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Independents' Day

Dr Tea

  • NHS England will fund new GP care home service and Covid absence locum cover

    Dr Tea's comment 10 May 2020 8:18pm

    on a topic of Whatts it's not explicitly excluded from modes of consulting covered by indemnities, can only assume it is included? It's just another way to communicate. I haven't received any notification from NHS resolutions that it's ok to use accurx, or ms teams. Yet, they are part of landscape now

  • NHS England will fund new GP care home service and Covid absence locum cover

    Dr Tea's comment 09 May 2020 4:52pm

    Didn't think it was necessary. Technically, the connection is between two healthcare professionals- nurse and myself.

  • NHS England will fund new GP care home service and Covid absence locum cover

    Dr Tea's comment 08 May 2020 6:39pm

    End to end encryption... reportedly good enough even for terrorist plots. Written records updated thanks to my apparently unique ability to listen, speak and write, or at least to memorize what I am going to write until after the round. Not really sure what the perceived problem is. Or does everyone keep a video record of their every single consultation?

  • NHS England will fund new GP care home service and Covid absence locum cover

    Dr Tea's comment 08 May 2020 12:51pm

    Do I? And to what extent, and on what conditions- honestly I don't know. Still prefer this approach to being told what software to use, which webcams to buy etc...
    It took our CCG nearly two months to deliver few laptops, meanwhile I 've been using wattsapp for my virtual care home rounds. Didn't cost me anything.

  • NHS England will fund new GP care home service and Covid absence locum cover

    Dr Tea's comment 08 May 2020 11:40am

    It's not completely without positives. At least it's became new norm to consult remotely, they are talking about virtual rounds here. Given how much publicity crisis in care homes is receiving, I am grateful there hasn't been a directive to instruct us to attend there in person.
    And on topic of remuneration, to be fair, all NHSE are saying is- you go buy what you need, we will reimburse later. They have no way of knowing what each individual practice needs (to set up virtual consulting service). Some had all IT infrastructure before Covid, some did not.
    We, GPs, are burnt out and disillusioned, and a hard group to please, but on this topic- at least I see a glimmer of hope

  • Managing the seriously ill patient in the community

    Dr Tea's comment 03 May 2020 10:22pm

    Management of seriously ill patients in the community- call an ambulance. Hospitals are nearly half empty now.

  • ​GPs go forth: Has the Government's strategy put GPs at risk?

    Dr Tea's comment 02 May 2020 3:12pm

    Curious about the thought process behind the idea that we are "hiding from this terrible situation". We telephone triage first. As it happens we are able to solve most problems presented to us remotely, so why increase risk by asking customers to come in for face to face? As it happens, most hospitals have around 30% spare covid or non-covid capacity. Have never seen this in 20 years in NHS. Not sure what it is that we need to be doing to help secondary care with secondary care tasks?
    By the way, now that RCUK stated that they view CPR as aerosol generating procedure, think it needs to be made clear to the public that GP practises do not have appropriate PPE or infection control measures in place to perform this. (Rules on air exchange, decontamination of surfaces, deep clean etc are very specific for this type of procedures, just opening window won't do).

  • The Government's litany of mistakes has led to a greater loss of lives

    Dr Tea's comment 22 Apr 2020 8:31pm

    Someone has to be brave and honest enough to write the obvious. Thank you for great article and summary of what everyone I know, who is on frontline, really thinks. Do not become disheartened by nastiness of the few right wing brigade comments. This government's planning and implementation have been criminally incompetent and it is right that they will have to answer for their...mostly inactions. Pathetic PPE, delivered late, no testing, no contract tracing. What part of this is led by "best science"- I can not comprehend.

  • NHS England gives GPs until Monday to review patients who should be shielding

    Dr Tea's comment 09 Apr 2020 10:41pm

    Nope. Didn't see no letter yesterday from NHSE. Only one two days ago which asked me not to interfere with their important work. So sorry, can't do.

  • GPs should assume ‘most’ patients have Covid-19 and use PPE, says NHS England

    Dr Tea's comment 04 Apr 2020 5:58pm

    Late and inadequate. But on a right track at least. We have been doing this for weeks and also buying our own PPE and so we have gowns, visors, masks...probably enough for sessional use, not for single contact use.
    You cannot trust PHE to come up with adequate advise in good time. They haven't got a clue. Testing here is nowhere near adequate and so is our understanding of the epidemiology of this illness. The only authority I take advise from is South Korean experts (would also listen to German specialists if I saw their recommendations).
    This is too big a risk to continue pretending that all is good and we are well led.

  • We at the GMC understand the burden you are shouldering

    Dr Tea's comment 28 Mar 2020 8:19pm

    Sure you mean, see patients remotely, Curious?
    My practice standard operational procedures state that PHE guidance on Covid-19 is confusing and contradictory to governments advise and international experience. So we will see you- on webcam or (less likely) by triaged appointment. If you aren't doing same, you should be worried.

  • We must not repeat other countries' errors

    Dr Tea's comment 27 Mar 2020 11:34pm

    anonymouse3, you are spot on. Incompetence at the top is unbelievable. PHE have failed utterly. Criminal charges, nothing less (when we have time)

  • NHS England's 19 March update to GP practices on Covid-19

    Dr Tea's comment 26 Mar 2020 10:15pm

    Can not trust guidance from NHSE or PHE- they are weeks behind reality. And in these circumstances GMC guidance is very nice, and I will read it when I have time... Look after yourselves, and by doing so you will be helping your patients. Get your own PPE, drugs to help the dying, oxygen etc, don't expect that regulators will produce adequate guidance in time.

  • PPE problems 'completely resolved' for hospitals 'and other care workers'

    Dr Tea's comment 21 Mar 2020 6:12pm

    I am putting a message on practice website, Facebook page, notice on front door etc saying that the statement of deputy chief medical officer is untrue. In reality we have no adequate PPE. And ask patients to write to their MPs or petition the cause by any other means. Public needs to know the truth. Maybe if we all did this, public and politicians will get it eventually.

  • Mildly sick people should stay home as coronavirus public risk set to ‘high’

    Dr Tea's comment 12 Mar 2020 11:30pm

    We'll cough our way through this

  • NHS England's 10 March letter to practices about coronavirus

    Dr Tea's comment 12 Mar 2020 7:54am

    Spent half a day this week managing QOF. If I don't do this, can't pay my staff. Suspend the bloody thing, pay based on previous years performance, that will "release capacity" in a blink.
    Will CHMS look after suspected, not yet confirmed by tests, in self isolation?

  • NHS England to distribute free coronavirus protective equipment to GP practices

    Dr Tea's comment 05 Mar 2020 8:06pm

    still not sure what is wrong with "usual advice" (go home, its just a virus) plus/minus self isolate (or whatever PHE says on the day). It IS just a virus, with low mortality. Yes, the most vulnerable will die, like with any illness. From this virus or from something else couple of months later. Publicity disaster for the government, but hardly a threat to national security or nation's health in general.
    Thanks for PPE. What exactly am I expected to do in return?

  • Number of full-time qualified GPs falls by 277 in a year

    Dr Tea's comment 27 Feb 2020 3:06pm

    Last Man Standing, you are right, sure he knows this. And I think he has just shared with us his incredible skill in interpreting and applying it. We should all learn from the highest source 😁😢

  • Open Surgery: Fix me

    Dr Tea's comment 19 Feb 2020 9:06pm

    That is exactly what I deal with many times every day

  • The human connection

    Dr Tea's comment 19 Feb 2020 7:39pm

    So very true- consultations are becoming more remote and number of patient contacts is rising. Intensity of work is increasing, in large part due to developments in technology, and so is our risk of overload and burnout. Those in favour of increasing "efficiency" will sooner or later learn that humans have limits and algorithms can only help with basics. To think of it....we are all doomed