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Zero Tolerantz

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  • HEE to push for five-year GP training pilots in every deanery area

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 25 Sep 2019 2:25pm

    I took on GP training because I wanted to be a GP, but also because I wanted to pay off my student debts earlier than my hospital colleagues, as well as settling into a permanent job sooner. 5 years is excessive, unless we go back to the olden days of pick n mix 6/12 jobs where you could try out different specialties before committing.

  • What do the pensions proposals mean for GPs?

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 12 Sep 2019 10:02am

    The genie won't be forced back into the bottle now. Higher earning GPs and Consultants have had a taste of freedom and are claiming back their lives without losing any money. These changes still amount to a cap, beyond which there lies maths and complexity. It's easier to say no to more work, and sign up to a day or two a week where Medicine doesn't encroach. Medics are notoriously bad at self-care, but this pension trap has resulted in enforced leisure and a new culture of work-life balance. I would rather go out for a walk in the hills than have a 3 hour meeting with my IFA about how to mitigate for the extra tax on that extra clinical session.

  • Fully qualified FTE GP workforce falls by 2% in a year

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 29 Aug 2019 12:51pm

    Wait until the pension trap bites - GPs will not make the same mistake next year - and reduce their sessions further.

  • Risk models for cardiovascular disease could be misleading, finds study

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 21 Aug 2019 4:03pm

    Population health is so different from advising the patient in front of you. Most GPs vastly overestimate the risk-lowering impact of statins etc.

  • The tragic legacy of our serial GP reforms

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 10 Jul 2019 8:32pm

    David explains so well what's missing at the heart of the job that I'd worked so hard to get, and then I abandoned. The panopticon of potential threats, as well as the very real ones, increase inexorably. The 4Cs, REMIC and Gigantism are absolutely at the core of the destruction of General Practice. And here we are, blowing in the wind, the remaining tumbleweeds of primary care.

  • Think you've sorted your appointment system? Think again

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 03 Jul 2019 10:49am

    Another option is not to assume that you can't have an impact on demand. Complete a search for your high intensity users (frequent attenders) and have a look at the top 20-100 and how many consultations they have per year. This group need a different service and you need to look at each person individually. Their problems are unlikely to be medical. Social Prescribers may well be able to have an impact on the frequency of their attendance. A similar approach in Blackpool reduced ED attendance by 93%, with about 70% of the highest frequency attenders able to change their behaviour with the support of other services. Many people are lonely, in debt, living in poverty. GPs are not best placed to fix them, otherwise they would've done that by now.

  • Why is the network deadline so tight?

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 03 Apr 2019 8:14pm

    Please consider net profit rather than gross income when signing up to this new Network DES. The 7 new national service specs, plus the Investment and Impact Fund conditions, will need huge amounts of extra work. And check clause 7.8 about the Balancing Mechanism to reduce GP partner earnings.

  • Dr Nikita Kanani: ‘This contract provides the beginning of a response’

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 15 Mar 2019 8:47pm

    Clause 7.8 describes the new Balancing Mechanism whereby GPs earning too much will be penalised the following year by cuts to their global sum. A marvellous way to improve recruitment and retention.

  • GPs should have access to a ‘Samaritans-style’ mental health service, says HEE

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 20 Feb 2019 5:02pm

    @d in vadar NHS GP health does help people who are less severely unwell and in fact about 75% of patients are much lower level mental ill-health i.e. anxiety, depression, burnout, physical illness impacting on ability to work, stress relating to life events/GMC complaint etc.

  • GPs should have access to a ‘Samaritans-style’ mental health service, says HEE

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 20 Feb 2019 12:29pm

    Like treating bleeding oesophageal varices with a mop.

    NHS GP Health already exists and has been very busy since it started in 2017. It's being rolled out for all doctors soon.

    NHSE/'The Centre' fails to recognise how its culture of blame and fear is at odds with its alleged desire to create psychological safety within the NHS.

    Myriad reasons are behind why these very resilient individuals are now breaking. It will take many systemic changes to mend things.

    We need to look at places and practices where GPs aren't breaking, and ask why it's working.

  • Partners continuing to take drastic measures to combat workload

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 09 Jan 2019 9:58am

    What are thriving practices doing well? There are some around - what's their recipe?
    Is core general practice a loss leader now? It's clear that the value we're adding as GPs isn't widely understood - how do we measure what we're doing and get paid for it?

  • GP co-op takes over out-of-hours for 300,000 patients after provider collapse

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 04 Dec 2018 9:21am

    No good deed goes unpunished in the NHS. I hope the arm-twisting was accompanied by a significant premium to attract clinicians to the service.

  • My tolerance for suffering fools has reached full capacity

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 26 Oct 2018 2:59pm

    Matt Handapp and his digital cock - you have surpassed all previous genius with this Dr C. I am still giggling. But then, it is my lunchtime...

  • Health secretary in talks to delay 2020 target for recruiting 5,000 extra GPs

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 05 Oct 2018 6:13pm

    How about 2020 GPs by the year 5000.

  • NHS England announces £10m GP winter indemnity scheme

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 27 Sep 2018 12:04pm

    If it doesn't cover GMC hearings, what does it cover? And if you found yourself charged with manslaughter, like Hadiza Bawa-Garba, you wouldn't be covered either. I think I'll stick with the day job, ta.

  • More than two thirds of GPs work less than full time, says official data

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 20 Sep 2018 7:12pm

    I think everyone in Salisbury is seeing their GP about neck pain from looking up at that 123 metres of magnificent spire.

  • BMA may call off mass resignation plans after GP investment

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 12 Sep 2018 10:01am

    Mass individual resignation will happen instead. Meanwhile BMA relocates to the Atacama Desert to facilitate further powder dessication.

  • Government 'serious' about retaining GP partnership model, says review lead

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 07 Aug 2018 3:50pm

    The rigid working pattern of being a partner or salaried GP mean that I won't ever return to full-time GPing. Locum Chambers offer peer support and some stability but most importantly flexibility e.g. I can choose 12-20 minute appts (unlike retainer scheme), work less in school hols, work during a school day, and then much more intensively some days/evenings to minimise childcare costs. I don't want to risk personal bankruptcy,so left before I was the Last Man Standing. I also want to minimise my indemnity by doing other non-clinical work and some non-NHS work. There's no point doing more clinical GP sessions if you pay a higher indemnity, higher pension band and overshoot your annual pension allowance. Look at profit per hour, not income, and the maths massively disincentivises partnership. The aren't just two options. Many GPs are making a personal choice to save themselves, after much sacrifice of their own health, and they will not be tempted back by either the Watson model, nor the salaried industrialised cog model.

  • GP practices in one area offered £35m extra a year to work 'at scale'

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 20 Jul 2018 12:47pm

    Have a look at the reGROUP study which Exeter Uni are doing. The accumulating evidence suggests that larger practices, with a greater mix of staff, are more likely to fail. This is industrialised, dehumanised primary care, and those 120 GP chairs are going to be challenging to fill, since essentially you will be a GP cog in a large Primary Care Machine, with little autonomy and control, except via your contract.

  • RCGP launches GP training on low carb diet for diabetes patients

    Zero Tolerantz's comment 20 Jul 2018 9:05am

    What I'd like to know is how to stick to the low carb diet given the toxic food environment. The willpower required is incredible, in the face of a busy lifestyle where availability of good quality low carb food can be sparse e.g. inner city corner shops where a cheese slice and a packet of peanuts are your best option. I've seen this diet work brilliantly for patients with fatty liver and Type 2 DM but it's sticking to it that's the challenge, for them and me!