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A faulty production line

Just Your Average Joe

  • CQC: 43% of online prescribing providers 'unsafe'

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 23 Mar 2018 8:13am

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  • GPs in England to get 1% pay rise from April

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 21 Mar 2018 6:50pm

    If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!

    Its just Mr hunt and the GMC clapping, everyone else crying.

    Unison got a way better deal than the BMA - looks like we have the wrong negotiators.

  • NHS-run GP practices 'outbid' independent contractors on locum fees

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 21 Mar 2018 5:54pm

    They pay ridiculously high fees as they can't step in and do the work themselves - its either pay well above or have no doctor and face the music for why they are unable to run the practice.

    The financial cost of deficits is wiped off by the Health board as overspends, and clawed back by reducing local enhanced services and money to the rest of the GP health economy - so effectively the remaining GMS/PMS practices are subsidising this rush off the edge of the cliff.

    This model will destroy local practices who as stated can't afford to compete so either risk bankruptcy or burn out, by having to cover the sessions themselves.

    Until GP numbers increase, and DOH agrees incentives for permanent posts (salaried or partnership) - GP locum demand will continue to outstrip supply - and practices will continue to fail/give up contracts - speeding up the agenda for private providers to come in and save the day!

  • We’ve become just another practice closure statistic

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 09 Mar 2018 8:24am

    The question to ask here: For this new GP organisation taking on this new almost Cast iron certainty an APMS contract - how much are they being paid pound for patient, and what Special arrangements are being agreed in regards to the Prop Co problems in regards to contracts etc, if they will remain in the same building?

    If the contract was not viable as a partnership, then it will certainly not be making profits for a private/social enterprise, and costs will usually be higher, and the contract not viable without sweeteners.

    If they pot of money is increased to allow APMS profits - why was this extra funding not given to the original practice.

    Well worth investigating ?????????

    Almost all APMS contacts seem to get a 'Premium', or sweetener resulting in funding not available to standard practices - which is discriminatory and surging the shift towards privatisation.

  • What GPs need to know about the new flu vaccines

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 07 Mar 2018 9:41pm

    Don't forget the incalculable risk of pharmacies jabbing patients and no clue how many and which patients are left needing protection.

    How do you know how many to order in an open market where you are ultimately responsible via QOF and vaccination comparison tables per practices.

    Blurred line of responsibility and finance couldn't be more thoughtless than the bright ideas from the DOH.

  • Nearly half of GPs think it is time to get rid of the QOF

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 07 Mar 2018 8:36am

    Yes QOF is burdensome in its data requirement.

    However I know if it wasn't there, the quality of care for most patients would nose dive, as the requirements and pop up boxes remind all staff to do the right things for patients, and I know some colleagues wouldn't know/remember to do them and patients would suffer otherwise.

    Yes it is the kind of things GPs did before QOF but its implementation was hit and miss, now it is better.

    Cinderella areas where there is no clear QOF requirements suffer. How many people follow NICE guidance in testing and treating non QOF conditions? Guarantee you it would not be 90% type levels that QOF often requires.

    It is also great for new doctors and trainees and allied staff who may lack the knowledge of the requirements, and the prompts help improve care.

    Yes it is a pain to hit the targets, esp when adverse conditions in the NHS and wider environment cause chaos, but it does help patients, its funding streams pay for nurses and HCAs, and should stay.

  • GMC fails in case against surgeon exonerated of manslaughter

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 07 Mar 2018 8:28am

    C Massey's watch of the GMC has taking protecting patients mantra to ridiculous extremes, where doctors who pose no risk to public are persecuted with tabloid like lust for blood and retribution, and a pound of flesh is inadequate/

    An entire life of toil to gain medical degrees, and training, and thousands of patients previously helped count for nothing as their careers are ground to dust.

    Dr BG helped probably thousands of patients safely and without further incident, over the years after the case that led to her scape-goating.

    She is clearly a benefit to patients and society, not a risk, yet the GMC politically tabloid pleasing agenda was forced against its own MPTS panel, who got their decision right.

    There are clearly cases where doctors such as the American Olympic team doctor are best kept in prison, and the public protected against them forever, but the GMC has got its lynching hood on, and is making decisions based on ethnicity and perceived risk by tabloids, rather than fact.

    The true membership of the GMC - its doctors, who are the peers who should be involved in self regulation, have made themselves abundantly clear in this publication, and in the wider press. The GMC is wrong and should rescind its decisions and have some hubris and admit fault.

    If on reflection the leadership of the GMC can't see this error - they should hang their heads in shame and resign, or be sacked, as any member organisation should be able to remove its chief executive when things go wrong.

  • After Dr Bawa-Garba – is the GMC fit for purpose?

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 06 Mar 2018 8:30am

    Professional self regulation is the role the GMC is meant to perform, however it has turned into a dictatorial regime - tormenting and destroying the lives of many innocent and hard working doctors - with sometimes simply scraps of accusations enough to damn the doctor.

    Guilty until proven innocent is the mantra performed out through drawn out investigations and tortuously slow clearance when it is as been proven there is no evidence of wrong doing.

    Financial and professional manslaughter is committed on a daily basis by the GMC panels - leaving doctors on the brink - with the sad figures quoted above of those who fell off the edge.

    There is no self regulation when C Massey - a politically appointed stooge sits on the top of the ivory tower that has been created. The GMC is completely out of touch with the ground, and hence is shocked by support for Dr BG.

    Stop doctors paying for their own torment - as the GMC is no longer peer led regulation. Either sack the entire senior structure and put in place self regulation in the way it was intended, or the DOH needs to fund the GMC forthwith.

  • Emergency admissions must reduce 'measurably' by 2020, NHS told

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 02 Mar 2018 10:03pm

    Chicken - Egg

    Increased costs from unnecessary admissions, no funding for social care and primary to keep them at home.

    Move money to primary care, hire staff and resource social services to support elderly at home, and move care home spaces for those unable to remain at home, and out of hospital.

    Have outreach teams to keep elderly supported at home, without GP taking on the unfunded extra work - as we have neither time, manpower or resources to take on more home visits.

    Stop the merry go round admit, failed discharge and back in again.

  • Just call me Pete

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 01 Mar 2018 10:41pm

    My first name is for friends and family.

    Years spent getting my degree and medical qualifications, and countless hours spent maintaining my medical registration - result in my right to be call Dr XXXXXXX.

    Jeremy has not earned this right so he can take this suggestion and stack it with the 5000 missing GPs, and the smart idea of taking away student nurse bursaries in the middle of a recruitment and retention crisis.

  • #IamHadiza: The full story of the legal case that shook medicine

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 01 Mar 2018 10:32pm

    Vote no confidence in GMC management - resignations for all involved in challenging the MPTS decision.

    They have brought the medical profession into chaos and disrepute.

  • #IamHadiza: GPs share stories of when it could have been them

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 01 Mar 2018 10:29pm

    Vote no confidence in GMC management - resignations for all involved in challenging the MPTS decision.

    They have brought the medical profession into chaos and disrepute.

  • GMC gross negligence manslaughter review to look at 'diversity matters'

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 23 Feb 2018 8:34am

    Editor - please can we have a no confidence in GMC - CM should resign vote on set up - let the profession be given a chance to show support for the GMC if they feel they can/can't.

    GMC saying they are not racist - is like when Trump said he is the least racist person he knows! Trump doesn't think he is racist, and GMC doesn't - but the world knows.

  • Government blanks Lords' request for salaried GP review

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 21 Feb 2018 0:56am

    No chance entitled elite would remove their mouths from the trough - and turn their back on their free lunches and money fountains.

  • Government blanks Lords' request for salaried GP review

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 21 Feb 2018 0:54am

    Scrap the house of Lords and redirect funding to social care for elderly to free hospital beds and the whole system would start to move and ease hospital bed crisis.

  • GMC criticised by its own regulator for handling of Bawa-Garba case

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 20 Feb 2018 8:23am

    Can someone charge Mr Massey with bringing the GMC into disrepute and force him to resign for acting against the interests of doctors - that he is meant to represent and support.

  • Why this new flu jab is bringing out the chills in me

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 16 Feb 2018 11:31pm

    The DOH should negotiate and supply all practices with the correct vaccines in the correct amounts and keep a central supply to restock once all given, and recirculate unused vaccines within the NHS supply chain.

    Simple - and easy - but no get 7,454 different GP practices to all buy independently and haphazardly - as you have no idea how many random pharmacy colleagues will administer, and take on all the financial risks and hassles - without the huge buying power of the DOH.

    No the moron in charge of the DOH would never make useful changes to help primary care.

  • Plug the NHS cash sinkhole before pouring more funds in

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 16 Feb 2018 11:25pm

    PFI hospital payments bancrupting trusts to point they can't pay for patient care.

    Remove all private organisations from NHS, and ideally government roles, and costs which have silently soared while quality and outcomes have dived.

    The private sector is meant to improve care, instead it lurks like a cancer, leeching off their minimum 10% for profit, and cutting services, pay, and satisfaction, turning everything to Cr@p, while telling us its better than before, like the emperor's new clothes.

  • Government to push ahead with cap on clinical negligence legal fees

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 16 Feb 2018 11:17pm

    Tribunel of independent doctors to sit lawyer free - so hugely reduced costs, who award fixed amounts to those who are wronged in a fast and timely manner.

    Throwing out all spurious fishing claims, and only paying out with genuine harm, injury, or negligence.

    Remove all lawyers and billions will be saved.

    There is no need for lawyers to waste years in cases, and court time and fees, from adversarial processes, as panel looks at cause/effect and liability, and would ward payments accordingly.

    Tribunals with experts and lay members for sake of openness, and support for independent/voluntary advocates to help patients where needed.

    No money wasted from patient payouts for lawyers as well.

    Why won't it work - as it would save billions for the NHS - because the lawyers doing the reviews - won't bite the hand that feeds them all.

  • Over 80% of GPs say workload has worsened since GP Forward View

    Just Your Average Joe's comment 16 Feb 2018 11:07pm

    'Unscepted | GP Partner/Principal16 Feb 2018 9:19pm

    But these 80% elect the same CCG and LMC members year wondering why things don't change!'

    Just being a little fair pal - these people who do give up their time and efforts - do so as there is not even a trickle of GPs waiting in the wings to take over. Its not something I would give up my time to do, as seeing patients is preferable for me.

    Until those who moan and complain are willing to take up the mantle, the grass root colleagues doing these roles should be appreciated.

    Save your vitriol for the ones trying to sit around the golden tables, waiting for their knighthoods and executive roles in private companies as experts.

    The ones who take the 30 pieces of silver and sold their colleagues pensions down the river, and negotiated the contract that let private organisations into primary care. Sit in GMC positions and allow injustice to colleagues like Dr BG, and torment their colleagues with revalidation and CQC.

    Those guys deserve a seat with the dark lord himself - JH calls and CM runs.