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Dr Tea

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  • Health secretary bans GP practices from using fax machines

    Dr Tea's comment 12 Dec 2018 6:48pm

    Populist and short sighted idea. So when wanacry 2 strikes and all fancy new software is down, and I am unable to send an urgent referral digitally or by fax machine, I will suggest my patients who is responsible for delays in their assessments or treatments.
    Matt, mate, my best advice, go back to playing Fotnight, this is all you seem to know. Best to leave grown ups to do grown up job.

  • GMC denies breaching data legislation to share personal GP information

    Dr Tea's comment 17 Oct 2018 10:14am

    thank you Prof Majeed for highlighting this abhorrent practice by our regulator. Just illustrates what I thought all along: GMC do not consider Doctors rights to be as important or equal to Patient's rights.

  • Brexit prompts RCGP to take legal advice regarding political impartiality

    Dr Tea's comment 08 Oct 2018 3:07pm

    I don't know... just because (mostly) poorly educated on the topic of European integration majority voted to leave, doesn't mean that any opposing views should automatically seize to exist. And it is reasonable for body like RCGP to be concerned with questions of workforce planning in general practice and with patient safety too. Both would probably be adversely affected by Brexit. Brexiteers seem to show a lot of concern about democratic process where it comes to respecting the result of the referendum in 2015, but have no problem shutting down any (democratic) debate about very legitimate concerns about problems that Brexit will bring.

  • UK patients twice as likely to die after heart failure as those in Japan, says research

    Dr Tea's comment 12 Sep 2018 8:27pm

    Headlines should say: "UK patients ten times as likely to eat pork pies (in massive quantities), smoke and drink excessively as those in Japan"

  • The dreaded resuscitation discussion

    Dr Tea's comment 09 Sep 2018 7:19pm

    Bet dreaded GMC would make one reflect and convince themselves that it's all their fault for daring to disagree/upset/not fully satisfy the client. After all, Client is always right.
    After gimmicks of BG case, I expect anything from that bunch.

  • The dreaded resuscitation discussion

    Dr Tea's comment 09 Sep 2018 7:14pm

    Stabbed in your surgery?!!!
    That's indescribably horrible

  • It’s all English to you!

    Dr Tea's comment 07 Sep 2018 3:04pm

    dumping will continue, but may change from direct requests to more of "I hope your GP would be agreeable to refer/book/follow up"

  • Hospitals being unable to see GP records is ‘downright dangerous’, says health secretary

    Dr Tea's comment 06 Sep 2018 7:56pm

    This boy visibly enjoys his toys. Doubt he understands much about healthcare or NHS (with its many problems). Doesn't really inspire confidence.. no more than Teresa's brexit preparations

  • It’s a dirty job, and I’m not going to do it

    Dr Tea's comment 30 Aug 2018 8:32pm

    I am glad this is turning into a sort of a good debate. I still remember writing, however, that I shred discharge summaries (with mostly stupid requests within them) after I've read them, not before (although, maybe should reconsider)'
    Now that I think about the issue... here we are lucky if we get any discharge summary at all. They've been replaced by discharge medications summaries that contain no useful information about why patient was admitted, and where, and under who's care, and what was found etc. CCG had no interest in influencing this nasty habit to change, by the way. Maybe that's the reason why seeing a discharge summary (with inevitably unworkable/unrealistic/unnecessary recommendations) is sort of a novelty, so I read them

  • It’s a dirty job, and I’m not going to do it

    Dr Tea's comment 30 Aug 2018 11:20am

    many thanks to the previous comment author for sharing your wisdom with us. unfortunately I see very little value in being smug about that not so elegantly worded example of picking up some rare pathology of indeterminate significance. Haemolytic anemias due to inherited membrane defects are mostly mild and require no treatment or a little folate, or if not mild- will be picked up anyway.
    I am sorry to hear that you also seem to need to focus hard to see "hospital clinicans reasoning", so that you can carry on with doing.. "due diligence". So I'll explain. Vast majority of their requests for referrals to other specialties/more tests/GP follow up are due to:
    a. them not knowing the patient
    b. not knowing condition/not being comfortable with managing anything outside their specialty (examples- GP to refer to gastro for management of reflux, refer to ENT for chronic perennial rhinitis, refer gynae for irregular periods, refer dying patient for CPAP or respiratory rehab)
    c. not having time or resources to deal themselves.
    Because of this last point I still have sympathy with the stupidity of most requests on discharge summaries that come to me and give them consideration they deserve (usually means shred them AFTER I've red them).

  • Two in five GPs have experienced mental health problems, finds survey

    Dr Tea's comment 23 Aug 2018 8:14pm

    Should read: 2 in 5 have admitted experiencing mental health problems. 3 in 5 haven't admitted yet, or have no insight (yet)

  • GPs ‘don’t have to stockpile medicines’ for Brexit, says health secretary

    Dr Tea's comment 23 Aug 2018 6:36pm

    Ok. sounds like they think they could ensure continuous supply of meds. But should we be stockpiling GPs and nurses?

  • Consultants to advise GPs on patients who fail mental health referral criteria

    Dr Tea's comment 17 Aug 2018 9:55pm

    I think Francesca is spot on right. Mental health services have been underfunded into nearly non existence. I see no point in referring any more. Those who "meet criteria" find their way in themselves.
    As GPs what should we do about it?- tell patients how it is.
    So you wish to be referred a specialist service that can diagnose, advise on treatment, care etc? Eh... you see, in reality, you will fail to answer phone within one beep and will be triaged green/silver/whatever and discharged. At best you will be seen by a social worker or a psychology graduate, who will have no idea about questions in my referral. Consider saying that you want to kill yourself, or somebody else, this might get you further. Sorry, but we are all in it together. Next!

  • This pay ‘rise’ might just push me beyond boiling point

    Dr Tea's comment 26 Jul 2018 10:37am

    we need a minister of health app

  • Single-handed GPs asked for 'continuity plans' in case of their death

    Dr Tea's comment 05 Jun 2018 9:13pm

    Ha ha ha ha
    Dear NHSE,
    When I die, my plans are to continue to remain dead (if that's ok with you of cause).
    Btw, with all that grand vision of bigger picture that you've got, what are yours?
    Best wishes

  • Practices should have zero tolerance for abuse of staff

    Dr Tea's comment 27 Oct 2017 12:11pm

    Completely agree.
    And I also call on all portfolio and media GPs to take a similar stance and .. implement policies(But as it stands I can't get them to even start paying attention to QOF alerts or to stop sending everyone for a test they don't need and "see your regular GP if your cold is not better in 24 hours")

  • Restrictions on gabapentinoids causing 'fear and anxiety' among patients

    Dr Tea's comment 23 Oct 2017 8:38pm

    I say, give them jobs that pay well and workplaces devoid of discrimination. Give them well built and insulated houses and help them find spouses that don't abuse them. Give their children schools with outstanding performance and free of bullying and any other form of abuse. Give them income that makes decent living and stop building unrealistic expectations through do-gooder charities and commercial interests campaigns... and they just might like the reality they live in and stop trying to augment it biochemically. Which might mean stopping using local GP as drug dealer..

  • GPs have ‘chosen’ 10-minute consultations, claims NHS England lead

    Dr Tea's comment 21 Oct 2017 9:36pm

    He is not. But he follows HSL laments about loneliness and holistic care... do you not get a sense that you're just never going to be good enough? That customer might just need more of your time?
    And plenty of other reasons to cancel RCGP membership any day.

  • GPs have ‘chosen’ 10-minute consultations, claims NHS England lead

    Dr Tea's comment 21 Oct 2017 8:50pm

    This is such an emotive issue simply because this is all about control... over our lives. Will workload be dictated by the "specialists" from ivory towers, or will we be able to have any say.
    Thanks RCGP, another stab in the back.
    Shamefully had to join in order to play the game and get training practice approval. Cancelling membership on Monday.
    No winners here. Will they ever learn to listen to the grassroots? Doubt it. Massively inflated sense of self-importance will always stand in the way.

  • Motorbike medicine: The GP practising on a race track

    Dr Tea's comment 16 Oct 2017 9:51pm

    Maybe I am missing something...and, ok, some people like motorcycling. But how is this role different to being a paramedic?