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  • We need to embrace failure

    Rory's comment 08 Feb 2017 12:15pm

    Given that even one's reflections in patient care are monitored and need to be "correct" demonstrate that there is no appetite for any self reflection or admission of a mistake.
    That this is occurring and should not be is self-evident. But especially since all junior doctors are only in post for 4-6 months, the attitude of keep quiet and move along would require a massive shake up to shift.

  • Patients should sign a contract to use GP services

    Rory's comment 08 Feb 2017 10:13am

    Free at point of delivery means to most people it is viewed as being free, and is treated as such. If a deposit was paid on booking an appointment and refunded on attendance (or cancellation in a given time frame) that might also help focus minds.
    On one shift I was sworn at in (I think) 10 or so languages mainly for the crime of not giving antibiotics for viral infections and of course as a Locum to make a fuss might mean I do not get retained again.
    The worst offenders are unlikely to be managed by this - most will have no money and do not mind using various GPs or indeed A&Es. But this could certainly help for the majority.