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Dr Tea

GP Partner

  • A third of single-handed GPs considered Covid-19 'high risk'

    Dr Tea's comment 07 Aug 2020 8:33am

    Single-handed GPs lifes matter?
    In any case, the biggest threat isn't this virus, or any other illness. It's NHSE.

  • NICE is the opioid of the people

    Dr Tea's comment 05 Aug 2020 10:03pm

    Just go with what your heart tells you- PISS OFF NICE!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • GPs should not prescribe opioids for chronic pain, says NICE

    Dr Tea's comment 05 Aug 2020 9:48am

    really poor, even for NICE.
    I understand desire to reduce prescribing of ineffective harmful medication, and attempt to define concept of chronic primary pain. however a lot of people with yet undiscovered or yet unknown pathology will be labelled with this chronic primary pain "diagnosis".
    it might help managing carefully selected individuals, but can not be applied as standard practice to the population as a whole.
    NICE really got this one wrong.
    just thinking how many GPs across the country are clenching their teeth reading this nonsense, how many of us are pushed closer to retirement or emigration by these poorly thought-through initiatives..

  • GPs should do 'all' consultations remotely going forward, says health secretary

    Dr Tea's comment 30 Jul 2020 5:40pm

    I am not going back to the dark ages of standard pre- covid practice. Nothing wrong with remote assessment first. Bring them in if you think that need to. Good to hear someone in public eye continuing to challenge remaining rigid thinking and stereotypes

  • Patients to be encouraged to pre-book A&E appointments by December

    Dr Tea's comment 29 Jul 2020 3:17pm

    next brilliant NHSE initiative is to move to pre-booked time slots for 999 emergency ambulance response.
    Crashing central chest pain?- would between 1 and 3 pm next Tuesday be ok for you?

  • GPs โ€˜can confidently avoid colorectal cancer referrals after negative FIT testโ€™

    Dr Tea's comment 23 Jul 2020 8:34pm

    Seen enough people with normal Hb, abdo and pr exams, who were diagnosed with cancer. Not at all reassured. Sensitivity of just 91% is nowhere good enough. Seen too many GP colleagues sued (attempted to be sued) after cancer diagnosis even after referral was appropriately made, but not acted upon by secondary care.
    Sod off NICE!

  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    Dr Tea's comment 10 Jul 2020 8:39pm

    Of cause, the commissioning authorities, responsive to the needs of local stakeholders...ha ha.
    Here's few examples of cases that I have sent to AE in past few days:
    severe learning disabilities with recurrent bowel obstructions, on and off in extreme pain when he severely self harms, surgeons ignore one urgent referral after another. Eventually send him to ED.
    Renal transplant patient with a uti and (initially) slightly deteriorating renal functions. Renal unit not answering calls, emails for advice. Week later condition worsens and sent to AE.
    Anorexic transgender 15 y o with prolactin of 5000. Headaches, vomiting, confusing picture as some of it maybe related to eating disorder. Paediatric unit not answering calls, emails, urgent referral. Eventually patient faints several times and ends up in AE.
    And many more.
    I 've been dealing with all of them pretty intensely but they still ended up in emergency department, nearly all of these attendance could have been avoided if our hospital were able to properly deal with urgent GP requests.

  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    Dr Tea's comment 09 Jul 2020 9:22pm

    Mental health..."service" almost existed before covid, now practically disappeared. Lets get rid of them altogether, right?
    Time for some herbal tea and bedtime though

  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    Dr Tea's comment 09 Jul 2020 9:15pm

    It's not been easy, thank you for taking interest, we had weeks when we had to rely on overdraft arrangements to pay staff salaries. Covid related expenses aren't guaranteed to be reimbursed at all.
    Patients have full access to their GP. They just can't wander in aimlessly. Phone or video first. If we can't work out what's wrong, we will see you, hot site or cold site, mask on,reminded to use hand sanitizer. Safer for everyone. Seen patients every day f2f but in a controlled safe way.
    Rheumatology, oncology, pain management, dermatology, orthopaedics- just some examples I remember from past few weeks- of specialties who review patients almost exclusively by remote means. In fact yesterday had to examine an oncological patient with a new lump and no plan from secondary care. It's ok. I don't blame them. Probably just as shit scared as everyone else.
    Clearly, ExGp, you don't like GPs, I don't care much for this argument, but would you wish to pull funding from these specialties too?

  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    Dr Tea's comment 09 Jul 2020 7:16pm

    If I don't look after the pennies, nurses, doctors, receptionists etc will loose their jobs and thousands of patients will loose access to general practice. Understand why some may feel this is bellow them, and remember feeling similar when I was 15, but it needs to be done if health service is to continue to exist.
    Are pubs a good example of well managed infection control, really?? Not been to one lately and not planning to go any time soon, like most people, I guess.
    Our doors aren't shut. They are controlled, and I don't think this is bad for anyone. We are managing flow of patients very well, with minimal risk.

  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    Dr Tea's comment 09 Jul 2020 6:33pm

    This debate doesn't need to be about attacking each other, as Jade describes it. Whatever is written down here still helps to inform us of other views and tactics. Nothing wrong with that, except have to learn to ignore occasional vitriol etc.
    Francis, we currently advertise via usual channels (nhs jobs, LMC Wiltshire).
    Fiona, your example shows why it's wrong to hold prejudice against people on the basis of their employment status.
    Crap times for all, but the plan remains to get through this.
    And they are opening gyms finally!๐Ÿ‘โœŠ

  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    Dr Tea's comment 08 Jul 2020 5:59pm

    I would happily support a Locum colleague at times of struggle. But here is my dilemma: one of our Partners is retiring and we need to buy their share of property etc. So I need to save quite a lot of money. Don't suppose any Locum colleagues feel it is their duty to support our practice with our temporary financial predicament?

  • Delay CQC inspections for at least a year to protect GP mental health, say top GPs

    Dr Tea's comment 19 Jun 2020 5:38pm

    Thank you, Clare

  • BMA 'in discussions' around QOF payments for this year

    Dr Tea's comment 05 Jun 2020 4:52pm

    Completely agree with @3:56.
    Hope BMA are listening

  • GPs to provide Covid antibody testing for patients who have bloods taken

    Dr Tea's comment 29 May 2020 5:51pm

    The worst aspect of this sensationalist announcement by the government is that, as usual, nothing has been communicated to us nor our views were sought beforehand. Tired from learning about changes in strategy from news, media, papers. It is just so pathetic that our lines of communication are so non existent.

  • GPs asked to review medicines of care home residents as part of Covid service

    Dr Tea's comment 27 May 2020 1:32pm

    so long that someone does something that can be described as significant supportive actions during daily covid update

  • The GMCโ€™s reassurances to GPs around Covid have been meagre

    Dr Tea's comment 23 May 2020 8:13pm

    These days a lot more than usual is documented in recorded telephone calls. Not sure whether to celebrate or to hate it. Does everyone always spell every possible safety netting advise and so on. Not a good feeling overall. But then... I've been managing palliative care and death pretty much full time for two months, so what does one expect?

  • Can us GPs do more to help during this pandemic?

    Dr Tea's comment 23 May 2020 7:31pm

    Not really worth commenting on... author clearly clueless about primary care and general practice. No understanding of enormous pressure and stress GP practices have been experiencing.
    Think what everyone really wants to discuss right now is how fabulous my new shoes look. Especially the left one.

  • Care home 'clinical leads' will not be held 'medically responsible' for residents

    Dr Tea's comment 15 May 2020 9:53pm

    Oh dear...what a gibberish. It's almost like NHSE are showing, by own example, not to expect much from so called leaders. Sounds desperate- to demonstrate some sort of "progress".

  • BMA threatens legal action over coroner's death verification advice

    Dr Tea's comment 14 May 2020 12:32pm

    Why give this matter attention and spotlight it does not deserve? It's over. MOJ have spoken. I ignore this coroner's advise (on death verification), end of.