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CAMHS won't see you now

Joanne Simmons

  • Are we really 'resilient', or are we just overexploited?

    Joanne Simmons's comment 30 Jan 2015 7:39am

    My father was a 'single-handed' GP (now retired). When I reflect back over the years that he worked as a lone GP (we lived next to the surgery) I can now recognise the effects of the pressures and workload had on him and his family which came to a head when my mother died of cancer. His years of 'resilience' and 'coping strategies' crumbled and he eventually had to see his own GP but it was something he never wanted to admit to or talk about at the time.

  • GPs to staff ambulance services during NHS strike

    Joanne Simmons's comment 22 Jan 2015 1:47pm

    How an earth can this happen? As a frontline Paramedic with many years service I totally agree with a previous comment that, with no disrespect to GPs, how can they be expected to 'step-in' and respond in an ambulance with 'three hours training'? When is the Paramedic role going to recognised that it is much much more than just driving an ambulance, administering first-aid and transporting patients. This 'idea' undermines the professional status of the Paramedic profession once again and one which the College of Paramedics has worked so hard to try to achieve over the last decade.

  • 22 NHS 111 serious untoward incidents reported, including three deaths

    Joanne Simmons's comment 03 May 2013 6:22pm

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