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Independents' Day

Martin Jones

  • Four in 10 GPs taking time off for burnout

    Martin Jones's comment 15 Dec 2014 6:54pm

    Yep all sounds familiar.
    I'm leaving my (excellent) practice after 30 yrs which is sad but I can't put up with crap anymore. Locum sessions next to top up the pension.
    I fear for my remaining partners but have to look after my mental health, and as I'm senior partner I deserve to have the privilege of leaving first.

  • GPs warned over muscle risk with simvastatin-amlodipine combination

    Martin Jones's comment 18 May 2013 8:30am

    I took simvastatin 40 for a while. It took me 3 months to realise that my general malaise and insomnia weren't due to the job, and I felt better within days of stopping it. Since then I have been more sympathetic to my patients, regardless of my QOF targets. And as for amlodipine, you'd have to pay me to take it. We need to wake up to the side effects of the these drugs and be more careful and empathic with our poor patients, many of whom follow our every instruction by the book, regardless of whether they feel crap or not.

  • Dr George Paige: 'I will cut my commitments when I hit 60'

    Martin Jones's comment 11 Apr 2013 9:58am

    After 30 years in general practice I have just taken my 24 hr retirement just short of my 59th b'day. Am off this morning (extra hr in bed, that's a start). When I think about what I do best and what makes a difference to patients it has nothing to do with QOF, CQC, etc. It's just being there for my patients (though sadly not this morning), being their confidante, listening to their concerns, helping them through their hard times, their bereavements, stresses, relationship breakdowns, unemployment and its consequences, dealing with depression (oh, I think there's a QOF point there !) their drug and alcohol problems., etc etc. The government have always conveniently disregarded the vast time and effort we put in to dealing with the huge swathe of psychological morbidity out there ( & brought on in many cases by their own policies). No QOF points for being an empathic Dr then !
    It is a sad to see general practice disintegrating, as the leading edge of a '
    ''workforce iceberg" constantly crashes into the sea, eroding traditional general practice into oblivion. We all know the government don't give a sh*t that they are losing a generation of highly experienced GPs who are leaving their vocation prematurely to spend more time walking through national trust gift shops (and the occasional cruise). So I fully empathise with the Dr George Paige, what a waste of skill sets ! Now off to check my lottery ticket so I can give up the other half of my remaining hours.

  • Letter of the month: The CQC is too much work for us, especially now

    Martin Jones's comment 06 Apr 2013 6:49pm

    Yes I've just taken my 24hr retirement, but (perhaps foolishly) have decided to continue part-time, for now at least. Having 1 foot out of the door feels better already even after 1 week, but perhaps doing locums would feel even better. CCGs, the new contract and CQC are a sinister threat to traditional general practice. So despite the privilege of getting to know my patient population over the last 30 years this vestige of traditional general practice may have to be sacrificed to maintain my health & sanity. What a shame for our patients .