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GPs go forth

Pieter Jooste

  • GP practices still receive illegible hospital discharge summaries

    Pieter Jooste's comment 23 Sep 2016 11:08am

    A friend of mine came out of hospital with a diagnosis of "Kidney Failure", on the discharge documents, when he was actually treated for "Cardiac Failure". This was pointed out to the GP 5 months ago and still no correction or explanation. Seems like multi-organ failure in the NHS organism. The CQC is a virus attacking it and the GMC is a cancer devouring it.

  • 'Fitness-to-practise process could become not fit for purpose'

    Pieter Jooste's comment 28 Apr 2016 6:27pm

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  • Yes, it was an April Fool ... CQC and its 'super-outstanding' rating

    Pieter Jooste's comment 01 Apr 2016 11:04am

    Daryl Mullen... spot on question.
    But probably wasted as the simplicity of observing results does not enable extortion and empowers kleptocrats.

  • Medical examiners to review all deaths from 2018

    Pieter Jooste's comment 11 Mar 2016 10:59am

    This is unlikely to be a GP issue. But it has been estimated that between 100 and 200 avoidable deaths occur in NHS hospitals PER DAY!

  • Hunt orders independent review of trainees' morale

    Pieter Jooste's comment 17 Feb 2016 12:35pm

    You have a one in three chance to die by the hands of your regulator.
    Morale is no issue... survival is.
    I cannot scream it loud enough... emigrate!!!

  • GPs vote to look at how to ‘lawfully withdraw’ from CQC regulation

    Pieter Jooste's comment 01 Feb 2016 11:25am

    Under the EU Convention, it is a contravention of your rights to be double regulated: “There can be only one!” (Highlander 1986)
    The biggest problem is not the CQC. They are not killing doctors with their inspection.
    Get the GMC closed down. Surprisingly, you may find Government support for this.
    Then reform the CQC through legal harassment: Set up a GP advice centre that challenge every / most CQC decisions through a Judicial Review. Simples (Aleksandr Orlov of Compare the Meerkat 22 Jan 2010)

  • 'Striking is just something doctors should not do'

    Pieter Jooste's comment 12 Jan 2016 6:42pm

    Internet Profile of Dr NS (staying focused)
    "Current areas of focus:
    - The relevance of Greco-Roman medicine to modern clinical practice. A TV programme is currently being planned and two new papers have recently been published"
    Relevance: Slaves are not allowed to strike.

  • GPs under 50 leaving profession due to fear of burnout, NHS study finds

    Pieter Jooste's comment 07 Jan 2016 1:48pm

    Lets get focused: 15+ doctors will die in 2016 in the UK.

    This is a global broblem... 100 are expectet to die in the United States.
    Please do not respond to this / or regard me as a good doctor....
    for some inexplicit rason i have survived!!!
    and moved on ....but thanks for listening

  • GMC: A more ‘compassionate’ regulator?

    Pieter Jooste's comment 24 Dec 2015 0:20am

    There is no turning back. The doctors have died. It is a done deal.
    Every year we are gathering more evidence.
    Every year we are getting nearer to justice.
    Evidence is being prepared on EVERYONE that has supported the perpetrator.
    The conspirators are just as guilty.
    This includes any and all acts contributing to conceal the truth or otherwise protect the system causing these deaths: Censoring whistle-blowers; bowing to pressure from the establishment and selective reporting.
    Or getting involved in attempts to create mitigation for the accused (see new sentencing guidelines) by pretending to assist or support the victims: Setting up fake programs purported to be for the health benefit of doctors, or employing Psychiatrists under a Pinocchio delusion.

    Part of the DECEPTION is making this an issue about “vulnerable doctors”.
    You cannot fool everyone any more.
    It is not about doctors at all, it is about an Agent of the State that has killed Citizens of the State.
    Plain and simple.
    This is a legal issue.
    It is against International Treaties.
    It is illegal and someone will have to answer for this in Court.
    FIFA got away with it for some time, so did the Nazis …
    but the deeds have been done, the evidence are there, the GMC will never spin out of this one.
    They have gone too far.

  • Niall Dickson: ‘We want doctors to feel protected’

    Pieter Jooste's comment 17 Dec 2015 5:02pm

    Dr Shabbeer Qureshi Past Medical Panellist FTP GMC 2001=2010
    Dear Dr Qureshi
    We admire you for speaking out for justice and being willing to be counted. If you can please contact me (, we will arrange for statements to be taken to petition Government to close down the GMC or accept responsibility for the Article 2 violation.
    Kind regards
    Dr Pieter Jooste

  • LMCs consider radical motions calling for industrial action at GP crisis summit

    Pieter Jooste's comment 15 Dec 2015 11:15am

    If the GPs cannot even support the efforts to stop doctors being killed. Which is "kind of" a more serious matter than whether you work in a hospital, clinic or GP surgery.
    How on earth can one expect any collective action from such a group?
    Since GPs stopped working / doing procedures, all they seems to be able to do is TALK.

  • GPs face drive to prescribe warfarin alternatives under new NICE plans

    Pieter Jooste's comment 13 Dec 2015 10:32pm

    Dear 12:45pm
    Similar problem.
    Had to stop Warfarin as I am seldom home to be tested. Do not want to go the home testing route, so hope my GP see the light soon.
    They had an good CQC report but that means they disregard clinical insight and stricly follow rules. Unless NICE forces them to change I may have to buy my own NOAC ... as I already have to do with my bloodpressure tablets.
    But £700 per year is quite a bit.

  • GP trainee died by suicide after fearing GMC suspension

    Pieter Jooste's comment 04 Dec 2015 10:15pm

    The position is that the UK legal system, in both the civil and criminal courts, requires a VICTIM's FAMILY (only one is needed) to make a claim or complaint before it will be taken seriously / investigated. Doctors need to understand that the GMC is run by the legal profession and they will support and protect one another, unlike another profession I know.

  • CQC launches public consultation on accessing patient records

    Pieter Jooste's comment 04 Dec 2015 4:04pm

    The GP is the "data controller" under the DPA'98, and liable to be sued:
    "Data controllers must ensure that any processing of personal data for which they are responsible complies with the Act. Failure to do so risks enforcement action, even prosecution, and compensation claims from individuals." (Information Commissioner's Office)

  • Expert to review ‘every stage’ of GMC process to make it more ‘compassionate’

    Pieter Jooste's comment 03 Dec 2015 5:51pm

    I will be at the "special workshop"... the Spring of next year may not give him time enough to complete his resilience training.

  • Expert to review ‘every stage’ of GMC process to make it more ‘compassionate’

    Pieter Jooste's comment 03 Dec 2015 3:18pm

    Anonymous | Salaried GP03 Dec 2015 1:19pm

    Lack of Estrogen.

  • Let's not scapegoat the GMC

    Pieter Jooste's comment 02 Dec 2015 10:51pm

    It is incredible how secrets are exposed when disclosing who your real daddy is.
    Kingsley Napley LLP misrepresented, in the criminal courts, a vulnerable elderly patient of mine, with the result that he received a lengthy custodial sentence. The pieces are now falling in place: It was done deliberately. Wonder what the Solicitors Regulation Authority is going to say about this … O, I forgot, the SRA is there to protect solicitors not to get rid of them!

  • 13 doctors died while GMC 'failed to act' on suicides risk, review finds

    Pieter Jooste's comment 02 Dec 2015 10:34pm

    I am not ranting and raving tonight so hopefully this post will remain. Part motive to my madness was to uncloset some GMC collaborators, whose information will now be on Pulse's record for posterity, and to show that not everyone will end up a casualty, thereby hopefully prevent some of these terrible tragedies, and to hopefully cause a ratrun and collapse of the coven. Why did Rubins retire early?
    However, this report may be a silver lining: The excuse of the DPP for not prosecuting the GMC for Corporate Manslaughter was “lack of enough evidence”. We can now add this report and these discussions to our standing submissions. Among some of the Pulse-posts were statements of “criminal” activity by the GMC and we would appreciate the opportunity to add these, specifically as evidence of the characters of Dickson, Percival (those who have bled will know to whom I am referring) and Stephens, and generally about the GMC's attitude and modus operandi, which are still resulting in deaths. I can be emailed: or contacted through Pulse who have my phone number.
    We are also especially interested in information of the plight of families of doctors “investigated” as the appropriate responsibility to compensate for these losses may lie with the Government and we are preparing the documents to address this.

  • GP trainee died by suicide after fearing GMC suspension

    Pieter Jooste's comment 25 Nov 2015 6:37pm

    Anonymous | GP Partner25 Nov 2015 6:20pm
    Please have the integrity to identify yourself.
    I have treated multiple doctors abused by the GMC and are constantly on the alert waiting for one of them to terminate their lives.
    My "deranged ranting" is an attempt to prevent more deaths by CONFIRMING TO THESE DOCTORS THAT THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

    Do you know that it is estimated that about 200 elderly patients are killed daily in NHS hospitals (the usual method is starvation or dehidration)?
    I have taken this up with the Police and their position is that they do not have the manpower to investigate this and rely on the GMC to do it.
    Do you know how many of these cases are investigated by the GMC???

  • GP trainee died by suicide after fearing GMC suspension

    Pieter Jooste's comment 25 Nov 2015 6:26pm

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