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Independents' Day

NI gp

  • RCGP criticised for 'all-white' board in open GP letter

    NI gp's comment 02 Jul 2020 9:08am

    My Long-standing gripe with the college is the lack of csa examiners from Ireland ( north or south)
    As well as BAME discrimination there may well be a bias against Irish doctors on their examination panel as I have found repeatedly over the years
    It appears to have become “ an old boys club” with mutual patting on backs and a very closed ethos regarding outsiders
    To my my knowledge there are no (NI) csa examiners currently from my rcgp faculty.... why?

  • BMA calls for the public to be required to wear face masks in all settings

    NI gp's comment 30 Jun 2020 9:43am

    Utter nonsense, I left the BMA years ago, I now realise that I made a good decision.

  • BMA: GPs face ‘tsunami’ of extra work due to poor IT infrastructure in hospitals

    NI gp's comment 23 Jun 2020 5:11pm

    "In NI, the reset of the NHS will be led by primary care"
    officials still think there are unfathomed endless resources in primary care just waiting to do every body else's work.
    Guess what?
    The well has run dry.

  • Northern Ireland GPs' open letter to health minister Robin Swann

    NI gp's comment 14 Jun 2020 1:41pm

    Not the federations who set these up!
    Feds only administer the roster,
    So perhaps blame needs to be attributed elsewhere to the conception these hot hubs

  • Babylon patients could view other video consultations after 'software error'

    NI gp's comment 11 Jun 2020 11:30am

    Serious breach of GMC rules on confidentiality
    This needs referred to gmc under their guidelines and investigated rigorously
    In my practice this would have resulted in suspension, referral to gmc and investigation under fitness to practice ultimately resulting in possible suspension or even erasure from the register....

  • Face masks to become compulsory in GP practices

    NI gp's comment 11 Jun 2020 11:24am

    No masks available at peak of pandemic, no obligation to wear masks
    Masks now obligatory even though v little transmission in my area now, but masks are now available

    It seems the policy is driven by availability of masks and not their clinical importance?

  • GP NI contract reforms could keep 100% triage and Covid centres

    NI gp's comment 11 Jun 2020 10:34am

    I am really concerned that general practice in Northern Ireland will be sacrificed for political capital and personal glory:
    In an ocean of nhs chaos in Northern Ireland, general practice has remained the only chink of light, now with central meddling we are to be nationalized, micro managed and destroyed!
    Obituary for (NI) gp

    RIP gp NI 11/6/20
    Put up a good fight but ultimately destroyed by those who should have known better
    Gone, but not forgotten

  • BMA calls for compulsory face masks in GP practices

    NI gp's comment 08 Jun 2020 9:46am

    NO proven benefit and much harm:
    I do not agree with BMA on this, it dehumanises the patient, we lose non verbal communication cues and it is unnecessary
    As in NI: the BMA do not speak for me as I have lost all faith in their honesty and independence and their collusion with DoH ni which is unacceptable to me
    I am no longer a member of BMA and I have withdrawn our practice LMC levy over all of this nonsense
    I remember Neil Ferguson at the start of the pandemic quoting an expected 500000 deaths in the UK, lies, damned lies and statistics comes to mind

  • GPs face continued workload as few dental surgeries ready to open from Monday

    NI gp's comment 05 Jun 2020 7:45pm

    If an emergency dentist can be found.........
    Not my experience in rural Northern Ireland

  • BMA 'in discussions' around QOF payments for this year

    NI gp's comment 05 Jun 2020 12:07pm

    Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, nada.......
    We were assuming qof 2020/21 was protected but I am now not so sure.......
    Usually Dohni follow the English lead on these things so I am getting a little concerned by what is happening accrosd the Irish Sea

  • Hot hubs may well become the Covid-19 hot spots

    NI gp's comment 01 Jun 2020 10:47pm

    And yet, we are mandated by DoH (NI) to staff these centres here in Northern Ireland
    Poor science, horrendous cost, not evidence based but it is a political dogma forced on us by..........BMA (NI) aided and abetted by rcgp (NI) and others
    We need a serious look at our leaders motives and question the nonsense they put out!

  • Staffing Covid hot hubs falls under GMS contract, says NHS England

    NI gp's comment 14 May 2020 11:50am

    Welcome to our world English gps!
    We have been mandated under fear of severe punishments if we don’t man the covid centres!
    Fear, coercion and threats will really help the future of general practice (not)
    It is the beginning of the reimposition of mandatory ooh Gp work by stealth

  • Staffing Covid-19 ‘hot zones’ falls outside of GMS contract, say local GP leaders

    NI gp's comment 06 May 2020 11:56pm

    Meanwhile in lalaland ( Northern Ireland), our “Union” has made it compulsory to staff our covid hot hubs, failure to do so will risk severe punishment from the department of health in belfast as per email confirmation from a senior civil servant.....
    It couldn’t really get a lot of worse treatment from our leaders.....

  • GPs could face contractual imposition if they refuse to staff Covid centres

    NI gp's comment 23 Apr 2020 5:44pm

    Coercion vs volunteering that is the issue

  • GPs could face contractual imposition if they refuse to staff Covid centres

    NI gp's comment 23 Apr 2020 11:03am

    We do our covid sessions in (NI) not because we want to but because we have been mandated to comply, it is wrong and poorly thought out project, but if we didn’t agree to working in them then we risked severe sanctions from (NI) department of health
    Dr Stout is proud that 99% of practices complied, we had no option other that to agree, shame on you bma, rcgp and hscni
    Forced into centres against our will with poor PPE and little evidence base.....
    This is not good!

  • ​The virus that is set to change general practice forever

    NI gp's comment 10 Apr 2020 1:25pm

    “All is changed, changed utterly, a terrible beauty is born, until her voice grew shrill”
    WB Yeats:
    The terrible beauty the government shall see will be the awakening of the quiet mass of GPs who have been silenced for too long about the dire state of UK primary care and demand change

  • Eight legs good

    NI gp's comment 27 Jan 2020 7:42pm

    BJ was born in 1964 so as a toddler he probably heard Boris the spider by the who!

  • NHS multi-billion funding boost to be enshrined in law, announces Government

    NI gp's comment 23 Dec 2019 6:42pm

    Only in England!
    For example, our windfall medical indemnity cover available in England since April has got lost in doh Stormont and has not made its way to primary care as it was intended to do
    New money allocated through the Barnett formula will no doubt be diverted to secondary care as per usual leaving GP the forgotten poor relation,,,.

  • Coroner warning over patient death after 16-month wait from 'urgent GP referral'

    NI gp's comment 17 Dec 2019 6:45pm

    And there are many many more cases waiting out there with our outrageous waiting times in Northern Ireland
    5 yrs plus for neurology and up to 8 years for a hip or knee replacement
    Sadly we are powerless to effect change as GPS and remain hostages to fortune as well as our imperiled patients

  • Pulse’s 2019 election manifesto - what GPs deserve from the next government

    NI gp's comment 25 Nov 2019 10:36pm

    What about having a local government of any sort accountable for health policy, Stormont will have been inactive and not sitting for 3 years soon and nobody is accountable for our collapsing health setup here!
    Dereliction of duty and care and shame to those who will canvas our votes on 12th December to re-elect them to Westminster, you do not deserve one single vote but sadly tribal politics here will prevail and the usual suspects will once again get elected, our MP is abstentionist and in the absence of stormont the highest level of political governance operating here are the local councils who are virtually powerless!
    A democracy????
    You would laugh if it weren’t so tragic and disgraceful
    Shame on all you politicians for abandoning any sore of governance for your own selfish reasons
    Shame on you all