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  • GP practices asked to 'risk assess' black and ethnic minority staff

    Bornjovial's comment 30 Apr 2020 11:07am

    There is an issue here which needs to be addressed in mature way given the fact there are many uncertainties and unknowns about the finding that BAME doctors are having disproportionately more deaths. Throwing away words and accusations are unhelpful especially at this juncture.
    Each practice will have to discuss how it affects them and take steps to mitigate the risk (NOT eliminate the risk). Can elderly BAME doctors not be posted to the HOT Hubs-their practices maybe pay for the volunteers from other practices to do the shift? I am just making a suggestion.

    What happens where all doctors at a surgery are BAME? Do they hand over their contract back to NHS?
    COI- Immigrant BAME doctor

  • GMC asks 5,000 unlicensed GPs to return to work in coronavirus crisis

    Bornjovial's comment 20 Mar 2020 6:58am

    The 32% aged 44 or younger are not in this country anymore. May have to send letters to Australia, NewZealand or Canada

  • GPs being sent 'out-of-date' face masks with 'concealed' best before dates

    Bornjovial's comment 16 Mar 2020 4:51pm

    If practices did that they would be screwed by CQC.
    These are no perishable items and hence at times of shortage can use same with caution but concealing same is dishonesty by the powers that be

  • GPs forced to draw up own emergency plans amid coronavirus confusion

    Bornjovial's comment 12 Mar 2020 10:54am

    A bit of joined up thinking needed I suppose. We are in NHS premises and the Property manager informed us they will not allow us to use spare room (lying vacant as district nurses vacated same) for isolating patients with suspected CoViD19.We are already choc o block and hot swapping desks and this doesn't help.
    Also they have said they will not help with "deep clean" if in case it is needed.

  • New electronic flu vaccination service helps GPs identify at-risk groups

    Bornjovial's comment 02 Mar 2020 4:58pm

    If it is read coded into patient notes automatically it would be useful. Otherwise it is no better than a letter informing that they have had vaccine- the practice has to read code same into patient notes

  • Outgoing RCGP chair to head new social prescribing academy

    Bornjovial's comment 24 Oct 2019 8:50am

    Maybe her practice needs same. Their overall GP surgery satisfaction is way below national average.

  • NICE and BTS/SIGN to produce single set of asthma guidelines

    Bornjovial's comment 26 Jul 2019 8:28am

    NICE in concept is wonderful and is essential in a government funded health system but has lost its way over the last decade.
    To stay relevant maybe they can have standards that are divided as standard which everyone has to follow and a gold standard which recognised trail blazers can follow would be an option.

    Eg. FeNO testing is made optional where resources/circumstances allow and traditional diagnosis for the rest of us.
    If they stick to what can be implemented in every part then it will be quick race to the bottom

  • Boris Johnson pledges to reduce GP waiting times in first speech as PM

    Bornjovial's comment 25 Jul 2019 10:30am

    Hi Christopher Ho,
    If they wish to have a state service only for those who are at the lowest economic group, the options would be to subsidise Insurance for those who can take private Insurance or ability to transfer part of NI payment towards health Insurance and have an NHS for the "rest".
    That left over "NHS" would quickly deteriorate and maybe able to provide only basic health service.
    NHS is trying to be everything to everyone and that is not working.
    Without a significant funding boost to NHS budget it cannot continue as it is. The cost of funding more for NHS would be less budget for other departments -Schools. defence, social care etc- so there we go again

  • Boris Johnson pledges to reduce GP waiting times in first speech as PM

    Bornjovial's comment 25 Jul 2019 9:00am

    It will be you notorious video consultation platform available for everyone and hey presto waiting list solved.
    Never mind the one who truly need our help will not be covered by this.
    I hope they increase funding for the ones truly needing help lots of ill people will suffer

  • Hammersmith and Fulham CCG to ‘welcome’ Babylon single network

    Bornjovial's comment 30 May 2019 5:22pm

    If non geographical grouping was allowed, may practices would have joined up from non contiguous sites. they need to postpone the deadline for registering networks as now many more options have opened up.

  • GMC to spend ‘bulk of resources’ on supporting doctors

    Bornjovial's comment 29 May 2019 6:16pm

    GMC is a registered charity Charity no. 1089278.
    With regards to it’s effectiveness - Apparently only 18% of doctors felt confident in GMC in a survey conducted by the GMC!!!
    If doctors have a mere 18% of their patients having confidence in them, they would have lost their license to practice a long time ago....
    It is an irony that they are pushing for annual patient survey.

  • Pariah practices have patients that 'deserve care’, says RCGP chair

    Bornjovial's comment 27 Mar 2019 8:13pm

    It is a it rich that the chair of RCGP - a partner in a two star practice and in the lowest quartile in overall satisfaction in the the whole on England calls other practices as pariah practices.

    Pot calling the kettle black.

  • MDOs warn of 'substantially' increased costs from reforms to indemnity schemes

    Bornjovial's comment 28 Feb 2019 3:15pm

    My understanding is the new NHS Indemnity scheme would NOT cover
    1) Good Samaritan acts
    2) Non NHS work (Any private or fee paying work undertaken)
    3) GMC proceedings
    4) Coroners cases
    5) Criminal investigations
    6) Patient complaints from past medical treatment provided

    This is a tentative list and we await for clarification of the scheme as it is made up as we go along.

  • Sometimes only a patient complaint will work

    Bornjovial's comment 27 Nov 2018 5:32pm

    Agree with Dylan,
    There are not enough doctors to sit and explain every test face to face. Although it is not our fault that the situation is that way, we have to make the best of the available resources and arrange for follow up via any appropriate medium - including Nurse clinics, Phone calls from junior doctors, SMS to inform scan/test was normal etc etc.
    What is NOT acceptable is allowing patient to be on tenterhooks about a result with no follow up booked in as it seems to be often the case at present

  • Partnership model may be ‘contributing to recruitment crisis’, suggest GP leaders

    Bornjovial's comment 13 Nov 2018 6:03pm

    Partnership model is not contributing to the OOH crisis, is it?

  • GPs should refer patients to Skype outpatient appointments, says NHS England

    Bornjovial's comment 09 Nov 2018 3:20am

    Used carefully this can be an useful tool in select patients in selected circumstances.
    However To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail - should not apply it indiscriminately.

    I offered to pilot Skype/ Conference consultations between patient, GP and lipid clinic consultant who almost never needed to examine a patient more than a GP can.
    The hospital was not interested as they don't get paid HRG tariff!!!

  • GPs 'should stop co-prescribing mirtazapine and SSRIs for depression'

    Bornjovial's comment 02 Nov 2018 10:28am

    NICE has accepted that Mirtazapine and SSRI combination in its previous guidelines as one of the few exceptions where 2 antidepressants are used together.
    Obviously we need to consider the study effects.
    We need to note that SSRI`s themselves have very high placebo effect (in excess of 50%) and we still use them, so I hope the study had enough numbers to be statistically significant

  • ‘No benefit’ of lowering hypertension treatment thresholds, finds major study

    Bornjovial's comment 01 Nov 2018 10:39am

    Common sense prevails at last.
    However few caveats on this conclusion- its only 40,000 patients which for a low risk population by definition does not a high confidence interval of accuracy for the billion people worldwide who are estimated to have hypertension.
    Data from GP records is based on in clinic readings. In future validated measurements from patient held machines which can generate lot more data (?accuracy) would be used to model outcomes with a bigger dataset.

  • Superpractice partners with Push Doctor to offer GP video consultations

    Bornjovial's comment 11 Sep 2018 11:17am

    I think the CMO of Push doctor Dr.Dan Bunstone has resigned as chair of a CCG after majority of practices in the CCG expressed no confidence in him according to HSJ.

    Also interesting to note the comments from LMC on this compared to their choice of words when Babylon wanted to start recruiting in Birmingham.

    Don't we live in interesting times

  • Government to ease red tape for Australian GPs to work in the NHS

    Bornjovial's comment 24 Aug 2018 10:49am

    Most of my GPVTS cohorts went to Australia ,New Zealand or Canada.

    Most are not coming back even if they roll the red carpet out.