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Peter Scott

  • GMC re-registers nearly 4,000 former GPs to join coronavirus battle

    Peter Scott 's comment 27 Mar 2020 12:36pm

    and their average age is 52 !!!!

    says something about the attractiveness of medicine as a career now, that it takes such a 'once in a century' event and a tsunami of altruism to bring them back to face it again !

  • Majority of GPs do not have sufficient coronavirus protective equipment

    Peter Scott 's comment 12 Mar 2020 6:11pm

    NO PPE in Birmingham and Solihull, and I believe that within the 'hour' of PPE-to-GP distribution being announced, we had an apologetic letter to say that we wouldn't be receiving any PPE ..

    I deleted this in disgust, in disbelief .. now I almost wonder if I dreamt this !

  • Hancock wants ‘value for money’ from PCNs in GP contract negotiations

    Peter Scott 's comment 28 Jan 2020 2:34pm

    Mr Hancock can have value for money!
    My plan wont cost him a penny.. how's that for value for money?


  • GP leaders vote to hold special LMC conference after rejecting contract deal

    Peter Scott 's comment 16 Jan 2020 11:21pm




  • NHSE official admits ‘we need to make changes’ to draft network specifications

    Peter Scott 's comment 15 Jan 2020 12:21pm

    NHS England need to realise that scrapping the whole idea is the place to start.

    Apart form the immense workload, workforce deficiencies, absence of resources and finance; where the ambitions of the PCN DES have any merit.. they are impossible to achieve, and where they are possible to undertake.. they are largely pointless

    This years PCN DES was simply to facilitate practices shuffling themselves into clusters, which in most areas was a cinch based on previous cooperative working, and which we obligingly managed in April 2019 itself. The Clinical Directors in large part where drawn from the obvious local candidates without difficulty. I expect in the face of such overwhelming opposition to the PCN DES going forward, that CDs will consider their position very carefully indeed, and many will vote with their feet, away from the role, which is in danger of becoming untenable.

  • LMC advises GP practices not to sign network contract

    Peter Scott 's comment 09 Jan 2020 1:18pm

    Nottinghamshire and BBO LMCs will not be the last LMC to make this rational advisory to their constituents. The whole schedule of draft PCN DES proposals is completely beyond the scope of the current workforce, let alone being unrealistically underfunded and under-resourced.

    Do not touch this poisoned chalice

    GPC and RCGP are you listening?

  • Do you want to be stranded at the top of your licence?

    Peter Scott 's comment 09 Nov 2019 10:26am

    Brilliant article Shaba
    Truth in, and between every line
    Hell ... gouging away at the pinnacle of your expertise leads to burnout, working in fields of greatest clinical and medico legal risk.. sitting there to be shot at by the snipers who love to take us down.

    I still like the whole holistic thing, still do some phlebotomy .. because I like to! and it’s all useful patient contact.

  • NHS England scraps primary care network accelerator programme

    Peter Scott 's comment 06 Aug 2019 10:27am

    Maybe the penny is dropping, even at the very top of NHSE that the PCN project is flimsy.

  • The King of Complaints

    Peter Scott 's comment 05 Aug 2019 4:34pm

    Now seriously.. you haven’t told us who the patient has dobbed you in to...

    If they’ve shared this crap with the GMC
    .. you are dead!

    If they’ve shared it with NHS England they will give you four days to compose your response using a template that generously paraphrases the worst of the patients moans and asks you why you treated the darling as you did. Sign it and scan it in. You then have to email submit your prompt response to NHSE, addressed to the patient name... NHSE will then digest your response and hopefully send same out to patient ..
    Anyway you are probably dead.. no kidding!
    Here resteth the King if Complaints

  • The King of Complaints

    Peter Scott 's comment 05 Aug 2019 4:17pm

    I bet the patient found out that the practice wasn’t displaying a valid Display Energy Certificate..

    You bad boy you..

  • NHS England: PCNs must succeed or face 'being salaried to other NHS providers'

    Peter Scott 's comment 01 Jul 2019 2:42pm



  • Lord Darzi: All GP partners should be offered salaried NHS employment

    Peter Scott 's comment 19 Jun 2018 10:16am

    I'm with Peter and Paul
    I WOULD know one end of a Colonoscope from the other, but I do fear the Dear Lord lacks that reciprocity!
    Not being NEGATIVE, honestly, but all of this is far too little, far far too late :(

  • Could a chain reaction of criticism blow Hunt away?

    Peter Scott 's comment 28 Apr 2018 6:40pm

    Oh .. and on the subject of Hunt, I cant use any suitable language that the invigilator of this blog will allow!

  • Could a chain reaction of criticism blow Hunt away?

    Peter Scott 's comment 28 Apr 2018 6:39pm

    forget the butterflies wing in Thailand, what if 40,000 GPs all start clapping their hands, thats it .. yes .. and again .. ever so slowly .. and again .. now once more with feeling thats it .. I can hear you in Basildon, Liverpool, Plymouth, Eastbourne, Lincoln and East Kilbride .. come on my people, rise up and clap !

  • GPs who dole out sugar water give our critics a free pass

    Peter Scott 's comment 28 Apr 2018 6:34pm

    Sorry Pete, you've been on the absinthe again.

    I'm with Tony, Alberto and the pack of other baying hounds, but you are barking up a dead tree here.

    You haven't pointed out that 11/12 GP practices do not issue homeopathic remedies, and you have completely overlooked the psychology of the placebo effect. Remember 'first do no harm?'
    well no one will convince me after 34 years that many drugs in the BNF, that appear on millions of FP10's daily, actually do much better than the sugar-water or sugar-pill that they faced in the controlled trial that begat them their licence in the first place.
    Its my birthday today, so I'll order a pint of sugar-water and charge it to your tab Pete... thanx!

  • NHS England to reclaim £260k from practices over lost GP correspondence

    Peter Scott 's comment 27 Mar 2018 10:46am

    Oh good
    The punishments are going to continue..
    until morale improves.

    I agree.. practices will have done this, but have not been able to keep pace with the bizarre checking and confirmation system that came with it. I may not have completely satisfied the confirmation programme myself, but furthermore, based on the state of NHS buresucracy .. that fact is probably not the practices fault, as the NHSE/CAPITA machine is adept at not processing data and details sent to it.
    As a partnership with a new bank account, we are now 12 months into a monthly cycle of telling NHSE that we with to use account B, but nothing chages .. month after month the payments come in to account A which we were hoping to close

  • Jeremy Hunt stays in health secretary post with extended social care brief

    Peter Scott 's comment 08 Jan 2018 7:05pm

    Jeremy Hunt begs Theresa May to leave him alone and let him get on with his job...

    35,000 GPs beg Jeremy Hunt to leave them alone and let them get on with their job...

    now he's got Social Care to mangle!

  • Jeremy Hunt apologises to patients whose operations are cancelled

    Peter Scott 's comment 07 Jan 2018 0:04am

    How dare he apologise for a situation that he has wilfully constructed.
    He should simply resign.
    Go now!!

  • Putting the validation back into revalidation

    Peter Scott 's comment 06 Jan 2018 6:22pm

    Revalidation as it currently is arranged... stinks.
    It does not serve the purpose that it was designed to serve.
    We all despise the very word ‘reflection’ to the point that we no longer look into mirrors as we pass by.
    Appraisal itself is bad enough, and pointless too, let alone time-consuming.
    I would like to see the figures, that show, as I fully expect, that a disproportionate number of experienced mature GPs choose to hang up their stethoscopes and quit in that fifth year of the revalidation cycle, rather than go through the additional navel-gazing and self-flagellation of the revalidation year.

    Has anyone got the data?

  • GPs 'can't abandon their contracts with the NHS', says Hunt

    Peter Scott 's comment 01 Nov 2017 11:13am

    the health secretary said practices' 'contract with the state' was their principal source of income, so they have a responsibility to look after NHS patients.