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Gold, incentives and meh

Vinci Ho

  • BMA leaders reject proposal to put GP contract out to ballot of profession

    Vinci Ho's comment 26 Jun 2019 9:19pm

    Jaimie , will Pulse consider a ballot amongst all GP readers instead ?

  • Digital services will help ease GP shortages, says Simon Stevens

    Vinci Ho's comment 21 Jun 2019 7:35pm

    Miss you , Harvey Dent , where have you been hiding ?
    Why am I not surprised what you said ? Your boss Robocop has finally put himself together to focus on his job after the disappointment of Tory leadership contest . He was the lone gunman in promoting GP at Hand . Of course , he needs your voice to back him up .
    Now , while the general outlook is MojoBojo will become your new Big Boss (and of course , he would NOT give you £350 million a week to spend) , you still have a chance to reunite with your old boss called Agent Hunt as the new PM . They all like to hear what they want you to say , good boy !😁

  • Two-thirds of surgery closures located in poorer-than-average areas

    Vinci Ho's comment 14 Jun 2019 9:06pm

    Here is an ‘advice’ for you , Robocop( since you have given up your dream to be prime minister now):
    Why don’t you ask your beloved , almighty Babylon/GP at Hand to ‘sort out’ these deprived areas and their GP problems for you ? Then I would stop criticising, ha ha ha .

  • Major GP guidelines mostly ‘based on expert opinion and not evidence’

    Vinci Ho's comment 13 Jun 2019 3:30am

    How many times have we fallen into these ‘traps’ set up inadvertently (arguably so) by these academics up the top floor of the Ivory Tower. The problem is there is also a twin tower called Big Brother Tower . If you do not follow the guidelines and ‘accidents’ happen, you are f***ed( expletive) standing in court .

  • NHS to investigate GP ‘fraud’ in retaining ghost patients

    Vinci Ho's comment 12 Jun 2019 1:56pm

    Too busy following up the ‘boiling’ situation in Hong Kong but the inspiration drawn is :
    ‘’Useless laws weaken the necessary laws.’’

  • Pulse editor wins award for ‘pursuing challenging agenda’

    Vinci Ho's comment 12 Jun 2019 1:13am

    Many congratulations, Jaimie
    But I am worried that you might have become the ‘target’ for other publishers or media as far as headhunting is concerned. Your last two predecessors, equally outstanding journalists , presumably left for better opportunities?

  • Over half of UK public do not trust international tech companies with NHS patient data

    Vinci Ho's comment 11 Jun 2019 9:42pm

    Multinational technology companies !
    Can somebody tell me who and what are the investors of the almighty GP at Hand ?

  • GMC relationship with doctors ‘severely damaged’ following Bawa-Garba case

    Vinci Ho's comment 06 Jun 2019 2:24pm

    I am trying to be constructive in here:
    (1) GMC must realise that if they always feel obliged to so-called ‘ protect the public’ (my harsh criticism was a superhero-complex ) , they must help doctors to help the public, hence the patients. ‘ Help me help you’( quote from the film Jerry Maguire).But what GMC had done was instead ,’’destroy me to ‘help’ you’
    Until this mentality & attitude is changed , there is no genuine quietness and truce as far as the medical professionals (those under the supervision of GMC ) are concerned. I give the benefit of the doubt that this report is signifying the first step of an overhaul. Time will tell .
    (2) The ‘inspiration’ brought along by our current ,infamous US president was that NHS could be part of the US-UK trade negotiation ( although he immediately backtracked on the comment like in many previous occasions). We are right in the middle of a GP recruitment and retention crisis(obviously in some other specialties as well ) and GMC knows well enough how difficult it is to regulate private practices outside NHS e.g. Ian Paterson story , cosmetic surgery malpractices etc . Over-regulation with heavy-handedness on NHS doctors is only aiding the argument of an alternative model of healthcare in U.K. Of course , some would prefer to see this happen but is this consistent with what we believe as a majority of the country constitutionally?( I know we have no actual constitution which has arguably a bearing on this Brexit impasse as well ).
    (3) Responsible , transparent , ethical and more importantly, realistic politics with humility should be the way forward , in my opinion , for all political institutions or establishments . GMC, NHS England and CQC are of no exceptions. A CEO , yet to be exonerated in the middle of a fiasco like the case of Dr BG , is now trying to be reflective and introspective on behalf of GMC . All eyebrows will continue to be raised , as the social norm in western representative liberal democracy( in contrast to the prevalent illiberal democracy elsewhere )is about being honourable to live up to your serious misjudgement causing harm and damage . Well , we are indeed talking about the relationship between GMC and doctors being ‘severely damaged’ , aren’t we ?

  • Coroner criticises GPs for not following NICE guidance after suicide of patient

    Vinci Ho's comment 05 Jun 2019 1:18pm

    You see
    That is exactly the argument we have against NICE all these times , not being self-conscious as far as the reality is concerned. All these academics sitting up at the top of the ivory tower have failed to see the reality that the court and judges would always go along with NICE guidelines as the only reference for drawing legal conclusion. Even if the judges are not immediately conscious , the prosecutors and barristers will dig out the NICE guidelines in cases like this one . NICE always say the guidelines are for guiding the clinicians who can still use their own discretions but sorry , come down to earth and recognise what kind if predicament GP can be thrown into.

  • RCGP withdraws invitation for Julia Hartley-Brewer to speak at conference

    Vinci Ho's comment 01 Jun 2019 10:12am

    Game of Thrones

  • RCGP withdraws invitation for Julia Hartley-Brewer to speak at conference

    Vinci Ho's comment 01 Jun 2019 10:10am

    Spoilers warning .
    You see , no matter how many fans ,out there , are p**sed off about the grand final episode of Games of Throne , I love it( watched three times now ) , poetic , philosophical and poignant (but also funny) .
    The part relevant to this thundershower in a teacup was : As a head of a hierarchy,you do need a good ‘Hand of the King or Queen’ , you have to bloody listen to him or her . Cersei and Daenerys were both flawed characters but were really lucky to have the Lannister brothers (Jaime and Tyrion , namely and respectively) by their sides . But the unfortunate fate of both Queens were inevitable simply because they refused to listen to these advisers.
    In a historic time of the world , like now, driven by populism (both far left and right ) , sensationalism and something called social media ,with a real risk of World War III ( as being materialised in GOT) , any action from a political leader carries a butterfly effect , potentially.
    The last thing you , as a leader , want to say or do is starting something you cannot finish , Helen , without planning properly with good political sensitivity.

  • RCGP withdraws invitation for Julia Hartley-Brewer to speak at conference

    Vinci Ho's comment 01 Jun 2019 2:53am

    And for you , Helen ,
    I suppose the name of the lesson(s)(more than once) for you is called ‘Political Sensitivity’ , indeed .

  • RCGP withdraws invitation for Julia Hartley-Brewer to speak at conference

    Vinci Ho's comment 01 Jun 2019 2:23am

    And I suppose she is one of those broadcasters who has the tendency of being controversial?😁
    (From last year )

  • RCGP withdraws invitation for Julia Hartley-Brewer to speak at conference

    Vinci Ho's comment 01 Jun 2019 2:17am

    Oh dear , this is her response on Spectator :

  • Revealed: more surgeries than ever closed last year

    Vinci Ho's comment 31 May 2019 8:47am

    Thanks , Rob . Exactly the words I want to say .
    As you have always taught me : you have to know the answer(s) before asking the question in politics.
    I guess the question here is ,’ Are PCNs going to save general practice?’ or probably better ,’ How is a government going to make PCNs save general practice?’

  • Hammersmith and Fulham CCG to ‘welcome’ Babylon single network

    Vinci Ho's comment 29 May 2019 6:44pm

    Well , somebody is answering my early question ,’ Is primary care network (PCN) is a Trojan Horse ?’

  • Matt Hancock announces bid for PM

    Vinci Ho's comment 26 May 2019 1:13pm

    The more candidates throwing their names into this race( Michael Gove is the eighth ) , the more divided in the party it had demonstrated. Fundamentally, this is a war of two ideologies : no-deal versus soft Brexit . But this is a ‘referendum’ within a political party , even more destructive and devastating! .What will this Conservative party become in post-apocalypse, nobody knows ? I feel sorry for those hard core Tory supporters 🤓🤫

  • Jeremy Hunt to run as candidate to replace PM Theresa May

    Vinci Ho's comment 24 May 2019 7:07pm

    Ha ha ha
    I am so ‘proud’ of my previous ‘predictions ‘ :
    Sarah Wollaston quitting the Tory Party and now , Agent Hunt possibly to become our next PM.
    Welcome to the jungle( of politics) . Truth is , there is no such thing called ‘ good guy’ in politics. It is all about who has got more political energy .
    Mojo-Bojo may be the top favourite but if you have been following the stories of US-China trade war and Huawei, you know British government might just play a middle-man character in the this looming new Cold War . A British prime minister with a Chinese wife might be either advantageous or treacherous , depending on the political circumstances.
    Fascinating politics ........

  • Global sum 'may not work well' for GP at Hand model, finds official evaluation

    Vinci Ho's comment 23 May 2019 9:05pm

    Once again , isn’t liberty (more easy access) taking equality for granted (excluding these patients work complex needs )?

  • GP at Hand receives ‘good’ rating from CQC

    Vinci Ho's comment 23 May 2019 5:45pm

    There is a point far out there when the structure fail you , when the rules aren't weapon anymore.
    They are shackles letting the bad guys get ahead.
    Jim Gordon
    Dark Knight rises