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A faulty production line

Michelle Sinclair

  • The power of the prescription pad

    Michelle Sinclair's comment 07 Feb 2015 5:57pm

    An open & honest account of prescribing dilemmas. "First do no harm" should always dictate using the least potent drug if any is genuinely required. Sometimes reassurance is all that is required and a step-wise ladder approach limits harm

  • Patient experience scores may be included in GP ratings, says NHS England chief

    Michelle Sinclair's comment 02 Sep 2013 11:27pm

    Emergency 24/7 medicine is a necessity, routine 24/7 medicine is a luxury the NHS cannot afford. We ask our patients about their service provision they want.
    "The pot is limited.......Do you want early morning, late evening or weekend access, we cannot afford all three. Do you want more secretarial time to chase referrals, turn around letters and answer your queries, more admin time to deal with your medication requests, more receptionist time to answer the phone more promptly and deal with your requests or more nursing or doctor appointments, you cannot have them all."
    our consumer society we all expect what we want, when we want it, but whether it is a holiday, our weekly groceries or satellite TV, we make our choices based on our ability to pay for it. Paying for NHS services would be a mistake but it is there to provide for patient need not patient want. If you want an instant access service, go to a private walk in centre or private hospital who will be happy to provide the bespoke service, for a fee.

  • DH orders wide-ranging review into opening up GP services to competition

    Michelle Sinclair's comment 27 Mar 2013 10:22pm

    What a joke. General Practice is the jewel in the NHS crown. The pricing of the OOH opt out should have shown the DH how cost effective Primary Care is. Have faith! Generally our patients appreciate the job we do!

  • Nein, Nein, Nein

    Michelle Sinclair's comment 27 Mar 2013 10:12pm

    We've had 111 for 2 months. Initially we used the printouts as toilet paper, but then decided even that was too important a role for the content, so stopped printing, stopped reading and politely advised any patient to make appointments using the normal systems!