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  • The recruitment timebomb has been lit

    DAVID Hogg's comment 16 Feb 2015 11:33am

    The REAL !! reason GPland is "no go" to young Doctors (with a choice) is ::
    We are no longer important to our patients no out of hours when they need us most
    No obbstetrics
    No casualty sevice
    No REAL !! Care of the dying
    No whole patient medicine any more the minute they get anything chronic its off to a nurse led clinic so much for being the physician to the whole patient
    Anything minor sees a nurse no chance to strengthen the therapeutic relationship or ask how their depression is getting on
    GP's are a leaderless rabble nobody with any vocation will want to do it out of choice / AH but if you are female thats another matter part time work is easy to get

  • A groundless complaint completely derailed my GP career

    DAVID Hogg's comment 27 Jan 2015 4:29pm

    What we have to remember is that first horrible letter comes from a LAY panel ie no Dr even reads the complaint at first
    Say a patient wants an x-ray after just 2 days of totally innocent back pain on a careful history and examination
    You quite rightly try to persuade the patient to wait a bit and to try a wait and see policy
    The patient complains their letter gives a gross distortion of the facts
    Only lay people will read the complaint letter and may refer the letter for an investigation of another panel with more clout which will have a Dr on it
    However your whole life will be put on hold and you will get one of those horrible letters telling you etc etc
    Remember this whenever you get a complaint

  • One more request and I will pop

    DAVID Hogg's comment 09 Jun 2014 10:35am

    I am afraid all of our woes are of our own making
    We have been betrayed by our negotiators all of whom
    (and here history repeats itself) sold all our souls
    and morale and self esteem for money and pensions.
    They were of an age when only money and their pensions mattered to them the fact that they made general practice a crock of s..t in the process mattered not one hot to them .
    Unless we get our balls back and fight we are finished.

  • Investigation: Are we at risk of running out of GPs?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 05 Feb 2014 6:34pm

    I am afraid the generalist GP is now obsolete and each GP must be a generalist but have a speciality interest and preferably work in that speciality in Hospital.
    All surgeries will have all the GP's doing as they do now in the mornings but doing their speciality in the afternoons seeing cases referred by their colleagues
    from the morning appts.
    When the NHS started scores of GP surgeons anaesthetists et al had to commit to full time Hospital work ie overnight they were consultants.
    A similar thing will happen with my scheme and 2 things will happen
    1. Job satisfaction will increase enormously
    2.Hospital referrals will drop massively.
    In Germany this system of "office specialists " works very well and many many investigations and treatments are done in General Practice cystoscopies endoscopies exercise ECG's etc etc
    Patients will receive better and faster treatments and the cost to the taxpayer will fall
    It's a "no brainer" as they say those not up to it can retire on special pensions as a one off.

  • Q&A: What will 'named GPs' do?

    DAVID Hogg's comment 30 Jan 2014 5:16pm

    Please give me strength, yet another example of politicians telling GP's what it takes to be a good GP.
    Any GP worth his salt is doing this already.Just as they looked after their diabetics COPD and all the rest of it BEFORE !! QOFS and all the rest of it.. Have we totally lost all pride and honour.Tell a carpenter or plumber you will pay them more for doing their job properly.You better learn how to duck fast !

  • Professor Bill Irish: 'Certain medical schools have a very low output of GPs'

    DAVID Hogg's comment 03 Mar 2013 11:43pm

    What do you expect when General Practice has been stripped of its "street cred"
    *no out of hours so no real "crunch" terminal care or emergencies just 9-5 box ticking
    * no obstetrics or even antenatal care to speak of
    *clinics held in secondary care that rob GP's of any remaining skills /breathless clinics/early preg clinics /heart failure clinics/knee pain clinics the list grows daily
    *nurses doing more and more of our work forever rubbishing any claim we may have had for whole patient care
    *consenting to be paid for what any good doctor would do taking the BP of a diabetic for Gods sake what have we become !!!
    No my friends General Practice is for second class Doctors thats why no one wants to do it