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Independents' Day

Nigel Clark

  • Primary care experts back redeployment of BAME staff away from the frontline

    Nigel Clark's comment 15 May 2020 1:44pm

    As far as I am aware there has been no or little mention of the prevalence of undiagnosed Primary Immunodeficiencies in our population, by race.
    I suspect there is a genetic factor behind many of the deaths of BAME people and healthcare workers.
    As well as age and viral load with or without PPE, and the other risk factors discovered so far.

  • GP practices 'closed down' by NHS computer system hack attack

    Nigel Clark's comment 13 May 2017 10:59am

    Interesting Amber Rudd is the spokesperson and not $unt. I know she's Home Secretary. A bit of Tory pre-election opportunism and jostling in position to please May??

  • GP social prescribing drive 'unacceptable' given lack of evidence, warn researchers

    Nigel Clark's comment 02 May 2017 6:29am

    These people shouldn't be coming near our Practices, and using our receptionists time, and frustratingly my time.
    Why are we reinventing the wheel with this? Citizens Advice Bureaux have existed for decades. Just give them the support, advertising and funding they need.
    Keep these people away from my Practice!

  • The benign thingy is completely irrelative

    Nigel Clark's comment 27 Apr 2017 6:07am


  • Of course GPs in A&E won't improve access

    Nigel Clark's comment 25 Mar 2017 5:46pm

    Another side to this is that GP's are voting with their patients feet, so to speak.
    Up and down the country more and more GP's are being more resilient and saying enough is enough, and directing more patients to walk in centres or casualty, as they're overwhelmed by their workloads of over 10-11 hour days.

    We used to take pride in providing comprehensive continuity of care. But it's no longer possible.
    Certainly NHSE's drive is towards fragmentation of care, and getting numbers of patients seen by any clinicians possible.

    It's about quantity of care and no longer quality of care.

    We also need to stand strong and repeatedly tell patients "we're not an emergency service, go to casualty", once our appointments are taken.

    It remains to be seen how strongly the BMA will push the idea of a maximum daily workload for a full time GP, and whether hair shirted and cardie wearing GP's will accept this.

    I hope they will, even if it means it is detrimental to patient care. It'll be positive for the GP's health. It might mean some of these GP's will have longer careers, and NHSE can't complain they weren't warned, as A&E is overrun with even more of what were Primary care patients.

  • Practices to be asked to quit NHS in New Year

    Nigel Clark's comment 13 Dec 2016 7:39pm

    The Northern Irish GP's are in an excellent position to establish private General Practice in the UK, as just a few miles from many of them, Southern Irish GP's work under this model of care.
    I hope they do it, and then perhaps England, Scotland and Wales will follow suit.
    Our LMC's need to be making similar contingency plans right now. I understand some have, but I am not aware of them being shared.

  • Consider stopping treatment with 'limited benefit' in multimorbidity, advises NICE

    Nigel Clark's comment 30 Sep 2016 7:03am

    Oh Fxxx more care plans!

    Give me strength.

    I'm afraid until I get crown indemnity and freedom from prosecution I will not be taking patients off their multitude of medicines, anymore than I do currently.

  • Consider stopping treatment with 'limited benefit' in multimorbidity, advises NICE

    Nigel Clark's comment 21 Sep 2016 11:20am

    Hopefully there will be a bit of detail coming with this guidance as to counts as a long term condition.
    Under my own definition this would mean 90% of the over 65's.
    We need funding and time to do this.

    And withdrawing treatment will be a medico legal risk I for one do not wish to take, as when something goes wrong we won't be supported.

  • 'Uber-style' private GP appointment service primed for national rollout

    Nigel Clark's comment 20 Sep 2016 9:15am

    Excellent development Dinesh.

    Lets hope it can expand to the Shires ASAP.

    In my practice we get gross £130 for each year of care for our patients. Access to a GP 365 days, 24 hours a day, each year.

    The opportunity to earn 30 to 50% of this figure in 15 minutes is too good to pass up.

    My family and I, the ones I really care about to tell the truth, have endured a 20% cut in income as a full time Partner in the past 5 years.

    This has come with sacrifices of working part of 6 days a week, usually 10+ hours a day.

    Bring it on!

  • #GPnews: Junior doctors set for rolling strikes

    Nigel Clark's comment 12 Aug 2016 12:17pm

    Yes, go for it Junior Doctors. You've got to put the pressure back on Jeremy Hunt & NHS leadership.
    As for GP's we're probably too divided, and our most vocal ones are probably the 1 in 20 working in roles within their CCG or LMC. Too political or weak to cause any upset, still hoping for their OBE's.
    I would hope the 19 out of 20 of the rest of us could do something when the time comes. Certainly supporting the Juniors could be a start.

  • GPs to manage up to 50% of type-1 diabetic patients under CCG plans

    Nigel Clark's comment 23 Jun 2016 8:17pm

    Our CCG, North East Hants and Farnham can't even get Community Diabetic Nurse Specialists to stay.
    The last 2 for my locality left 3-6 months ago and I have not been informed there have been replacements.
    There is some deal where a CNS employed by pharma supports our practice diabetic nurse.
    This Dorset scheme will have to be extremely well funded or should not be touched, no matter how much professional blackmail is imposed.

  • Ta, but I’ll skip the cuddle

    Nigel Clark's comment 23 Jun 2016 8:05pm

    These requests are dealt with as quickly as possible by me, by writing NO, YOU DO IT, signed with my name clearly stamped below, on the offending letter, and our Sec' faxes it back.
    I'm up for a fight with these secondary care jerks, trying to dump their work on me.
    Any offending Consultant will no longer get private referrals from me nor my colleagues if I can help it.

  • Time for the GPC and RCGP to get into bed together

    Nigel Clark's comment 01 Jun 2016 7:32pm

    The College Grandees are out of touch with the grass root GP's, as they sit in their academic ivory castles.
    Likewise I dropped my RCGP membership in the early 1990's as its proponents appeared to be living on a different planet to me and my job.
    Ever since the 1980's they've pushed their pet clinical projects into some politician's ear and ended up driving up unrealistic demands on all GP's when it's become under resourced policy.
    If they really do stand for improving patient care, clinical standards and GP training, all of which have suffered under recent governments, then why haven't they been more vocal?
    They hide behind the mantra that such dissent is for the BMA to do, which is a complete cop out. They could be more vocal and potentially more effective, but I guess they're waiting for their gongs and lifetime achievement awards.

  • Should GPs bother with social prescribing?

    Nigel Clark's comment 24 May 2016 12:11pm

    Completely agree with above views.
    What's the Citizens Advice Bureau for anyhow?
    Just give existing services such as libraries and CAB more resources.
    Oh no I forgot the libraries are being shut down in many areas. So much for Cameron's caring society.
    Keep these people out of our surgeries, and definitely out of my consulting room.

  • 'A toiletted doctor is a safer doctor': my alternative campaign for GP rest breaks

    Nigel Clark's comment 20 Apr 2016 5:32pm

    Typical load of c**p from RCGP. Totally useless advice.
    When are they going to grow a pair and come out with something more forceful against NHS cuts and the predicament GP's find themselves in.

  • Number of out-of-area patients registered by GP practices quadruples

    Nigel Clark's comment 15 Dec 2015 1:42pm

    NHSE target was 6% of the population.
    That is ~3 million.
    37000 have signed up.
    That is ~1% of the target.
    A resounding success!
    I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
    Too much hassle for too little income.

  • We must fight - and the time is now

    Nigel Clark's comment 23 Sep 2015 8:47pm

    Tell all patients requesting a visit, apart from palliative care ones, to go to the nearest casualty and if needs be they call for an ambulance.
    After taking a careful history that is and documenting it. This could go for anyone after your workable limit, say 30-40 contacts a day, could be told to go to casualty or the nearest walk in centre.
    I suspect this happens in some areas already.
    There's only so much we can safely cope with in a 10 hour day.
    That should soon snarl the system up.

  • Antibiotics? We can't prescribe enough!

    Nigel Clark's comment 19 Aug 2015 2:41pm

    Brilliant as ever.

  • We are being run by aliens

    Nigel Clark's comment 15 Aug 2015 1:06pm

    Brilliant as ever.
    So true.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Nigel Clark's comment 19 Jul 2015 11:47pm

    Good article, and the way it's going.
    Then we'll have patients physician shopping and doubling our workload by coming back to a GP to check if the PA was correct.
    As I believe some are coming from the U.S. as we speak, they'll be so risk averse that they'll be more trouble than they're worth.
    Just like many Nurse Practitioners, the studies have shown.
    However that didn't stop us advertising in recent months for one here in leafy Hampshire to try and help us out, and didn't get any qualified applicants whatsoever.