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Independents' Day

Fatehali Hirji

  • Dr Bawa-Garba was in a 'perfect storm', says supervisor ahead of appeal verdict

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 13 Aug 2018 6:01pm

    Very pleased with the courts decision.
    GMC had not taken in to consideration of the circumstances and conditions in which the Doctor was working.

    GMCs role should be changed it should remain a registration body, to ensure Medical schools standards are good and maintained.
    Independent separate disciplinary body to deal with complaints against doctors should be established.
    Many Doctors have lost faith in th GMC.

    Dr F.M. Hirji
    Grovehill Medical Centre
    Kilbride court
    Hemel Hemspstead
    HP2 6AD

  • Is the GMC getting it?

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 12 Apr 2018 12:04pm

    It is time the GMC role was changed.It appears to be bureaucratic heavy handed incompetent organisation. Its fees are paid by Doctors. it's appology is quite unacceptable. It has done greatest harm to the Doctor Bawa Garwa. She was a junior doctor left on her. Where was her consultant whose responsibility it is to ensure his juniors are well supervised and helped at all times. Why was he not held responsible.

    Dr F.M. Hirji
    Grovehill Medical centre
    HP2 6AD

  • Jeremy Hunt defends NHS in response to Donald Trump attack

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 14 Feb 2018 7:59pm

    I believe no one here understands or know about health care service provision in USA.550 million people cannot be wrong in provision of their health care. I have friends who are doctors In USA and relatives who live there. My friends mention that no one in America is deprived of the health care. They have Medicare and Medicaid system. Poor are treated under Medicare freely and over 65 have health care free. Cancer treatment is free. They do not have waiting lists and Transplants are available at shorter waiting times than in U.K. Their Hospital have better and highly trained doctors and staff. They are cleaner and efficient than in U.K.

    Dr F.M.Hirji
    Grovbehill Medical centre

  • Revalidation – why it is time for a rethink

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 10 Jan 2018 8:37pm

    Revalidation an appraisals do not make one a good Doctor. A good Doctor is always a good Doctor.All revalidation and Appraisals have done is that they ahve encouraged lots of experienced and needed Doctors to take early retirement and added to the shortage of GPS
    F.M. Hirji

  • Revalidation – why it is time for a rethink

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 10 Jan 2018 8:28pm

    Steven Hopkins
    I agree with you GMC's role should be changed. it should be Registration body. The disciplinary and complains should be dealt with another body. Pharmacies have
    separate registration and disciplinary bodies.

    Dr F.M. Hirji

  • Revalidation paperwork equivalent to 390,000 days' worth of GP appointments

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 10 Jan 2018 8:23pm

    Re-validation has encouraged many Doctors to take early retirement and get away from unnecessary bureaucracy and time wasting Revalidation and appraisals do not make one a good Doctor. A good Doctor is always a good Doctor. I agree about CPD this is important to keep up with knowledge knowledge
    F.M. Hirji
    Grovehill Medical Centre
    Hemel Hemspstead
    HP2 6AD

  • More foreign GPs are essential to hit 5,000 target, say recruiters

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 12 Jun 2015 8:11pm

    What is new The NHS has always depended on Foreign doctors, Initially it was the Indian and Pakistani Doctors and west Indian Nurses who worked at poor remuneration and long hours, Most of the immigrant doctors worked in peripheral small hospitals they got no teaching, they were used as pair of hands to fill unpopular specialties and in peripheral of the peripheral hospitals and mostly in unpopular specialties.
    They worked hard and many had to take numerous sittings to get through professional exams like MRCP. FRCS, they filled the coffers of Royal colleges as more attempts they took the more fees the colleges collected.
    One knows that in peripheral hospitals clinical teaching or postgraduate courses to cover higher professional examination did not exist, Also these doctors had to work long hours without break they had no time to study. Exploitation was great no one cared as long as the posts were filled.No one in the country has ever thanked them or appreciated them.

    I would not recommend any foreign doctor to come to U.K. If one emigrates then one should emigarte to a better country where there is future and prosperity .They should goto U.S.A or Canada where there is shortage of Doctors. They will have better future for them and their family.

    NHS has neither the property nor a future. It was the envy of the world why has no country in the world accepted it.

    i| entirely agree with the comments made by the Doctor (Anonymous | Salaried GP | 10 June 2015 9:29pm)

    For retired GPs I would say do not comeback, Appraisals and revalidation are bureaucratic and time wasting,. They do not make one a good Doctor nor do they they improve patient care.
    Enjoy your pension and do non clinical work.

  • Election promises of more GPs are a cheap ploy

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 03 May 2015 6:36pm

    one can blame the Doctors themselves, their representatives and R.C.G.P. to have contributed to the demise, of General Practice and contributed to the stress and ill health of the General Practitioners.
    The erosion of Independent contractor status, introduction of use less and time wasting meetings like Locality, prescribing, clinical governance, Patient participation groups, CQC Appraisals and revalidation . These all take up lot of General Practitioners time which could be spent on clinical matters to deal with genuine patients.
    Another stress is to deal with heavy handedness and bureaucracy of GMC, which acts in a severely and punitive way towards Doctors
    My advice is to take early retirement as soon as possible, and not to encourage young Doctors to be GPS

  • Why GPs should vote Conservative

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 22 Apr 2015 7:28pm

    No amount of extra funding will solve the problem.The appetite grows with eating.
    Time has come to think the unthinkable NHS free at the point of Contact is no longer viable. Unnecessary demand for self inflicting illnesses, trivia and self limiting illness must be discouraged.
    Funding should be combination of Government subsidy, private health insurance and direct patients.People having private health insurance should get tax relief.Wastage of fiances on non clinical staff like mangers and administration should be addressed.The money saved should be directed to employing more Nurses, midwifes and Doctors.

  • Why GPs should vote Liberal Democrat

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 22 Apr 2015 7:18pm

    No amount of extra funding will solve the problem.The appetite grows with eating.
    Time has come to think the unthinkable NHS free at the point of Contact is no longer viable. Unnecessary demand for self inflicting illnesses, trivia and self limiting illness must be discouraged.
    Funding should be combination of Government subsidy, private health insurance and direct patients.People having private health insurance should get tax relief.

  • Election pledges on reducing bureaucracy - do they add up?

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 16 Apr 2015 11:59am

    It seems UKIP is the only party that can now save NHS and decrease the low moral and recruitment problem In General practice.practice. Revalidation,Appraisal and CQC inspection do not make one a good clinician. They are time wasting bureaucratic and costly.
    The time and money could be well spent on improving the patient care.
    It is unfortunate that they will not got a majority to form the government.
    NHS is not safe with the old three parties.They all use NHS for vote winning, and not face the reality.

  • PM: 'It is not true this Government has had an anti-GP agenda'

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 06 Apr 2015 3:37pm

    None of the political parties want to admit the truth that free NHS at the point of contact is no longer affordable.
    Political parties are using NHS to win the votes.
    NHS is not safe with any political party.The time is long overdrew to think the unthinkable. NHS should be funded by Government Subsidy, private health insurance and direct patients payment.
    Politicians want cheap labour the Gps to provide the service as cheaply as possible with long hours of work and poor renumeration , and the politicians get the praise and win the votes

  • Medical schools warn students: 'Fail and become GPs'

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 25 Mar 2015 8:02pm

    General Practice has always been a poor relation of the profession.At the nationalization of the health service Beven the health minister stuffed the mouths of consultants with gold. While Gps were ignored and given very punitive and restrictive contact. It was only in 1965/6 the health minister whose son was a GP that gave the new contract of staff reimbursement,rent and rates that things improved.
    In old days native doctors who went in to general practice were the once who could not get constant jobs or could not get Memberships or fellowships.
    The immigrant Doctors had no hope opf getting consultant posts in good specialties, and most were economic migrants they ended up in single handed practices in inner cities and unpopular areas where native doctors would not go.
    Nothing has changed I d o not blame young doctors turning away from General Practice.Which is full of bureaucracy , useless meetings paper work and frugal complaints.

  • Practices to be given £8,000 annual grant to take on GP returners

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 25 Mar 2015 2:40pm

    There are very many experienced retired GPs who would have liked to stay on Performance list, and on occasions do locum work or help their own previous practices.
    These Gps are put off by the Appraisals, revalidations. unnecessary paper work and useless meetings and high Medical and protection defence fees. Appraisals or revalidation do not make one a good GP. It is the experience and keeping up with knowledge that matters.
    In the State OF Missouri In USA retired family doctors have to do 50 hours of postgraduate attendances and they can remain on the register. They do part-time or locum work for their colleagues.

  • UKIP calls for revalidation and CQC inspections to be halted

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 07 Jan 2015 8:24pm

    I believe they are the only political party who seem to understand the real problems that General practitioners have to deal with, Re validation does not improve the service to the patient nor does it make a Gp more knowledgeable or competent. the CQC inspection, patient participation groups,Surveys. These are all unnecessary bureaucratic time wasting the time which the GPs could spend dealing with real clinical issues.

  • Labour Party puts forward new Bill to end NHS 'privatisation'

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 02 Jul 2014 10:26pm

    Does Labour party know that NHS services have always been contracted to private contractors.
    GPs have since the nationalization of health service always been Private contractors to provide NHS services
    I do not see any reason why more services could not be contracted out of NHS .

  • Calibration rules are just a rip-off

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 19 Feb 2014 8:08am

    I agree with Dr Morrison, It is not necessary.

  • RCGP warning over plans to bring back 48-hour target for GP appointments

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 19 Dec 2013 6:22pm

    How many of these patients had real emergency.
    My personal experience over 35 years has been that most of the out of hours and night calls are for trivia or self limiting illnesses.What a waste of Doctors time and resourses

  • Taking back out-of-hours care is not an idea the profession should dismiss

    Fatehali Hirji's comment 24 May 2013 6:14pm

    No Gp should take the OOH responsibility All governments want the service to be provided on the cheap. They would never reimburse the true or market price . All they want is to shift the blame on will be returning to the old days of slavery.I was the Gp who first wrote in 1987 in GP magazine that no Doctor should entertain the idea of 24 hours commitment.It it took almost 226 years before Gps were relived of this very punitive and mad contarct

    Dr F.M.Hirji
    Grovehill Medical center
    Hemel hempstead HP2 6AD