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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Jerry Alderson

  • Managing the change in locum superannuation funding

    Jerry Alderson's comment 03 Apr 2013 8:42am

    The worst aspect of this ludicrous change to funding (speaking as a full time locum) is the fact that I was only given 2 days notice that it was definitely happening.
    We are told that there will be new locum A and B forms - not yet available.
    The PCT dept. where I send my pension payments apparently knok nothing.
    Most of the practices I work for were unaware of the changes.
    I am already charging a pre-negotiated fee for all current work.
    I am now expected to go to those same companies and tell them my fee is increasing by about 12%. This is unprofessional and would be un-necessary if we had been given a year's notice of what the exact changes would involve. Even my accountant is a bit stumped by this one.
    Also this means that retired GPs who do locum work will win again whilst keeping their full pension in tact and younger GPs who actually do this for a living will either reduce their income (paying 25% of their earnings to their pension), opt out of the pension altogether or do something else - not a great way to encourage 'young blood' in to the profession is it?