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NI gp

  • Eight legs good

    NI gp's comment 27 Jan 2020 7:42pm

    BJ was born in 1964 so as a toddler he probably heard Boris the spider by the who!

  • NHS multi-billion funding boost to be enshrined in law, announces Government

    NI gp's comment 23 Dec 2019 6:42pm

    Only in England!
    For example, our windfall medical indemnity cover available in England since April has got lost in doh Stormont and has not made its way to primary care as it was intended to do
    New money allocated through the Barnett formula will no doubt be diverted to secondary care as per usual leaving GP the forgotten poor relation,,,.

  • Coroner warning over patient death after 16-month wait from 'urgent GP referral'

    NI gp's comment 17 Dec 2019 6:45pm

    And there are many many more cases waiting out there with our outrageous waiting times in Northern Ireland
    5 yrs plus for neurology and up to 8 years for a hip or knee replacement
    Sadly we are powerless to effect change as GPS and remain hostages to fortune as well as our imperiled patients

  • Pulse’s 2019 election manifesto - what GPs deserve from the next government

    NI gp's comment 25 Nov 2019 10:36pm

    What about having a local government of any sort accountable for health policy, Stormont will have been inactive and not sitting for 3 years soon and nobody is accountable for our collapsing health setup here!
    Dereliction of duty and care and shame to those who will canvas our votes on 12th December to re-elect them to Westminster, you do not deserve one single vote but sadly tribal politics here will prevail and the usual suspects will once again get elected, our MP is abstentionist and in the absence of stormont the highest level of political governance operating here are the local councils who are virtually powerless!
    A democracy????
    You would laugh if it weren’t so tragic and disgraceful
    Shame on all you politicians for abandoning any sore of governance for your own selfish reasons
    Shame on you all

  • Lack of indemnity scheme in Northern Ireland is 'blatantly unfair', says BMA

    NI gp's comment 18 Nov 2019 1:53pm

    This financial discrepancy will really inspire young doctors to move to Northern Ireland (not)!
    And now we hear that the indemnity finding will be treated as “new income” to general practice by the treasury and we will be financially penalized accordingly, a double whammy effect, penalized for a benefit that we don’t actually receive, you couldn’t make it up!

  • The many disappointments behind this appointment

    NI gp's comment 06 Nov 2019 8:44am

    In my area, orthopaedics and neurology routine appointments have become unworkable
    7 -8 years for a knee or hip replacement
    5 years plus for a routine neurology appointment
    Trouble is that the waiting lists are growing faster then the number of patients being seen so effectively you will never ever get an appointment at all....

  • A third of GPs have reduced their hours over the past year, says GMC

    NI gp's comment 24 Oct 2019 1:01pm

    Why would anybody with any sense of self respect work beyond what current pension limits allow???
    It is unbelievable in this time of “worldwide shortage of doctors” that HMG financially make it punitive for doctors here to work full time, and at the same time try to grow the workforce
    It is bonkers!!!!

  • GPs may have to assess mental health and mental capacity free of charge

    NI gp's comment 16 Oct 2019 6:07pm

    Agree with Vince ho!
    If we all refuse to do this work what can be done about it?
    Government functions only by consent, if there us no consent then I don’t think we could all be punished into doing this work...:..

  • Practices receive up to 20% higher funding per patient in different regions

    NI gp's comment 03 Oct 2019 7:37pm

    Thanks Christopher, illuminating data....
    I would dearly love to know the Northern Ireland numbers....
    Anybody out there got them????
    I would imagine they might be a tad lower but who knows......

  • Practices receive up to 20% higher funding per patient in different regions

    NI gp's comment 02 Oct 2019 8:01pm

    And the numbers in NI, Scotland and Wales are what?
    Can pulse please publish these as well....

  • Addiction to prescription drugs: GPs stuck between a rock and a hard place

    NI gp's comment 02 Oct 2019 10:50am

    Current routine pain clinic appointment in my patch is now over 14 months wait so this is not an option for a lot of patients

  • No-deal Brexit could close down practices, says RCGP chair

    NI gp's comment 23 Sep 2019 6:02pm

    This is unacceptable, my rcgp also needs to own and promote my pro brexit views as an rcgp member as well as the remainer members

  • 35. Dr Alan Stout

    NI gp's comment 29 Aug 2019 12:30pm

    Well done Alan for making the list, I wouldn’t want your task of trying to negotiate in the current NI political vacuum...

  • Record A&E attendances and worst-ever referral waiting times, official data shows

    NI gp's comment 09 Aug 2019 2:13pm

    And in NI without any government for over three years, the position here is much worse than in GB, and yet....... flags, Irish language, bonfires and marching are all that ignites public opinion here!
    Deteriorating public services don’t even register with the average elector in Northern Ireland
    Our waiting lists are eye wateringly bad and believe it or not folks, they are so much worse than any where else.....
    I despair!

  • GMC was advised to appeal Bawa-Garba case to 'protect reputation of profession'

    NI gp's comment 05 Aug 2019 4:11pm

    So if as the GMC says, the legal advice was WRONG, then this should pave the way for this doctor to claim compensation from the GMC based upon their own admission that their handling of the case was a mistake and therefore, the GMC should be found liable for the damage done to this doctor as a result of their error, surely....???

  • Boris Johnson pledges to reduce GP waiting times in first speech as PM

    NI gp's comment 25 Jul 2019 10:31am

    To have aspirations is surely a good thing, is it not, the three years wasted by stagnating dithering Mrs May cannot have been any better than now, can it?
    So folks, let him have a chance! It might all come tumbling down like a house of cards but and I mean but, our experience with Mrs May’s friend Karen Bradley has been very poor as Secretary of State for NI, so Anything has to be better than the last three years has been for us at least.....

    The alternative of a Corbyn government is unthinkable for me as we would soon learn how bad things could actually get.....

    Let’s see what transpires, it is too early to know whether the Boris premiership will work or not so perhaps we need to wait and see.....

  • GPs 'should stop using inflammatory markers as non-specific test'

    NI gp's comment 19 Jun 2019 5:53pm

    I hope the courts reflect on this advice when we are dues for not following NICE guidance,
    I notice as a GP trainer, my st3 doctors nearly always order a crp for all patients and the partners rarely do so.....
    Until the courts realise the implications on the nhs by ordering so many tests nothing will change as we all adopt extreme defensive medical practice.....”just in case....”

  • RCGP threatened with court action again over BME bias

    NI gp's comment 17 Jun 2019 7:39pm

    Consider the makeup of the csa examiner panel, I feel that this is the problem with a bias against examiners of differing backgrounds and locations throughout the uk, I don’t know of any ANY current csa examiners from Northern Ireland general practice.....I don’t know the ethnicity breakdown of the examiners but it would be an interesting question to ask.....

  • Coroner criticises GPs for not following NICE guidance after suicide of patient

    NI gp's comment 05 Jun 2019 11:02am

    Reality is so different from ideal world situation, in a service like ours where urgent mental health cases aren’t seen for weeks by secondary care despite Gp concerns it seems unfair to lambast a poorly resources service for failing to meet unrealistic expectations imposed by nice,
    Toxic no win situation for the Gp and the patient, under resource the service and then blame it when things go wrong, guidelines are what they are, just guidelines and not rigid parameters for care

  • Why I'll leave RCGP if Julia Hartley-Brewer speaks at conference

    NI gp's comment 21 May 2019 8:32am

    Gagging is not the answer, free speech is a key to U.K. life, whilst you may not agree with the speakers point of view, open debate and a just cause will see their arguments to be false and let the public decide
    I abhor racism of any sort and the right way to deal with this is to face it down by logical and reasoned debate
    Remember, the U.K. remains an incredibly tolerant society for people from all backgrounds and the vocal few get a disproportionate airing in the media, the vast majority of the U.K. people remain welcoming and reasonable, I am truly sorry that your life experiences tell you otherwise and your story is dreadful.
    In NI we have had 30 years of hate and killing in the name of “religious division” and it is awful but hopefully reason will prevail
    Tolerance is essential and gagging people you disagree with not the action of an open and free democracy because it leads to very dark places indeed
    I understand your viewpoint entirely and feel your pain, remember to rise above other people’s prejudices and accept that others have a different point of view, it may not be nice and cosy but our western democracies rely on us all collectively tolerating free speech even though it may cause individual pain, the alternative approach leads to a totalitarian system that controls what we can experience and that is a very dangerous road to take.....