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Gold, incentives and meh

Louise Pilcher

  • Revealed: full scale of Capita’s support service shortfall

    Louise Pilcher's comment 30 Aug 2016 11:19am

    The situation at the front is not changing significantly enough to instill any trust or faith.Actions should be happening now today Capita should be asking us the customer instead they argue from a distance with statistics gathered from surveys! No bar codes available yet, some weeks no delivery or collection supplies either too many,too little or non at all. Missing records, deductions slow if requested. Patient safety compromised with all this and dont forget Capita we are all potential patients as well!

  • Hunt announces junior doctor contract imposition

    Louise Pilcher's comment 06 Jul 2016 4:28pm

    Why! What for! to insult doctors profession when it is uncertain. We have voted out of the EU which does also demonstrate lack of faith in the current politicians.All NHS staff support the clinical professions Mr Hunt you will always be a potential patient but where will you be seen for treatment? Are you not affected in anyway with the single handed destruction of the NHS. Prescription given would be a large enema to get rid of all the B*****!

  • NHS to withhold report on primary care support problems until 2017

    Louise Pilcher's comment 23 Jun 2016 11:38am

    Patients data protection confidentiality assurity all these words do not address the chaos we are now in. We recognise change will give rise to challenge but on cost cutting the budget and dismantaling a very esteblaished service will lead to disarray! We are also potential patients and if I moved knowing the current system I would be very concerned of where my records ended up! When we asked have Sprint courier drivers had training in data protection we were told oh yes they have a CRB check. What has that got to do with protecting, recording and safe delivery of confidential information! As a practice we have been passed to 3 different centres on who we work with on record transfer from Leeds to Preston to Clacton. If we could have a wish it would be bring back our local registration team start again wiht them and sort it out but too late horse bolted give up!

  • Managers in crisis talks as GP practices across whole town close their lists

    Louise Pilcher's comment 16 Jun 2016 11:16am

    From a PM perspective this is not an isolated problem its national. I hate to see our GP profession being worked into the ground hence ref first comment of a gardener watching things grow rather than destroying pardon the pun on words. Where is the education of patients using the NHS? Where is the support for looking at the expected work demand and making it a Clinical work process instead of paper trails audits etc which are helpful but not for every minute of every day. Work life balance where has that gone for the GPs?

  • GPs invited to give 'honest' feedback on support services under Capita

    Louise Pilcher's comment 15 Jun 2016 5:10pm

    Dear All
    We have a lost an established reliable protected service for data and records. Observation sprint courier driver arrives in car park slides side door open leaves open! drags courier collection bag with holes in across into practice entrance collectes records drags sack out watching items fall out leaving a trail whilst side door still open and packets of notes visible. Where is the protection , pride and attention to detail of this important job. Clinical supplies oh this gets better we have had 4 deliveries of the same items with in 1 week far too many so had to return only to be told oh this happens all the time! Exhausted by the whole fiasco what a shambles!

  • Hunt says he will not be 'held to ransom' by doctors over seven-day access

    Louise Pilcher's comment 03 Mar 2016 4:51pm

    How utterly insulting to the NHS its committed hard working work force and beyond.As a small cog in a big wheel we will come of the track very soon if this continues. I have had the privilege of working with all different groups in both primary and secondary care they are there to help, care, treat, cure and much more none of these atributes can be said of the health minister.Obsession of seven days we have already its just the services are set up to be realistic so we are closed for routine work through the night and weekends what would possibly change going to 7 day working. We need patient education not change at the cost of everyone. Privitisation could be the next model and then so many more will suffer.