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  • Why I'll leave RCGP if Julia Hartley-Brewer speaks at conference

    NI gp's comment 21 May 2019 8:32am

    Gagging is not the answer, free speech is a key to U.K. life, whilst you may not agree with the speakers point of view, open debate and a just cause will see their arguments to be false and let the public decide
    I abhor racism of any sort and the right way to deal with this is to face it down by logical and reasoned debate
    Remember, the U.K. remains an incredibly tolerant society for people from all backgrounds and the vocal few get a disproportionate airing in the media, the vast majority of the U.K. people remain welcoming and reasonable, I am truly sorry that your life experiences tell you otherwise and your story is dreadful.
    In NI we have had 30 years of hate and killing in the name of “religious division” and it is awful but hopefully reason will prevail
    Tolerance is essential and gagging people you disagree with not the action of an open and free democracy because it leads to very dark places indeed
    I understand your viewpoint entirely and feel your pain, remember to rise above other people’s prejudices and accept that others have a different point of view, it may not be nice and cosy but our western democracies rely on us all collectively tolerating free speech even though it may cause individual pain, the alternative approach leads to a totalitarian system that controls what we can experience and that is a very dangerous road to take.....

  • Hancock hints indemnity scheme could be paid for with GP core funding

    NI gp's comment 21 Jan 2019 6:44pm

    I left the bma late last year when they came out and backed eu remain agsinst the will of the people, I have saved quite a bit of money so far....

  • Financially 'unsustainable' to run a practice, say GPs

    NI gp's comment 06 Dec 2018 10:38am

    Current spend on general practice in Northern Ireland is now running well below 11% nhs spend, depending upon how you read the data, I reckon it is about 5-6 percent at present,
    Perhaps some more informed people couldpost the exact percentage for 2018-2019
    And yet..........
    Primary care indicators are so much better that secondary care here as we endure the worst secondary care waiting lists that I have seen in my career of over 25 years as a gp
    Something just doesn’t add up!

  • Brexit prompts RCGP to take legal advice regarding political impartiality

    NI gp's comment 08 Oct 2018 11:29am

    Not appropriate:
    I do not want MY college to petition on MY behalf for a second referendum on Brexit, I voted out and I expect MY college to respect MY opinion as a member of good standing

  • If this is the bedrock no wonder general practice is sinking

    NI gp's comment 08 Oct 2018 9:41am

    I was at RCGP Glasgow in 2016 and I vowed never to return, the disconnect between the conference and reality at the GP frontline was stark, it was like a party political conference where everybody claps each other on the back and mutually congratulates each other for being excellent and GP as being wonderful place to be!
    Well it isn't!
    It could be!
    But it is not at present!
    I must say the pharmaceutical sponsorship really got to me as well and I didn't like it one little bit,
    So I promised never to return to the RCGP annual conference until it became relevant and meaningful to ordinary GPs and not just a happy-clap festival for an elite minority.

  • Significant rise in students starting medical school seen for first time in years

    NI gp's comment 21 Sep 2018 6:55pm

    Once again Northern Ireland bucks the trend, less gp investment, no crown indemnity for gps, no pay rise this year and a drop in medical students and.......our local politicians are not in post and haven’t been for 600 days.....
    Very quickly Ni healthcare is deteriorating day by day....
    Longest waiting lists in the U.K., political stagnation and low morale amongst those trying to keep it going for now.....
    We need change here and we need it soon!

  • GPs 'will need to keep own indemnity subscriptions' despite state scheme

    NI gp's comment 18 Sep 2018 1:59pm

    And no crown indemnity at all for Northern Ireland gps plannen as yet...
    Seems a little unfair to us here in NI as our English and welsh colleagues working the same job for the same employer are not going to be indemnified and will still have to pay top dollar to continue to be covered...

  • BMA may call off mass resignation plans after GP investment

    NI gp's comment 12 Sep 2018 10:24am

    As a gp in NI I am disgusted by the Bma climb down and I have resigned from the association
    We have no hope here for salvation as the only investment is in noctors and like wise....
    Pay cuts, no rescue plan, no help at all, this money is fictional and is transformative money to help secondary care and does nothing for the demise of gp here
    Well done Bma, you have sold your soul for a bowl of potage

  • Data lowdown: Have UK GPs really had a 3% pay rise?

    NI gp's comment 04 Sep 2018 9:49am

    And the only group to see a pay drop were Gp principals in Northern Ireland
    Says it all really and yet government here is amazed that we can’t recruit and retain enough gps locally

  • Average GP earnings rise by nearly 3% as expenses skyrocket, reveals official data

    NI gp's comment 30 Aug 2018 2:43pm

    And yet.......
    No increase here in NI cause we ain’t got a government in power to implement the pay rises across the NHS
    Shocking! But entirely expected.

  • ​‘Grossly underfunded’ practices unable to compete with online providers, warn GPs

    NI gp's comment 30 Aug 2018 12:26pm

    Even in backwards NI, online gp platforms are being mooted as saving general practice by the powers that be,
    Rather than investing those resources in maintaining gp, the boffins would rather play silly beggars with public monies for a solution that is second best and will cost a packet as well!
    Our total current income per patient is 125 pounds per year for everything........
    I would like to know how much these providers are getting in comparison

  • Interview: Dr Mobasher Butt, Pulse's most influential GP for 2018

    NI gp's comment 29 Aug 2018 9:38am

    When I read that the main thing for this doctor to achieve is “patient satisfaction”, I gave up!
    Whilst this is an important aspect of care it is NOT the most important thing to me!
    Good patient care can mean having those difficult occasions when you have to say no that it is not in the patients’ interests to do such and such, we are guardians of the nations health and as such, we need to be fair but firm and not pandering after tripadvisor type satisfaction ratings that may constitute bad clinical practice....
    A fundamental choice is whether we want patients to love us or respect us as professionals, otherwise we begun merely salves to growing demand and the entitled mentality that has crept into 21st century life

  • Babylon medical director named most influential GP in UK

    NI gp's comment 28 Aug 2018 7:00pm

    Nonsense: the accolade of the most influential GP in the uk???
    By influence you must mean influence with this Tory government, to gain influence with them must not be something we should celebrate!

  • Enough already with the natriuretic peptides

    NI gp's comment 20 Aug 2018 5:23pm

    In Northern Ireland; I had an 88 yo female patient who launched a full packet of tablets back at me when I was doing a house call, this ricocheted off my head and into her fireplace,
    My offence was giving a very staunch protestant lady a packet of tablets that were coloured green, white and orange, the whole street she heard her blaring loudly that I could take my fffing fenian tablets back!

  • Less than a quarter of GP trainees to stay in full-time clinical work, survey finds

    NI gp's comment 17 Aug 2018 10:59pm

    The daily mail carried this story as well, I looked at the comments (bravery or foolhardiness?), I was quietly surprised, instead of the usual hang them high brigade of commentators, there were a surprising number of gp supporters as well who rubbished the article, it seems that a few of the great British public are beginning to not believe all that is written about us!
    We need to believe that our stance is correct and believe in ourselves and not let ourselves start believing the lies that are published about us, even some of the daily mail readers don’t believe the nonsense written about us!

  • GP leaders call for CQC to investigate link between ethnicity and practice ratings

    NI gp's comment 15 Aug 2018 12:01pm

    Spending per head of population on health care is the issue here....
    We need transparency about this data when comparing outcome and ratings
    If there is a negative correlation between spend and quality then the remedy is surely to invest in the under resources areas where it is most needed? Surely this is just common sense!

  • Appeals court rules in favour of Bawa-Garba appeal

    NI gp's comment 13 Aug 2018 8:01pm

    This is the correct outcome, I feel so sorry for this doctor to have had to go this process to gain some semblance of british justice
    My belief in the British judicial system has been dealt a major boost, conversely, my belief in the gmc has been severely compromised

  • This pay ‘rise’ might just push me beyond boiling point

    NI gp's comment 26 Jul 2018 10:13am

    Is no minister of health better than this new guy in England? I just ask from a Northern Ireland perspective where we have been deprived of thiis mandarin for over 18 months now......

  • GP workforce shortages led to out-of-hours closures over 100 times in one city

    NI gp's comment 24 Jul 2018 11:33am

    No indemnity cover........... no OOH work from me........

  • NICE urges rheumatoid arthritis patients to seek specialist care during flare-ups

    NI gp's comment 16 Jul 2018 2:28pm

    we cant even get shared care amber list patients seen for years and years and years so there is no hope of this advice being taken seriously by secondary care either,