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Recovering partner, learner, teacher. Interested in medical ethics, among many other things. Hoping GPing becomes a happier place to be.

  • What GPs need to log for Pulse’s workload survey

    Drachula's comment 11 Feb 2019 4:32pm

    I've spent the day (my day off) doing my appraisal and writing up a significant incident. On my day off.

  • Pulling a sickie

    Drachula's comment 04 Aug 2018 7:20am

    I tend to give sick notes, but then, I’ve had one myself for work stress. Yes, I did get another job. It was a really tough time.
    But I also really applaud the tough stance - there’s a lot of ppl asking for sick notes because they haven’t come to the doctor. A chap last week had been off work for 3m and wanted his sick note back dating to last time he’d bothered to see a dr. Given he also hadn’t bothered to take his meds, I declined.

  • RCGP launches GP training on low carb diet for diabetes patients

    Drachula's comment 26 Jul 2018 10:34pm

    You don’t have to be a RCGP member to do the modules but you do have to sign up to an account. BTW all the modules are sponsored by various interest groups. Which is why there’s a module on alopecia....

  • At least 456 patients died after inappropriate opioid prescribing by GP

    Drachula's comment 27 Jun 2018 7:52pm

    I have spoken to someone who lived in Gosport and the general opinion of the GP involved was that she was a caring GP who was doing her best. I think she may well be another Bawa-Garba scapegoat. This appears to be judgement by grief, rather than more rational appraisal of what was actually going on for rather sick people. I am now absolutely terrified about prescribing opiates for people in distress (not in pain), to alleviate symptoms. And I will have to send every person who looks as if they might die into hospital so that they don't die on my watch - someone else's problem.
    This is utterly dumb.

  • We need to talk openly about death

    Drachula's comment 14 Apr 2017 10:52am

    Well said, Cathy. Not many comments as we all agree. the courts have not helped us here - CPR has become the only thing that we have to provide even when we know it is not appropriate.

  • GPs cannot contain the chaos much longer

    Drachula's comment 10 Feb 2017 9:40pm

    I haven't read Copperfield for a while. Had considered applying for a partnership, but definitely won't now - why would I? There's not much in it to enthuse and inspire me.

  • GPs told to bypass patient record collection service

    Drachula's comment 12 Jun 2016 9:04pm

    Patients getting a copy of important notes to bring with them is common when they take the attitude that it's up to them to care for selves. But many are flabbergasted that we can't just see the info

  • One third of practices considering handing back their contract in one area

    Drachula's comment 24 Apr 2016 1:41am

    If everyone hands back, or even just some, gov can bring in BigCo, and we are all suddenly employees. Is that the intention?

  • I'm easy like Sunday morning working

    Drachula's comment 20 Apr 2016 2:38pm

    It may be easy work, but I still have better things to do on a Sunday morning, like parkrun junior or orienteering, than GPing
    I don't want to work, I don't want to phone the tax or passport office, and I certainly don't want to see a doctor!
    Did you know that the passport office is open at the weekends for phone calls? Why on earth? Bonkers!

  • LMCs need to get this message across: seeing your GP is no longer safe

    Drachula's comment 28 Jan 2016 8:33pm

    I won't go back 'til it won't kill me.
    Locums are OK, but no teamwork and it's not personal. I can walk away, which is good, and not good.

  • Partners at ‘outstanding’ practice forced to quit as funding is cut by 30%

    Drachula's comment 15 Jan 2016 10:53pm

    Groan. GPs, #juniordoctors , consultant contracts, academics....

  • Hunt promises end to general practice 'neglect' and a reformed contract in 2016

    Drachula's comment 06 Jan 2016 3:55pm

    Anonymous Military GP
    Oh dear, you've met Hunt. Yes, he has that knack of getting people to like him because he has such a reasonable tone, a pretty face and ability to sound sincere. I've met him too.
    However, when it comes to the rhetoric, we must examine what it actually means. And if you look abroad like you suggest, we would have twice as many doctors per head of population and a lot more money in the system. Bring it on, I say - we are working on 100% capacity, so we are firefighting rather than innovating.
    If Hunt really wants to boost general practice, then he need look no further than the great Copperfield for answers.
    PS. I have lots, and no way, thanks to the HSC bill, to make any difference at all.

  • Just what we need for GP appraisals - more red tape

    Drachula's comment 05 Jan 2016 10:37am

    Oh hell. Mine in 10 days. I thought all boxes were ticked for revalidation, but if not then I really am off. I've been thinking about it for years, and I can envisage 6m at home and 6m living and working abroad.
    Well done NHSE, RCGP, GMC

  • Clinging to the cliff edge

    Drachula's comment 01 Jan 2016 1:00am

    They've been out to get the independent contractor status since 1948. I suspect that will be the new deal - now that most practices don't own their buildings, they can remove GMS. (Mostly owned by the senior partners)
    Of course, there will be a vote, but we're all so wrung out, it'll be voted through as "anything's better than this". Like last time with OOH bribe. Look where that got us.
    Happy 2016 everyone.

  • 10 things the NHS can do to give GPs a less crappy new year

    Drachula's comment 01 Jan 2016 0:52am

    Happy new year Copperfield. Please keep it up - a sane voice in the shambles

  • UK pays 15 times more out to EEA than it receives for healthcare

    Drachula's comment 01 Jan 2016 0:48am

    We do (did) check when registering people, but not for foreign visitors. And we never record(ed) who has been seen from where, so how would the Gov collect money? In any case, that is surely OUR money, not Gov!
    Once again, GP is where it all goes, free for all except the the strain on the practices!

  • Do we need gatekeepers for the gatekeepers?

    Drachula's comment 18 Dec 2015 4:16pm

    Telephone triage has something to be said for it, but it is it a panacea.

  • It's all the GP's fault

    Drachula's comment 14 Dec 2015 3:50pm

    I'm so glad I'm no longer a partner! I thought I might return, but it's getting less likely.
    It's all really very sad.

  • Do GPs deserve a pay rise?

    Drachula's comment 16 Nov 2015 7:07pm

    I was going to apply for a job. Perhaps not after all, as it looks as if it will kill me. I'll stay doing sessions and OOH and teaching and learning. Perhaps my new MA will help me escape for good?
    Anyone got any tips for where I go to look for alternative jobs?
    Any advice on escaping?

  • Greedy GPs? Think again

    Drachula's comment 14 Nov 2015 3:52pm

    I don't agree these are clinical organisations. Decisions are forced by rules and bureaucracy and fear of litigation. As a result we get downgrading of services in the name of progress, and worse, decisions the CCG says it is taking in my name.
    NOT my name, NOT my decision. Is this a failure of CCGs or of us GPs?