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Independents' Day

John O'Malley

  • The Wizard and the Gatekeeper need to know each other's kingdoms

    John O'Malley's comment 22 Aug 2016 2:59pm

    Really good article. I think the demise of the clinical assistant/hospital practitioner posts has not helped. When I was in post both I and my consultant found it an invaluable way of learning from each other and understanding our individual challenges and barriers

  • '100 days' of out-of-hours care lost in Scotland due to unstaffed sessions

    John O'Malley's comment 13 Oct 2015 11:40am

    There are really serious issues here in regarding to the pressures on OOHs but the headline does not help the cause. It will give the impression to the naive that almost a third of the year is not covered by the OOHs. Statistics are wonderful things but dangerous in the wrong hands.

  • RCGP calls for urgent £750m boost to GP core funding

    John O'Malley's comment 01 Oct 2015 12:04pm

    That was a joke about renaming the OOHs the Green Light Service, wasn't it? The RCGP would not be silent on the OOHs for ages and then say something truly asinine, would they? Because they haven't said stupid thing in the p.....silly me, so they have.

  • GP promotional campaign focuses on signing skydiving consent form

    John O'Malley's comment 25 Sep 2015 1:42pm

    Alan Woodall,
    Now that is an advert for general practice.
    Well done

  • ​Let us know what you think of our new-look site

    John O'Malley's comment 24 Sep 2015 12:33pm

    In the name of everything that is holy, pure and akin to Olivia Newton John, please, please give us back the old format. It was clearer, you knew where things where and didnt make my eyes water.
    In my day if it worked you didnt mess with it. I don't know what the world is coming to...... I blame all that flower power and listening to The Doors.

  • test - do not use

    John O'Malley's comment 23 Sep 2015 11:35am

    I do wish people would use the term 'existential' correctly, even though there is no real definition in a positive sense of existentialism more what it isnt...........I know.......I need to get out more......I'll get my coat then.........

  • GPs facing escalating indemnity costs for seven-day working, claims GPC

    John O'Malley's comment 06 Aug 2015 11:26am

    Fascinating reasoning behind all this. One of the main reasons behind the setting of fees for Out of Hours work has been the inherent risk of not knowing the patient and not having full access to the records. Many of the 7 day week pilots are shared ones based on sharing of records and I guessing from this , the indemnifiers will not be putting OOH rates onto those doctors even though they may not be from the same practice. How is it then in areas where there is full sharing of records indemnifiers are classing that as out of hours work despite the 'inherent risk' being diminished through full access to patient records?

  • I can’t be the fall guy any more

    John O'Malley's comment 01 Jun 2015 10:27am

    Pev, get better soon and then get out.
    Balint groups? Ah, isnt it cute that some people still believe it can cure all the ills in the world.
    An aside to Pulse..this really is the time to restrict this to health care porfessionals after some of the strnage bordering on sociopathic reponses listed above.

  • RCGP to open Australian office to tempt GPs back from Oz

    John O'Malley's comment 01 Apr 2015 2:36pm

    Oh please tell me you all realise this is an April Fool's joke.

  • RCGP to open Australian office to tempt GPs back from Oz

    John O'Malley's comment 01 Apr 2015 12:46pm

    Thanks a lot. That is not fair on the RCGP. The concept of satire is lost on them. Making fun of them is liking shooting fish in a barrel. They will think this is a great idea and take it up. Next thing you know the whole of the RCGP will move to Australia and leave us alone and...........wait a mo, actually thats not a bad idea. Anyone for a petition to adopt this policy by the RCGP? Need another office site though.... now where do they test those big bombs?

  • GPs face influx of patients with heartburn as result of cancer campaign

    John O'Malley's comment 08 Jan 2015 3:27pm

    Vinci, there are but they are mainly used in monitoring Barrett's and their value in heartburn is unclear.

  • GPs face influx of patients with heartburn as result of cancer campaign

    John O'Malley's comment 08 Jan 2015 10:33am

    Just a point of information, I am not a committee member of the PCSG.

  • GPs issued guidance on Ebola

    John O'Malley's comment 03 Nov 2014 9:46am

    The major question is why when there is perfectly clear advice from PHE. I only hope it doesnt give conflicting advice.

  • GPs could use astrology to treat patients more efficiently, says MP

    John O'Malley's comment 28 Jul 2014 5:06pm

    As a GP gastroenterologist, I feel pressurred to state that he may have a point. It is now clear to me that constipation is mainly caused by planets occluding Uranus.
    The people of Bosworth must be so proud of this beacon of scientific thought. I say make him Secretary of State!

  • Asthma medications 'may suppress children's growth'

    John O'Malley's comment 17 Jul 2014 2:12pm

    Am I getting old but what is new about this reseach? Iremember getting taught this in the 1980's? 0.25 cm is a 'major concern'! What do they class repeated infections, exacerbations and admissions as? Because that is what will happen once the Press twist this bit of research.
    ..........Just in case, anyone want to do some research, what is that hot thing that seems to go down in the west at night?

  • Almost 40% of GP training places unfilled in some areas of UK

    John O'Malley's comment 16 Jun 2014 3:37pm

    This is very depressing. From an OOH point of view, we already have problems with rising defence fees, changes in the make up of the workforce and driving down of costs from CCGs I am not usually so pessimistic as I have tended to scoff at previous 'the end is nigh statements' but I think we will look back on the last year as the beginning of the end of GP led primary care.
    The consequences are immense. I have just got back from a conference of European OOHs organisations and the Danes were telling me that in Copenhagen (as opposed to the rest of the country) they have bypassed GPs in OOHs and have nurse triage with hospital care. No surprise ... rising costs, more admission, overinvestigations and reduced patient satisfaction and a government desperate to back track. Will our leaders ever learn?

  • GPs to work in NHS 111 call centres under NHS England pilot

    John O'Malley's comment 17 Apr 2014 11:46am

    Just to add a bit more.
    My big concerns are that we are not learning from the mistakes of last year. The places where NHS 111 have worked have been either where they have been integrated into the OOH services or where extensive and ongoing training in Pathways has been a priority.
    The main problem is that the primary care workforce is increasingly being stretched to paper thin with more services asking for more GPs. In one way it is a recognition of the importance of primary care but I share some concerns here that , unless we get a major rise in active GP numbers, then many of these schemes will fail.

  • Sorry folks, it's last orders

    John O'Malley's comment 17 Jan 2014 12:15pm

    You have let the world know my method of remembering names by calling everyone my son's had been a long day.............

  • Sorry folks, it's last orders

    John O'Malley's comment 10 Jan 2014 2:35pm

    Regarding your revelation that OOH is fast becoming a out of medication service, I am grateful that you have brought this to general attention. Those of us in the OOH service would also like to let people know that we no longer need to have a gentleman waving a flag in front of cars anymore and that Reggie Bosanquet doesn't read the news anymore.
    David you need to get out more often. We already are being tough as we can and, wow, do we pay a price sometimes for being so tough! Until we did flex our muscles , we getting 40% of our calls on Saturday between 10 and 12 repeat med related.

  • How to walk out of a Walk-in Centre

    John O'Malley's comment 15 Nov 2013 1:30pm

    Ah pedantry!
    The original Punch cartoon relates to a curate having an egg that was off and trying to be polite saying it was good in parts. In reality, even if the egg is partly off, it still ruins the whole egg....................yes, I know, I'll get my coat then.........