - The no can do mob or the patient ? THE RCGP I joined had make the care of the patient my first concern .If someone in the private sector takes a good history and suggests the sl off LFTs might be due to the Celtic side of the family and heamochromatosis do I ignore it ? If a patient has actually beef laid down and examined and a pulsating abdominal mass found do I say - no you stupid person I won’t get an ultrasound done ? Private checks are often because the 10 minute one problem check out queue is not ft for purpose .

  • GPs 'should stop using inflammatory markers as non-specific test'

    Angela Parker's comment 15 Jul 2019 11:08am

    Then protocols for referrals need not to ask for results of ESR ANF Rho La etc prior to accepting them -
    Saves PATIENT AND GP time to get all the tests done at once - if there is a fishing element in this fine as GPs are essentially looking for pathology. The mesh size needs setting to catch the unusual eg 1/10,000 as our population pond is where they swim- missing them until they get so ill they end up
    In ED is a professional failure -

  • Doctors 'threatened with eviction' and left with 'no pension' due to Capita failings

    Angela Parker's comment 15 Jul 2019 10:56am

    POOR PATIENTS -lists cancelled as dedicated anaesthetists can’t afford to work extra hours - they have been covering for missing appointees by just doing the work - With the pensions fiasco they can’t - Carefully planned ordinary lives wrecked , leave booked by relatives to come and help post op- all for
    for nothing as lists cancelled - Surgical teams frustration and sadness at letting down their patients -

  • Five-year GP-based training could start in 2021, says NHS England adviser

    Angela Parker's comment 15 Jul 2019 10:26am

    How about limiting access to specialist registers to those who have done say 2 years in general
    practice- This would ensure surgeons physicians obstetricians had all see proper life stories before embarking on a specialist path and all would benefit - This is the pathway provided to the military as an RMO prior to specialist training - Its the way forward -

  • My cure all drug of choice

    Angela Parker's comment 16 Nov 2016 6:45pm

    Chloramphenicol eye ointment is my desert island drug after Calpol fast melts that is.

  • Picture quiz - childhood infections

    Angela Parker's comment 16 Nov 2016 6:43pm

    Good fun , just have to be careful of the jabbing versus scrolling -cost me marks grrrrrrrr

  • If I go down, the NHS goes with me

    Angela Parker's comment 31 Aug 2016 7:52pm

    Now with the added game hazard of being sent to prison for manslaughter if we get anything wrong ever , we should probably let them get rid of us and tell everyone to go straight to hospital - It seems they are trying to cut down on surgery numbers so it is indeed the big idea to save all those expensive referrals and prescriptions ..

  • Should everyone be on vitamin D?

    Angela Parker's comment 22 Apr 2016 7:50pm

    Why does the govt buy such expensive D3 ? It cost 99 p for 90 at our local chemist , a fortune is being spent on Adcal D3 etc which are making big pharma a good living .

    How many of you who think calcium is "required "have ever tasted the tablets! They are truly disgusting, all of them . And if you still do a home visit occasionally you will find them stacked up in White Cliffs of Dover style barricades in the medicine cabinet . Very few take them at all even if they get ordered
    The mantra should be 25 micrograms or 25 mins of sun on bare unmoisturised skin per day . Works for the fair skinned , if dark probably no point advising sunbathing alternative ?