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John Graham

  • How to drive yourself mad using just a stool sample

    John Graham's comment 21 Aug 2019 10:18pm

    To quote Winnie the Poo: 'Oh Bother'

  • Health minister 'not bothered' by lack of Sunday GP appointment uptake

    John Graham's comment 13 Jan 2016 8:13pm

    Not at all surprising, in view of the fact that Cameron, Osborne, their good friend Oliver Letwin and no doubt other Old Etonians are all on record as wishing to scrap the NHS and move towards the 'Admirable' US system of Private Insurance for health. A system which is on record as denying any adequate access to health care for the poorest 30% of the population of the USA.
    In the field of Cochlear Implantation for profoundly deaf children: in the UK, and other Northern European nations, about 95% of those children likely to benefit from this procedure, and thus develop usable hearing and speech and access to mainstream schooling, will receive this treatment. In the USA the comparable published figure is only 50%!... a good target for our current government or wot??