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  • Burnout neglect is a silent scandal

    notinmyname's comment 13 Jun 2015 11:24am

    sorry some typos in above comment - had to work last night...( on-call, no fun, no room to sleep etc.etc )

  • Burnout neglect is a silent scandal

    notinmyname's comment 13 Jun 2015 11:23am

    anonymous 7.6.15 all talk no action----- we could round your house and harm your hamster or hippo and then we could discuss what it means all talk no the very LEAST : it DO NOT COMMENT without at least revealing your name......remember - IP address is linked to you unless you went to a public area computer and did from there ( send the email I mean )

    grgrgrgr AKH , Nr7 0AJ

  • QOF should be scrapped under 'new deal' for GPs, says RCGP

    notinmyname's comment 13 Jun 2015 11:18am

    again, this is just an exercise of pushing some Zeros ( money ) from one account to the other and
    the DoH lo longer liking/'liking any responsibility to do with it :

    once the sh*t hits the fan they'll be happy to skid in and out of it and thennn,,,,,,drumroooollll: blame GPs lazy lot and looking to retire ?? before 65 --even some lucky ones aged 55
    the ( DoH and some colleagues) do not want to
    understand that , hmmmmm it's a job, a vocation a duty sometimes ( remember though : today's favour can be tomorrows duty ......) and when oh when are they likely to try and understand this ?
    SameDifDiffSh***t as the kids would say nowadays

  • 'It is vital that urgent action is taken on this issue'

    notinmyname's comment 13 Jun 2015 7:34am

    AKH, Principled GP, NR7 0AJ

  • PM's seven-day GP access pilot scrapped after proving 'unpopular with patients'

    notinmyname's comment 12 Jun 2015 8:21am

    we should offer 7/7 access for all, obviously with own GP and organised by virgin airlines/"Richard- the- too much- successful."...and than wait and wait a little longer as the NHS finally implodes and as the nhs is more frog than bicycle - as in can not be deconstructed ad infinitum...wait and watch panic ensue
    And watch out ; SARS virus popped it's head up again in Hong Kong watch this space ( our patients and staff ) for signs of panic..
    WTF as my goddaughter says often to summarize things....indeed WTF ?

  • RCGP bans overseas GP recruiters from attending annual conference

    notinmyname's comment 09 Jun 2015 3:25pm

    sorry obviously meant (...word...) not work...

  • RCGP bans overseas GP recruiters from attending annual conference

    notinmyname's comment 09 Jun 2015 3:24pm

    I agree with Una C.--- >> --)'
    really this is yet another CLUSTERFUCK all the way to N11 or N 10 and back ( via Jezza ) ( the work in capitals sadly no my invention but I stole this from Jon Steward of ' The Daily Show '- John should run for President or at least stand for the RCGPs hoopla leadership.....

  • Ezetimibe offers extra protection against secondary heart attacks and strokes  

    notinmyname's comment 09 Jun 2015 3:11pm

    thanks re NTT but as always ; NNH ??
    so hard to explain to patients -lay people -
    and even colleagues and do not even get me started on NICE or Jezza. H$$t......and his larger family

  • My four-year-old daughter's a health secretary in the making

    notinmyname's comment 09 Jun 2015 3:08pm

    so close to the actual it is painfully funny,
    thank you Kevin Hinkley

  • GP records to be shared without patient permission to tackle 'high cost' patients

    notinmyname's comment 09 Jun 2015 12:56pm

    Sorry if I sound a bit annoyed/angry
    But really - have we ( German, English etc ete )
    not learned anything
    PRIMUN NIL NOCERE - should be the rule that rules us
    again, what the PHUQ ??

  • GPs left to burn

    notinmyname's comment 07 Jun 2015 8:02am

    the rising risk of burnout is keeping track of rising risk of dementia - hoopla ( and that also applies to some colleagues - I mean the dementia risk ..)If patients complain " but I am turning 50 next year and tummy is not flat or six-pack has been replaced by some sort of despair ) ---just say " most people would prefer turning 50 than not turning 50 "...and than star at the computer refusing any eye contact

  • Astrology advocate challenges GP to head health scrutiny body

    notinmyname's comment 07 Jun 2015 7:56am

    well, if you feel you can triage people neatly by 12 signs ( yes, pisces, aries, etc etc ) than life could be easier ....we, doctors would not get away with ...but heck, whatever helps his process in Germany one would call him either ' bauernschlau ' oder saubloed

  • The treatment - insomnia

    notinmyname's comment 06 Jun 2015 8:33pm

    zopiclone induces metal taste - vv unpleasant side effect in 10-30% of people and zolpidem does not but can induce some really weird ,rare things : sleep eating and in the US it was at some time described effective to temporarily meddle with vegetative states

  • ‘It was like leaving an abusive relationship’

    notinmyname's comment 06 Jun 2015 8:24pm

    We have disrespected our profession and allowed the Politicians ( their main career drives: money, power, sex , more money and ohhh I forgot they do not best and have a mandate) ....25% of the population that could have voted for Tories...,
    33 million votes cast during the general election, hey hoy 40 million cast for x-factor ) they - politician redefine mandate and need ( everybody deserves a health care free AT THE point OF DELIVERY but oh boy , we, our profession deserve RESPECT , and or at least deserve to be left alone to try and sort this out.... boy, we are trained to triage without emotion/bribability in mass ' disaster ' - at least in Germany one trained for that .... drill no established crash lead- my first drill had one major error - nobody called the consultant radiologist.....
    Respect yourself , respect others , but in order to try and do so you / one has to respect .
    RESPECT - look the definition up in and dictionary - it will sort of make sense.

  • Burnout neglect is a silent scandal

    notinmyname's comment 06 Jun 2015 6:01pm

    and 2nd comment "guy appalled by title" ---- when we senior GP say managerheremanagertheremanagereverywhere
    we do know that we not want to include all of them - just a few big, influential cowboys and cowgirls
    Nigel has done excellent work, his interview with hoopla was great ( next time with suit and tie please ) but really would you like us to invent a -Read code for useless with managers and or a grading

  • Garbage in, garbage out

    notinmyname's comment 06 Jun 2015 5:53pm

    welllll, we re-directed somebody with hardly-existing-language skills back to his/her country of origin without ever questioning his or hear competence , sorry, 'we' that is one of my GPVTS training practices

  • Burnout neglect is a silent scandal

    notinmyname's comment 06 Jun 2015 4:18pm

    And thank you to Vinco Ho-for song and comment on agent 'SEE_YOU_NEXT_TUESDAY ' -name
    silverpoon on mouth and other openings I would guess

  • Burnout neglect is a silent scandal

    notinmyname's comment 06 Jun 2015 4:13pm

    I believe you emailed me once -probably because I identified myself via email in a survey - sorry, do not remember which.
    Please email again
    and we could both speak to Jon Snow or one of his colleagues . Best wishes and please do so,
    Dr AK Hoffmann

  • Single CBT session could prevent chronic insomnia

    notinmyname's comment 06 Jun 2015 2:22pm

    depends whether you have- oh-my-god-I-can-not-sleep- chronic insomnia or whether this is a genetically fixed/flawed trait you are looking to seek+cure ; the end-points are bound to be weak
    and in order to PREVENT something we would need to have a reliable tool/diagnostic criteria for acute or chronic orrrr acute on chronic insomnia .And CBT is now thrown at Everything & Anything and no, it does not work for everything.

  • Garbage in, garbage out

    notinmyname's comment 06 Jun 2015 12:12pm

    Hang on, there is a lot of truth in this at least for old guys ( med school entry 1987 + several qualification and Regitrierung zum Arzt 1993 ) ....
    Not saying that weeks of 120 hour on call were productive or taught one something ...HOWEVER:
    one can not teach, let along fake empathy , no amount of ICE - teaching ( yes ideas, concerns, ideations ...a blablabla ) will instil you with vocational drive, or instinct or well anything which will forever distinguish you , the doctor from a 'n'octor (notadoctor,buta wellpain specialist nurse for )......I did not have to take eMRCGP aka MRCGP light'...however I had to work six weeks after the death of my fiancée, had work 2 days after my best ( female ) friend passed away in peace ,whilst holding all our hands...Why : well , had to , no family support, no other financial income and taking more time off would have left me with too much time to grieve..
    Life was never designed to be fair - If in Germany you do pass the Baccalaureate ( Abitur ) you can study what you want ( the one's with the highest grad have first pick but if you wait a year or two you could could be out after 2 years if you do not pass the Physicum at the third attempt...