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Independents' Day


  • GMC successful in High Court bid to strike off junior doctor

    VJ's comment 25 Jan 2018 6:35pm

    Turn out the lights--you say Scumbag racist/sexist establishment......Action is needed BMA.
    Don't hold your breath on last one. BMA is not list racist sexist or whatever you call it
    As far GMC is concerned:-GMC needs to change the slogan to:-'Don't give damn about the patients and screw the doctors'. Wrote to GMC telling this. Got reply 'did not want to reply to my letters in future. "The doctor was not one us" like ex chancellor Osborne's brother there you have it

  • GP practices owe over £90m in premises fees, NHS Property Services claims

    VJ's comment 18 Sep 2017 10:12pm

    Fight fight and fight collectively
    Pen pushers are bullies and I know that as been there done tha and came on other side pride intact(on different matter but what a fight it was!! FYI it was GMC vs little me and I won)
    I know you musty be doing this. Just a suggestion :- if you rent a flat you get your own meter
    If you are not paying gas and electricity bills yourself then get the meter separately to your premises (if others services are provided from the same premises you can still get sub meter
    Water and council tax is paid by NHS England and the rent as well
    Private landlord insures own premises, I do from the rent reimbursement so should NHS England
    Why 400% increase
    I better look at what we are getting paid for the rooms service charge and ask my PM to put up that service charge not 400/not 300% but at least 200%. I will be laughing to the bank all the way - that's even playing field???

  • GP practices owe over £90m in premises fees, NHS Property Services claims

    VJ's comment 18 Sep 2017 9:47pm

    I am surprised at the service charge hike for NHS owned premises used by GPs but when CCG/NHS England use privately owned GP premises, GPS are expected to allow to use free of charge.
    And our premises 'rents' don't go up as much NHS owned premises. We have to go through hoops before even slight increase is accepted
    NHS owned premises are considered of higher standards or specification but many of those are not and some of those are decidedly substandard.
    There should be an even playing field and as many GPs complained rightfully so the service charge should be justfisble. Stop once again exploiting these GPs

  • GP rescue package 'failing to make improvements on the ground', finds RCGP

    VJ's comment 01 Feb 2017 8:00pm

    Why do read 'all moan moan from GPs and no actions'?
    Why do we tolerate back stabbers among us who do dis service to the profession and elect them again and again.
    These snakes in the grass have done more damage than the government helping it with its agenda
    Why don't we have balls to stand up and be counted.
    Why we don't support our own colleagues and have mantra "I am alright jack"! Why do we abuse our colleagues?
    We get what we deserve.
    With this attitude is it surprising that we are in this situation? & it is going to get worse.
    Why why why???

  • Pharmacists want to bypass GP and refer patients directly to hospital

    VJ's comment 02 Jan 2017 0:22am

    And the cost? Whose budget it will erode? Who will get the hospital report and who will shoulder the responsibility to follow ups and continuity of care?

  • GP practices lose 'hundreds of thousands' as federation goes bankrupt

    VJ's comment 29 Dec 2016 11:56pm

    Salford GPs invested in ferderation but not all GPS been informed how the funds used and no accounts sent to all GP practices who invested their hard earn money. I have idea what happened to those funds as federation is now defunct. Some one from the organisation executive committee should have a curtesy to write to the members. Wishful thinking I suppose........

  • GP practice quality 'remains high', says CQC report

    VJ's comment 13 Oct 2016 2:16pm

    "...we do need to ensure that every local GP service is given enough resources and staff so it can meet public demand.' ha ha aha!!!
    DREAM ON - There are always some more equal than others....

  • Having to talk to receptionists about symptoms puts people off seeing GP

    VJ's comment 13 Oct 2016 1:47pm

    Anonymous | Work for health provider-11 Oct 2016 12:06 pm and
    I agree with you, GP receptionists are blamed for anything and everything. It is GP's business hence GP needs to take lead to protect their receptionist from vile aggressive patients and protect from rottweiler receptionist. I hear many time oh, Dr is nice but shame about the receptionist...!! If it is real private business would the GP hide behind receptionist?
    Same goes with the patients- Patients have to understand that the receptionists are not just the dolly-birds sitting there to make it difficult to see the doctor and take abuse thrown at them from patients. If it's routine appt. pt does not have to give reasons but if it is an emergency then they should tell the receptionist a brief account. Patients will be surprised how astute these properly trained receptionists are. They can spot the emergency and they can alert the doctor or a nurse and can even save lives.
    I made receptionist to apologise to patient and also patient to say sorry to the receptionist when they had overstepped the mark. I was hammered in to me that it's my business, receptionist work for me so I take care of them and also it's the patient who pay our wages being on our list so I respect them.
    -We have a notice in the waiting area and at reception desk: "TREAT AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED"
    As there are awful receptionist there are awful Patients and awful doctors (that includes hospital consultant too)

  • Can I allow access to a deceased patient’s notes?

    VJ's comment 17 Sep 2016 2:40pm

    If the patient requested and GP documents 'non disclosure to any one' (probable exception to the coroner, can capita disclose the records to relatives? how the dead person's wishes be honoured.
    we all are patients and we all are going to die.
    Will is a will is a will may be about health data or estate .....

  • Practices to be rewarded for switching to e-referrals in £55m scheme

    VJ's comment 21 Aug 2016 9:44pm

    We are already doing all e referrals but and this is a big but ...Unless we make an appointment (it is very time consuming) at the time of booking /leaving pts to make their own appointment & when pt. tries to book often pt. is sent back to see GP to rebook as there are no appointments available.

  • GPC to announce mass resignation ballot decision next week

    VJ's comment 21 Aug 2016 9:21pm

    Resignation? NO - Work to rule? YES
    Don't give any leave way for NHS England and our beloved Health minister who kept his post in the new government and playing hardball with the junior Drs.
    I am 24 hr retired and back to work GP.
    It won't affect me personally whichever way the wind blows but some GPs will lose their livelihood as companies are ready to take over. Shortage or no shortage of GPs. And there will be some Judas too.
    Hit where it hurts.

  • Capita mistakenly flags up to 15% of practice patients for removal

    VJ's comment 21 Aug 2016 8:55pm

    8:30 am you are right in highlighting the workload and pressure on the staff. That cost is not fractured in our reimbursement.
    Should GP practice be entitled to recover the cost of all the unnecessary workload from Capita? If not why not? Why should practice has to pay for the mess created by CAPITA?

  • Majority of junior doctors will vote down contract offer, online poll suggests

    VJ's comment 23 Jul 2016 4:58pm

    Them were the days!! Things change, people change and attitude changes. Them were the days I worked Friday to Monday in A&E and Ortho / That too in Bager in May ie peak holiday season still came back on Tuesday to ward round or in 1981 in Hereford as a junior anaesthetist ran three operation tables simultaneously one local lock, one spinal and one spontaneous breathing as all consultants were snowed down trapped and could not call in.
    I can't expect juniors to just because I did. I now realised people's lives were in danger. Thankfully nothing went 'that' wrong and pts and I survived. But it did take toll on my life as it takes on juniors' lives.
    I bet if Hunt of Russia would impose contract like this, our Hon. Hunt would be at
    forefront to criticise.
    I look back on my stupidity just to keep ship running smoothly.
    And if these junior doctors don't want to be NHS GPs. When they can choose their hours and pay. Can you blame them? I am a GP and getting a partner is so difficult because previously so called senior partners exploited the junior partners. Been there bought the t shirt.
    So grand dads' of medicine pl. stop throwing at juniors- 'in my time'.....! You are now has been and earlier you accept that better for you....

  • 30% of GP training places remain unfilled

    VJ's comment 01 Apr 2016 6:24am

    Oops April fool!!!!
    Do you all think like me that the optimism came a day early - This should have been today's date

  • NHS-run GP practices handed 'an extra £29 per patient'

    VJ's comment 09 Mar 2016 1:13pm

    Remember fund holding in bygone era
    Why should patients registered with other practices suffer making other GPs make sacrifices to provide the same service. NHS run run practices must be paying Gld plated NI ?
    " All patients are equal but NHS run practices are more equal than others????"
    Divide and rule- control - more likely and no doubt we will take this s...t as we did before. And we will continue to do so with I am alright Jack attitude!!!!!! It's Wales today England tomorrow....

  • Young GPs: we need your help to save our profession

    VJ's comment 05 Mar 2016 2:26pm

    Apology not putting my name to the post.
    2:05 comment was from me and I am not afraid to express my views, always did. So now you know. By mistake pressed as anonymous.
    And I may make myself clear that I do not know who Dr Karim is before you start on me too.
    But be professional and have some sensible debate.
    It's enough we have to fight NHSE/ GMC / press and politicians.
    Find selfish judas among us who are still doing the real damage.
    And finally if you can't contribute and express / start sensible debate then please SHUT up than showing your Class. Did it hurt reading this? Good that was the intention of this post.

  • Comrades, it’s time to play dirty

    VJ's comment 29 Feb 2016 10:12am

    Zoe nice thought but is it Cart before the horse......
    LMC showing teeth? Vow What a surprise!!!
    This hype won't last. Been on LMC in what some one said in by gone ear. Members looked after themselves and didn't give too hoots about others. When raised the issue was ridiculed and hounded. Look where are we now when those voices were drowned by so few supposedly area representatives. Few of those used that to further their careers and rest were nodding dogs. And that's why we are in this situation. I had to tell the committee the home truth that they stink and for own sanity walked out to concentrate to do the real General Practice as coiuld not stand two faced bigots and that was in 1998.
    But by those leaders and few with no backbones the damage to the GP community gas already been done.
    Strike forget it, work to rule might work. Find some real sensible weapon to fight than going for sensational headlines.
    Target GMC and NHSE and also defence bodies (last one helps GMC to the authorities by asking clients to plead guilty regardless unless you stand up to them first) look at the morbidity along with the mortality in GP /Dentist community.
    Weed out Judas in the profession- hard task.
    I know few in my part of the world. They are the one who had and still doing the damage to the profession- fellow colleagues. All of us know who they are.
    Speak up now or forever remain silent and SUFFER. Or it might be already too late......I don't know.
    Like it or not you strike and some sod is ready to take over your practice /livelihood. Give ammunition to the government and Help the privatisation and one of your trusted leader will be CEO. Remember GPC pair founded a company using all the knowledge gained on being on it.(it was legitimate but immoral - starting the rot)
    Patient suffering? Do you think NHSE / GMC give a damn?
    I have written to GMC to change it's slogan - Don't give damn about the patients and Screw the doctors. Don't help them more. Bring them to account please.
    I am retired and come back so whatever is done will not affect me. But l do care about the future GPs and GP practice. I am not a leader or leadership material that does not mean I should stop caring.

  • Free NHS England sessions teach GP practices to 'release capacity'

    VJ's comment 18 Feb 2016 11:52am

    Anonymous | NHS Manager 18 Feb 2016 7:01am

    Thank you for your valuable contribution. Surprised you found time from your file shifting good for nothing 9-5 file shifting job. Why anonymous - Have guts to put name to it. Seen your types and dealt with the 'honour' they deserve showing the door-throwing out from my practice - literally.

  • Was Professor Steve Field right to say general practice has ‘failed’?

    VJ's comment 12 Feb 2016 9:52pm

    Here we go. Why mud slinging at partners and salaried GPs. There are partners who exploit the partners/ locums and salaried GPs and some locums take advantage of need of the practice and charge what they like. I am one of those pertners who was exploited. We still got 14000.00 in our joint account since 1999 locked up
    When I was locuming in the last century, we were exploited now locums have upper hand. I employ locums and have to pay through nose- it's the market forces. Get used to it.
    The group practices have no monopoly in being good GP practice and small practices are not necessary bad practices.
    Continue infighting and as always we are left with nothing but to moan....

  • Revealed: Only one anonymous complaint has led to GMC action in two years

    VJ's comment 08 Jan 2016 0:54am

    And I was investigated by three:-
    1) PCT 2007-08
    2) NHS England 2013
    3) GMC 2013-2015
    Same three charges / one out come:- 'Case Closed
    All three found it diff to say no case to answer although that was the truth.