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  • Do I have to refer a patient for homeopathy?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 24 Mar 2016 7:20pm

    If the patient is self funding then refer away
    " A fool and their money are soon parted"
    If it's on the NHS the doctor has a duty not to waste tax payers money

  • Junior doctors' loss is GPs' gain

    DAVID Hogg's comment 20 Mar 2016 11:14am

    If we were paid by our patients we would not be having this conversation
    All of our ills and those of the NHS is are because of the absurd way we are paid
    I don't want to be treated better or paid better than a plumber or electrician I want to be treated the same as them

  • The five stages of grief for general practice

    DAVID Hogg's comment 12 Mar 2016 11:10pm

    Mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa
    • no nights or weekends when our patients need us ie the dying
    • accepting money for practicing basic medicine I'm talking QOFS here
    • accepting nurses to do our work and thus ending treating " the whole patient " enter QOFs again and clinics not patients
    • not having the balls to fight for reasonable list sizes and thus protecting the standard of our work
    I could go on but you know I am right

  • Think you can cope without us? Try it

    DAVID Hogg's comment 09 Mar 2016 7:53pm

    Brilliant as usual but can we admit the mea culpa part
    • allowing more and more to be put on us so we had to give up out of hours or die
    • our enthusiasm for nurses to do lots of our work so we lost the " whole patient bit"
    • allowing the complaints process to get too onerous so we are bullied by our patients
    • accepting fund holding and its offsprings so we become accountants and not Doctors
    • accepting bigger and bigger lists all for money so the size of our lists are more important than the quality of our work
    • the truly terrible and degrading fact of QOF and its spawns paid for what we should be doing anyway abandoning any traces of being a profession
    I could go on but it's all too depressing

  • 'GP recruitment crisis? What crisis?,' asks minister

    DAVID Hogg's comment 01 Mar 2016 0:42am

    Can I please tell everyone why young Doctors are shunning General practice
    • They are idealistic and see through the bullshit of no continuity of care no out of hours
    • Nurses doing all the chronic care and a lot of the unscheduled care as well
    • how GP's have sold their souls for money ie QOF etc and much more degrading stuff as well
    • They want to be DOCTORS !! not manage budgets and manage practice populations
    They see through the crap
    General Practice is NOT a rewarding career
    The young deal in real and will not do anything for money unless they wish to raise families and see this as the bigger prize

  • Why we need a mental health worker for every practice

    DAVID Hogg's comment 27 Feb 2016 2:03pm

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear
    So no weekends or nights
    No terminal care ( we are not around )
    No chronic illness ( all done by nurses )
    No minor illness ( all done by nurses )
    Very little minor surgery ( too risky )
    No obstetrics ( of course )
    Nothing which is important or serious ( better refer remember the GMC is hovering ) refer fast

  • GPs approve 'nuclear deterrent' of mass resignation at emergency conference

    DAVID Hogg's comment 31 Jan 2016 10:12pm

    Let us look carefully at how we got here
    • our own self esteem is/was so low that for money we caved in to allow unqualified persons to do our jobs ie nurse practitioners of different shades and training
    • we abandoned our patients out of hours when they needed us most ie when dying etc
    • we took on more and more ( again for greenbacks )and consented to systems of payment any plumber or bricklayer would laugh at ie QOF
    • we accepted list sizes that were too large again for money
    . We allowed ourselves to get unreachable by our patients
    But most of all we lost our pride and any sense of self worth we refused to fight because deep down we know we are worth fuck all or rather that is what we have become

  • E-cigarette use 'associated with reduced smoking cessation', study claims

    DAVID Hogg's comment 21 Jan 2016 7:14pm

    All three of my sons no longer smoke cigarettes now using just e cigs with low nicotinne content

  • The Amazing Jezza, extraordinary magician

    DAVID Hogg's comment 21 Jan 2016 10:02am

    We have over many years lost control of our professional autonomy
    "The fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings "
    Shakespeare Julius Caesar
    The only way is resign you fools

  • A cardiac arrest made me realise the importance of doctors' sixth sense

    DAVID Hogg's comment 06 Jan 2016 6:53pm

    What I find worrying is that with such severe and live threatening disease you had a " uncertain " stress test

  • Is it time for the GPC to get militant?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 03 Jan 2016 10:10pm

    In 1947 a terrible mistake was made when primary care was made part of the NHS when only secondary care should have been part of a free at point of care service
    Had this not happened the following would have occurred
    • terms like " heart sink " and " worried well " would not exist
    • Preventive care ie screening would only happen to those that wanted it
    • the very poor would pay nothing as they would be subsidised by paying patients
    • GP's would naturally specialise to increase their income all sigmoidoscopies etc would be done in primary care
    • GP 's would get paid for activity not per capita and boy would we love our work
    • secondary care would only do a fraction of what it does now ( look at the massive improvement in procedures etc now done by Dentists who have left the NHS )
    • The best Doctors would flood to General Practice as they would DO !! something and not be medical " office boys "
    • We work at present under intolerable pressures all while our patients pay vast sums at B and Q etc WHY ? In the name of God
    • Get back your souls and pride be Doctors again you were once as SHO 's etc
    RESIGN !!!!

  • Do we need gatekeepers for the gatekeepers?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 01 Jan 2016 11:14pm

    What is happening to clinical medicine and what has happened to our pride and vocation ?
    The job we trained so hard for is being done by nurses ( badly in most cases)
    I did one year as a Paediatric SHO and I heard a GP say with pride and relish that the nurses in his practice see all the sick children of any age
    And he calls himself a Doctor !!
    It is only by regaining our pride and rejecting the bribes of the politicians to lose it that our patients will get the Doctors and medicine they need and deserve
    And you know what ?
    Secondary care will be winners as well

  • Half of GPs willing to resign NHS contracts in protest at state of general practice

    DAVID Hogg's comment 14 Dec 2015 7:38pm

    The NHS had a design fault in 1947 at its birth
    Primary care should not be any part of the NHS
    Look at the dentists their range of care has increased procedures undertaken etc and their income and job satisfaction
    If General Practice was private you could shut most of the A and E depts in the country
    GP's could manage vast amounts of present inpatient care with the aid of consultant domiciliries ( remember them ) and the incentive to keep the patient out of hospital ( which does not exist at present )
    Talented and experienced Doctors would flood to General Practice
    Your " heart sink " patients would disappear
    But most of all we would be Doctors again not the NHS " office boys "

  • Lessons to learn from the junior doctors

    DAVID Hogg's comment 03 Dec 2015 9:51pm

    We GP's have consistently over many years aided and abetted the lie of the NHS that a good primary care service can be funded through taxation
    If we fought as the junior doctors have done with what is best for patients we would not be in the sorry position we are
    We have accepted for money ( ie bribes) not to tell patients the truth that we are being forced to deliver a rubbish service
    We have arrived where we are from a lack of a deep belief in our work and its value
    We have lost our balls and our destiny to be doctors to be proud of
    "The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings "
    Julius Caesar Shakespeare

  • Ten top tips - LUTS in men

    DAVID Hogg's comment 26 Nov 2015 9:21pm

    Do NOT do a PSA on men with LUTS
    They have hypertrophy of the middle of the prostate cancer of the prostate affects the outer rim of the prostate
    If you do a PSA on men with LUTS you are screening and should by that logic do a PSA on men with eczema

  • Hunt refuses conciliatory talks with junior doctors

    DAVID Hogg's comment 19 Nov 2015 6:08pm

    All governments want electoral popularity
    How is this achieved ?
    By low taxes of course
    And how is this achieved?
    By bullying all public sector workers and paying them below the market rate
    This is all part of a vast eternal plan for electoral success
    Sorry Mr Hunt we won't play ball
    You want a 24/7 NHS
    You pay for it !!!

  • 98% of junior doctors vote in favour of strike action

    DAVID Hogg's comment 19 Nov 2015 10:42am

    Junior Doctors have " balls"
    Oh how I wish their world weary greedy whinging GP collegues had some

  • General practice is not a retirement home for hospital physicians

    DAVID Hogg's comment 07 Nov 2015 11:10am

    I did A level history on my tortuous path to medicine and later General Practice and I promise that every current Ill of General Practice is due to us opting out of out of hours work and history will decide this
    • our lack of street cred to our patients and our hospital collegues
    • our lack of clout in negotiations with the government
    .• the flood of none doctors into primary care if a nurse can see and treat a sick baby at 3 AM they can see and treat anybody
    • we invited in more and more rubbish use of our time during the day after all we get a good nights sleep don't we not like proper doctors in hospital . Before we could say steady on not now
    • If we farmed out out of hours why not diabetes COPD depression all provided by nurses in mobile home type vehicles like roadside fast food
    All is not lost we could go back to full 24/7 medicine all we did was make a massive massive mistake

  • Beware the super-practice soggy bottom

    DAVID Hogg's comment 31 Oct 2015 2:55pm

    There is no need whatever for a GP except as a personal 24/7 doctor
    Unless we go back to this or something very like it we are dead me walking

  • ‘We will become the largest GP practice in the UK’

    DAVID Hogg's comment 23 Oct 2015 10:05pm

    The late John Fry who dis so much for General Peactice in his lifetime said
    "The GP will survive as a personal doctor or not at all"
    They are all barking mad but rich and how the politicians love them because the GP is not each patients advocate but a manager of health care delivery to many patients
    ie an accountant and not a Doctor
    Poor misguided fools