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  • MPs question health secretary over Pulse’s ‘incentives for referrals’ revelations

    DAVID Hogg's comment 21 Oct 2015 9:22pm

    "oh great Caesar shrunk to this little measure
    When lesser men would peep about your legs to find themselves dishonourable graves "
    A suitable epitaph for General Practice that this malicious evil idea ever saw the light of day

  • Can I stop a patient recording our consultation?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 21 Oct 2015 8:47pm

    Oh dear oh dear
    One more example of cowtowwing to the lunatic fringe
    What about our rights
    I guaranty that 50% of consultations are not perfect in every way ( and what about the ridiculous time frame in real life GP land)
    I would refuse and forget the amateur lawyer RCGP pullover touchy feely wine brewing nutters
    I bet every judge in the land would decide this crap is not fair on GP's

  • The risks of noctors, phoctors & mocktors

    DAVID Hogg's comment 18 Oct 2015 8:16am

    May I expand on the lines in the sand we have crossed
    • if our patient get a serious chronic illness it's off to nurse clinic they go goodbye to whole patient doctoring we signed up to when we became GP's
    • by abandoning out of hours again we showed our contempt for the times our patients may need us most
    • by accepting ( for money) a degrading contract that paid us for doing what we should be doing we said goodbye to being professional people and by the way any street cred
    Try offering a plumber or plasterer similar terms and see what they would say
    • by accepting ( for a peaceful life ) that we do not have time to treat and listen to our patients properly we have betrayed them and ourselves
    Sorry my friends every bit of the mess we are now in is due to ourselves and the lies our negotiators told us that we had no choice

  • The risks of noctors, phoctors & mocktors

    DAVID Hogg's comment 17 Oct 2015 2:32pm

    It is a fact of life that once you breach a principal a line in the sand then you have to endure the consequences
    We abandoned our whole patient role and started fobbing off our patients to nurses when they got chronic illnesses and all for money money money
    Goodbye our rule as whole patient Doctors and hello MANGERS !! of the patient with nurses doing the work
    Nurses are not Doctors and we have fallen hook line and sinker to the politicians ploy to have a cheap service
    Why in Gods name would any bright young Doctor want to be a GP ?

  • The conflicts of incentives

    DAVID Hogg's comment 11 Oct 2015 0:13am

    Ask yourselves this question "Do we work for our patients or the NHS "?
    When ( as we all do ) we hurry a consultation along and not give that particular patient the time they need ( and which if we were true professionals and the patient was paying us as we do our carpenters and plumbers etc ) we are working for the NHS and not our patient
    The only ethical thing to do is resign from the NHS and regain our pride and the honour of being Doctors
    We have lost our balls and honour
    We deserve all the S*** that is being thrown our way
    A line of poetry comes to mind
    "I could not love you half as much loved I not honour more "
    Until we regain our honour and in so doing expose the lies of the NHS we deserve all we get
    And more much more is to come my brothers

  • Clever politics, but is this new contract a good deal for GPs?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 05 Oct 2015 11:30pm

    Ask yourselves what is it you want
    May I make some suggestions
    1 Pride in our work that means time with our patients to take a good history examine them
    Order tests and TALK with them to take them with us
    2 Time to relax and be with our families like everyone else
    3 All the tools we need ie scans etc
    Now tell me where in all this new bullshit
    ls any of the above

  • A moral dilemma: GP practices offered incentives to cut urgent referrals

    DAVID Hogg's comment 02 Oct 2015 3:19am

    My how we have lost our souls
    It started with fund holding
    Then we accepted the humiliation of Qof
    Then we abandoned our patients OOH 's
    Then we accepted payment for giving cheap drugs or not giving any at all
    Then being paid for diagnosing dementia
    Now this !!
    Is there nothing GP's will not do for money ?
    God help us all

  • Is it time for all GPs to resign from the NHS?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 29 Sep 2015 6:56am

    The reason we are where we are is years and years of accepting crap for the devils opium MONEY !!!
    We have lost our street cred and self esteem and most important of all our one to one whole patient care role.
    No out of hours when our patients need us most
    The minute our patients get anything serious diabetes COPD etc then woosh it's off to a nurse run clinic you go
    Accepting the utter disgrace of 6 minutes per patient
    Accepting the degrading deals where we are paid/ bribed to do what any good doctor should be doing ( I'm talking Qof here )
    Resign give patients the time they need/ deserve take back the work we should be doing from nurses in out of hours and serious long term illness go back to our proper role of expert clinicians with only the quality of the medicine we practice as our banner
    Boy O boy would the public eye on our side
    TAKE BACK OUR SOULS leave the rest to God

  • ‘Dismal and irrelevant’ – what young GPs think of HEE’s recruitment video

    DAVID Hogg's comment 28 Sep 2015 9:27pm

    So sorry people lets not delude ourselves
    General practice has lost all "street cred"
    * no out of hours so no " balls " needed then we sleep while someone else ( probably a nurse ) sees our dying patients
    * A contract that pays use for what any good Dr should be doing. My builder friends would give you a black eye for anything like it if you suggested anything so degrading and insulting
    * Nurses doing our work left right and centre and making a mockery of any glimmer of whole person medicine .Get anything serious mate like diabetes or COPD and whoose it's off to a clinic with you I don't want to know
    * All for money money money whatever happened to our souls
    General practice RIP
    Any decent doctor can sniff the bullshit a mile off

  • We need to unite around junior doctors

    DAVID Hogg's comment 28 Sep 2015 1:23pm

    This is all being going on for many years
    Aided and abetted by GP's themselves
    ie the degrading of General practice its "street. cred" and soul
    No out of hours cover
    Advanced nurse practitioners
    Everyone and his dog with prescribing rights
    A contract that is an insult to a noble profession
    The list is endless
    General practice RIP

  • GPs are the sink-hole of the NHS

    DAVID Hogg's comment 19 Sep 2015 8:56am

    Its all down to list size which in turn is down to our very very very useless negotiaters
    List size 1500 = joy
    List size 1500 plus = misery
    If we all went on strike NOT !! for more pay but a smaller list size so we could give a better service boy would the public support us
    I give the analogy of a lovely meal
    Starter main course wine the lot
    Now put it all in a bucket and a gun to someones head and tell them to eat it in 2 minutes or die
    Heaven becomes hell that is the tragedy of General Practice and its all down to our useless and unprincipled negotiaters who lack balls

  • Scientists could be fast-tracked into general practice, politician suggests

    DAVID Hogg's comment 14 Sep 2015 8:57am

    Can not all GP's make a deal with the government
    We go back to 24 hour cover as we choose to do it
    They stop all QOFS and other bull***t
    We stop the nonesense of nurses doing Doctor's work
    all the time
    And hey job satisfaction back
    Good Doctors will want to be GP's again
    Problem solved !!

  • GP practices' locum use surges 20% in a year

    DAVID Hogg's comment 09 Sep 2015 10:42pm

    Oh dear oh dear
    This train crash is not one jot a mystery
    Look at the erosion of General Practice street cred
    * no emergency work when our patients ( eg the dying ) need us most
    *no obstetrics
    * the minute a patient gets anything remotely serious they are packed off to a nurse eg diabetes COPD etc
    * no time whatever to practice any real medicine and if you try the lawyers and relatives are waiting to pounce best to play safe and refer pretty damn quick
    * I once heard a senior partner at a very large practice say he no longer saw sick children the nurses saw them all
    * no financial disincentive to stop the hordes of "worried well" from driving you mad
    * A mandatory system ( in order to eat ) of recording and surveilance that any plumber or plasterer would laugh at and tell you what you could do with it
    We have sold our souls for money and lack of balls
    Sorry General Practice is dead lets get on and bury it

  • Practice immediately shut down after CQC found non-qualified individual taking consultations

    DAVID Hogg's comment 29 Aug 2015 0:54am

    Oh dear Oh dear
    Because GP's ( for money money money)
    Have abandoned all their values and professional
    pride we are left with the current sorry state of affairs
    where we have become worthless to the taxpayer and our patients
    No longer a professionbut a cowering crowd of
    " hangers on " buffeted by any purile diktat
    From government
    General practice RIP we once loved you

  • 'We want to show what physician associates can do'

    DAVID Hogg's comment 28 Aug 2015 9:56pm

    A sick patient needs a Doctor
    This is about money and nothing else
    A patient seeing a PA is being short changed and
    Lied to
    The poor patient thinks he is seeing a Doctor
    And guess what ?
    Nobody tells him otherwise
    If they want to be Doctors get the A level grades
    and go to University
    What a con

  • GPs offered £150k to provide online consultations from home

    DAVID Hogg's comment 26 Aug 2015 11:39am

    Please please grasp this fact
    The NHS is destroying General practice
    Resign in the end our patients will love us for it
    Look at General Practice in other western countries
    X-rays scans the lot "on site " 20 min appts
    Specialists eating out of our hands for referals
    Wake up grab your just destiny
    Provide the service you want and are proud of
    For once stop worrying and ACT !!
    Plato had it right
    "Do your duty and leave the issue to the Gods "
    Save the patients from their total and utter delusion that
    The NHS is good for them
    We KNOW !! its rubbish for primary care ( secondry care is another matter )
    While you are scared of your own shadows you will be trampled on
    How much more are you willing to take ?

  • Paramedics get prescribing powers, diabetes incidence up by 60% and e-cigarette use increasing among teens

    DAVID Hogg's comment 17 Aug 2015 2:02pm

    My dear friends
    All this has come about because for years and years we have not fought to make General Practice a job that good young Doctors would want to do
    We have taken the money and obeyed every stupid diktat from the politicians, forgetting our sacred duty to our patients and future collegues
    We allowed nurses to do our work accepted the demeaning QOF's abandoned our patients at night when they need us most
    But most of all abandoned the true Doctor patient relationship ( no OOH's diabetic clinics COPD clinics etc run by nurses )
    We have behaved terribly and dishonourably
    General practice RIP

  • Practices to take on minor injuries work as plans for specialist unit are shelved

    DAVID Hogg's comment 14 Aug 2015 0:38am

    If any Doctor in the rest of the world read this nonsense they would not believe it
    We are DOCTORS are we worthy of the name or not
    If we were paid like professionals ie paid for each job done we would not even be having this discussion
    Grow up babies x

  • Drive to recruit non-GPs accelerates

    DAVID Hogg's comment 13 Aug 2015 6:39pm

    Oh dear
    All because we didn't have the balls to fight nurse practitioners just took the money
    Just like we gave up night work for an easy life
    And took the money for a set of conditions any tradesman would laugh at or punch you on the nose
    General Practice is now a joke
    Sorry guys some of us tried to warn you

  • A quick survey on the state of GP morale

    DAVID Hogg's comment 13 Aug 2015 12:13pm

    Oh dear God
    I retired last year and for the last 10 years I have been screaming for the need for GP's to fight
    Against the erosions of our clinical freedoms
    Against the erosions of our service ( night work etc)
    Against nurses doing the work of Doctors
    Against the fear generated by unfair complaints
    Against the wrecking of the one Doctor one patient principle ( diabetic COPD etc nurse run clinics )
    But again and again and again the chink chink chink of money won the day
    You poor poor fools
    Chicken and roosts or what
    God help you all