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Dr Tea

  • Do you feel like a winner?

    Dr Tea's comment 17 Jun 2017 9:04pm

    The argument AnonGP1 uses is about living within means, and that is understandable.
    Now, compared to the state, my personal creditworthiness is undoubtedly lower. Still, myself and many others have been granted huge financial assistances, whether it's in a form of a mortgage or a business loan etc. Why do we take this finance with all obligations that ensure? Because it allows us to improve our life now and in the future. Taking mortgage allows you to build equity, taking business loan can lead to increase in profit, taking student loan can open completely different opportunities. When you are a state backed by world's sixth economy (and a member of the world's largest trading union, at least until Theresa May achieves her objective of pointless hard brexit), your creditworthiness and your opportunities are many times greater than that of any number of individuals combined. You can borrow to invest and the projects will pay for themselves many times over. The best asset of any nation are it's people. Investing in education, training high skills workers for the future could massively increase economic output, and that could cut deficit better than any number of decades of austerity . But the Tory approach of cutting deficit without any respect for peoples needs with no real long-term economic plan, no investment in future infrastructure or skills (apart from weapons of mass destruction)- it's just misery and pathetic pretence of knowledge and leadership.
    I am glad that Theresa and the rest of this miserable party got their noses bruised this election. The future is beginning to look just a little bit brighter.

  • Anyone else want to tell us how to do our job?

    Dr Tea's comment 16 Jun 2017 12:16pm

    Chronic- refers to the duration of symptoms, not their intensity or effect they have on you.

  • Wales fills 91% of GP training places after introducing incentive scheme

    Dr Tea's comment 14 Jun 2017 11:44am

    nothing to celebrate yet, is my view. we don't know if these trainees come from other parts of the country (in which case this simply exacerbates under-recruitment problems elsewhere) or are they changing their career course from training in other specialties. I will find very hard to believe the latter.

  • GPs to spend four hours a week longer seeing patients by 2022 to meet demand

    Dr Tea's comment 02 Jun 2017 8:45pm

    No. Beyond any human ability to work any more. I am telling my patents to expect anything. Workload grows, our numbers shrink. Expect mistakes, rushed decisions, overlooks, simply not being able to be everywhere I am needed.
    Held joint meeting with another practice in town to tell patents all this.
    Will get much worse much quicker if Tories are re-elected.

  • 'Universal patient support' for 10 European GP imports in under-doctored region

    Dr Tea's comment 28 May 2017 10:48am

    Amazing efficiency. £20 m spending on recruitment in EU and how many did they get? Is it £1 m or £2 m per head?

  • CQC reveals £100m cost as final results show 90% of GP practices are 'good'

    Dr Tea's comment 05 May 2017 9:09pm

    Haven't seen any prove that CQC inspections improve patient care. Have experienced many examples of how they directly jeopardized patient care. An ethical dilemma here- what should or can I do about this?

  • Allow GPs to charge for treatment unavailable on the NHS, say LMCs

    Dr Tea's comment 03 May 2017 9:01pm

    Having endured four CQC visits, I absolutely certainly have no confidence in this racketeering gang of amateur inspectors. I have no confidence in the process ever becoming evidence based or fair, or open and transparent. Any help or guidance with opposing or challenging the process will be most welcome.
    And, yes, we should be able to charge for any service that is not funded.

  • Uncomplicated UTI symptoms ‘almost always due to bacterial infection’

    Dr Tea's comment 28 Apr 2017 9:22pm

    "MPs call on NICE to look at alternative approaches for UTI..." Why does anyone might even think that there's a need for a guideline for diagnosing UTI is beyond me.
    What a mess!

  • Coroner orders NHS to overhaul GP asthma care after child's death

    Dr Tea's comment 27 Apr 2017 11:18pm

    It's just perfect that among all this avoidable death furore, Tory government thinks it has a right to delay release of their long awaited air pollution plan even further. (I am assuming most will agree this is relevant to asthma?). What's also amazing is that none in opposition picked this argument. Imagine what life will be like after "constraints of European bureaucracy" have been lifted.

  • RCGP chair denies suggesting GP partnership model is 'unfit for purpose'

    Dr Tea's comment 20 Apr 2017 4:36pm

    Also, in their secret labs, they do experiment with fusing doctors and social workers. That's the only rational explanation for such institution being so spineless and agreeing to all the damping that we experience- from ss, council, voluntary sector, secondary care and so on.

  • RCGP chair denies suggesting GP partnership model is 'unfit for purpose'

    Dr Tea's comment 20 Apr 2017 4:21pm

    Agree that changing from within might be preferable to leaving. Heard it from some experts, but than Mike Gove said not to listen to them.
    As for examples of closed minded bigotry, the CSA springs to mind with speed of light.

  • Two thirds of GPs experience abuse from patients as rates rise

    Dr Tea's comment 14 Apr 2017 9:06am

    An upfront fee for consultations or any other service will make primary care valued again

  • GPs to have five days to apologise or explain when patients complain

    Dr Tea's comment 13 Apr 2017 11:14am

    At least half of all written complaints that our practice receives is about availability of appointments. Responding to a big proportion of these requires clinical input. So I have to cut my clinics by an hour here and there so I can provide such input. I am yet to see a single complaint that has helped to improve service, but I can tell you exactly how many fewer hours I have to see patients.

  • Over two-thirds of GPs plan to leave or reduce hours, finds DH-backed study

    Dr Tea's comment 12 Apr 2017 9:46pm

    Already cut 2 sessions and added admin time and meeting time to what's left. CQC, answering complaints, Appraisal shit and other nonsense comes first, obviously. Think, I can last another 20 years. The most important thing is, each time some genius comes up with another brilliant idea ( like some above)- I shall look at how much time and resources it will take ME, and cut patient time accordingly. any other approach is irresponsible as puts you at risk of burnout. Ok, its 4 weeks wait to see me now. Carry on adding your stupid ideas into my work and life and we all know which way waiting times will go.

  • DH: Banning gluten-free food scripts 'will save £10m' worth of GP appointments

    Dr Tea's comment 04 Apr 2017 9:31am

    main argument apart, this is a useful insight into the mentality of DOH and NHSE. expect that as they calculated £ 10 m worth of GP appointments will be no longer needed, this will be clawed back from primary care funding one way or another.

  • GPs asked to save £1m by skyping pensioners in care homes

    Dr Tea's comment 30 Mar 2017 10:25am

    even if this reduces number of GP visits (for which we are not paid by the way), it is not clear how they have come up with a figure of 1 m of savings? slash nursing home DES?

  • GPs ‘failing to refer women promptly for gynaecological problems’

    Dr Tea's comment 27 Mar 2017 9:34am

    well, clearly there is a strong desire to continue to maintain illusion of "first-class" service that is an "envy of the world". this of cause involves continuing to feed public expectations to demand "better than expected" care. now match this with appropriate funding in primary and in secondary care, with timely access to imaging and specialist opinion. can see that coming?

  • NICE chiefs forced to re-consult on asthma diagnosis plans

    Dr Tea's comment 23 Mar 2017 5:58pm

    They can re open and review all they like. That doesn't change the fact that NICE are largely irrelevant for primary care (or anyone still able to think outside protocols in secondary care).

  • GPs must 'help themselves' to GP Forward View rescue package

    Dr Tea's comment 21 Mar 2017 2:36pm

    how can anything be "in the hands of the practices to decide...and use it", when we are tied to a giant contractor who acts with complete impunity as it has total monopoly in whole healthcare industry. practices are trembling under ever increasing workload and under-funding orchestrated by NHSE. all that changed this year is managerial jargon.

  • Calls for GPs to receive better training on suicide prevention

    Dr Tea's comment 17 Mar 2017 9:21pm

    How about calls on government suicide prevention programm to address the needs of all those at risk- the socially maladupted, the deprived, the poor. Why don't those...clever people...from nice design a guideline for how to deal with causes of poverty and isolation. Then we will all be happy