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A faulty production line


  • GPs should encourage lonely patients to take up singing and arts classes, say NICE

    DAVID Hogg's comment 06 Dec 2016 11:14am

    One bit of advice I have given over the years and it's worked
    Get a dog

  • ‘We’re trying to build the future’

    DAVID Hogg's comment 26 Nov 2016 9:32pm

    He says you can't help the NHS by going
    back in time
    He is very very wrong
    GP's did out of hours and A and E's did
    A and E
    GP's had pride in their work and were
    respected by their patients and hospital
    colleagues and really did cradle to grave
    General Practice was popular as a career
    choice by good doctors and all vacancies
    had many applicants
    Most of all sick patients saw a doctor and
    not nurses who are there so partners can
    have big lists and earn more money to hell
    with the quality of medicine delivered

  • GPs set for new enhanced service for urgent home visits under NHS plans

    DAVID Hogg's comment 26 Nov 2016 9:09pm

    Hey everybody when o when will the penny
    will everyone grow up and tell the truth

  • NHS chief executive wants 'one-stop' GP practices to do 'all of the -ologies'

    DAVID Hogg's comment 24 Nov 2016 11:01am

    Hey guess where this is heading
    After a bit each GP will learn how to correctly manage this and that
    No bad thing in itself of course but once again
    it's politicians not respecting what GP's
    DO !! with their time
    Oh sorry that will be done by nurses
    One more ( possibly the last) nail in the coffin
    of what makes General Practice a worthwhile
    career choice
    Oh sorry we are all failed Hospital doctors
    are we not I forgot

  • Do we need more men in general practice?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 15 Nov 2016 2:57am

    Let's get real
    No night or weekends i.e. No emergency
    medicine not even terminal care in other
    words lightweight doctors with knobs on
    No independence
    Nurse practitioners dong the same job
    ( don't shit me you know it's true )
    No whole patient medicine diabetic COPD
    asthma clinics all run by nurses so the
    minute a patient gets anything serious
    you get rid of them ( and lessen your skill
    base at the same time)
    No street cred whatsoever
    General Practice is for those who want to
    set up home permanently early on and of
    course these are women
    No self respecting decent doctor should
    even consider GP land any more
    If you have other agenda's then fine
    but don't look for job satisfaction because
    there isn't any

  • Health secretary announces 'one-stop' plan to revolutionise role of GPs

    DAVID Hogg's comment 27 Oct 2016 6:26am

    Can't anyone see the problem is a FREE
    primary care NHS
    In 1947 a terrible mistake was made
    primary care should be funded by the patient at the time of each consultation like veterinary medicine
    The state should keep its powder dry for secondary care where it is needed
    By making patients pay for all GP services you would in a stroke
    • reduce demand
    • encourage more doctors to be GP 's
    • make GP land more competitive and each GP will offer a.better service and do more
    Of course anyone on an income of say below 16K a year would not have to pay anything
    Hey presto every problem solved
    A and E depts would shut overnight
    boy would GP's up their game

  • GPs will need certification to carry out spirometry by 2021

    DAVID Hogg's comment 23 Sep 2016 8:50pm

    What about ECG's or using a patellar hammer or a stetoscope or an opthalmoscope or taking a history
    Let's have certificates for all these
    You can damage patients just as much with wrongly using or doing any of these
    God give me strength

  • No practice to have fewer than 10,000 patients under radical local plans

    DAVID Hogg's comment 23 Sep 2016 0:32am

    When I became a GP in 1977 I was proud of my career choice
    But now
    • no emergency work or care of the dying
    • no freedom to prescribe the best treatment of patients
    •work with physician assistants doing the same work ( don't shit me you know it's true and with advanced nurse practitioners it most definitely is true )
    •plumeting respect from everybody
    . No street cred
    I would rather die than be a GP today
    Young doctors are not stupid the job stinks
    Recruitment crisis my arse
    Years of not having balls has destroyed General practice
    RIP a once proud profession

  • Out-of-hours services 'broken' as single GP regularly covers 370,000 patients

    DAVID Hogg's comment 09 Sep 2016 8:21am

    The NHS in its present form is unaffordable
    Why has no country on earth copied it ?
    Doctors with no balls to tell the public the truth
    Politicians lying as usual to get votes
    A perfect storm indeed

  • Physician associates allow us to offer 60 more appointments a week

    DAVID Hogg's comment 30 Aug 2016 3:17pm

    What people will do for money
    • give patients second best
    • serve the socialist NHS
    • really and truly prove GP's are second rate doctors
    • show in the most dramatic manner how little they think of their worth and training

  • Treating a chronic sense of self-entitlement

    DAVID Hogg's comment 11 Jun 2016 7:10pm

    All my professional life I have tried very very hard to be true to myself and my profession as a GP
    As a result I have had several complaints none of which were upheld or came to anything but of course were upsetting
    *I refused to give a sick note to a 16 year old who on leaving school never wanted EVER ! to have to work. She had had several years of care under CAMHS without a diagnosis
    I insisted work would be therapeutic and in the end got a job met her future husband and came and thanked me and apologized for the complaint her mother had made against me
    * A lorry driver came for a sick note at the beginning of December but I was able to show him on the computer that he came with various complaints every beginning of December for the past 12 years !! and refused.Needless to say an examination was normal and the history bizarre
    *I refused to refer a patient yet again with medically unexplained symptoms/hysteria with the same symptoms to a neurologist.She had just been discharged after a 3 week inpatient stay in a neurology ward with the same symptoms
    All efforts by me to help her in ways other than referral to yet another neurologist were refused
    I could go on but my point is we help our patients as much by saying no as anything else we do
    If we collude with their version of reality we
    are damaging them in very serious ways
    You need "balls" to be a GP.
    Complaints are part of life as a GP but be thorough keep good records and you will help more patients than you would dream of

  • General practice is a joke that just isn’t funny anymore

    DAVID Hogg's comment 16 May 2016 0:57am

    We are an illustrious profession but we have stopped being professionals
    My rule of R's for each consultation is :
    Rapport and relax the patient
    Rigorous clinical medicine leave no stone unturned
    Relevant investigations
    Relate to the patients anxieties why have they come etc
    Review your opinion with the patient inviting comeback
    "road map" what is going to happen tests etc and discuss outcomes etc
    Record it
    All in 6 minutes !! What a joke gave up years ago

  • Excess deaths at weekends 'a statistical artefact', finds major new study

    DAVID Hogg's comment 09 May 2016 12:15pm

    This comment has been removed by the moderator.

  • GPs still in favour of mass resignation despite support package

    DAVID Hogg's comment 04 May 2016 10:28pm

    We would not charge per consultation home visit whatever
    One payment per year to cover everything
    Children free ( good karma )
    We decide our " list size"
    It's win win win
    Come on everybody you have nothing to lose but your chains ( apologies to Trotsky

  • Patient safety fears could push 'one in ten' GPs into retirement

    DAVID Hogg's comment 29 Apr 2016 3:31pm

    Could we all be honest
    The job stinks and is full of real risk
    I liken modern GP land to a lovely meal with friends starter lovely wines delicious food amazing puddings then brandies and port with lovely conversation
    Now imagine it all out in a bucket no talking and it all must be eaten in 3 minutes or you will be shot
    Same food and wine but it would be torture
    My friends General Practice stinks high risk no time for shit and decking income
    The worst part is like hell will be if you go there

  • What can we GPs learn from the junior doctors?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 27 Apr 2016 5:17am

    I watch the junior Doctors with a tear in my eye
    Why O why do we GP's not have their balls
    We are a lilly livered bunch of cowards
    We have accepted 10 minute appointments knowing they are unsafe and a joke and why ?
    Because we have'nt got any balls

  • Simon and Garfunkel taught me my most useful consultation tool

    DAVID Hogg's comment 25 Apr 2016 4:38pm

    A good tip is to maintain silence even when your patient stop talking and watch their eyes
    If they are not looking at you they have'nt finished you must only talk when their eyes look at you
    Even if there is a long silence till the patient looks at you keep silent

  • Government needs to stop running the NHS like a budget airline

    DAVID Hogg's comment 09 Apr 2016 8:37pm

    We have betrayed outpatients and our profession with ten minute appointments and too large list sizes
    Also by taking on box ticking in order to be paid
    Giving up on out of hours was a momentous mistake as was employing nurses to diminish the holy grail of whole patient care
    So you have COPD diabetes etc off with you when you need me most I don't want to see you only when you have something trivial
    Out of hours when you are dying or in pain and really need me no way mate it's nurses care for you
    We have brought about our own demise lack of any real balls does'nt come near to describing it

  • GP out-of-hours services to include more prominent role for nurses

    DAVID Hogg's comment 04 Apr 2016 5:36pm

    We all knew that out of hours would become a nurse run service did'nt we ?
    Why not give patients the choice
    Pay their own GP to see them out of hours or see a nurse for free
    Oh no politically unacceptable

  • NICE dramatically reduces drug options for low back pain

    DAVID Hogg's comment 24 Mar 2016 7:34pm

    Another example of the madness of the patient not paying the doctor
    In countries where the patient pays his doctor ( that's everywhere but the UK) doctors who do not help their patients do not eat
    God give me strength to endure the madness of the NHS