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  • NHS England should stop blaming GPs for its failings

    Glued2desk's comment 18 Nov 2018 3:35pm

    Great summary of an litany of coverup, incompetance, and downright nefarious scheming.
    Their agenda is simply to push the goverment of the day's politcal agenda. (Which at the minute is to pretend we are trying to save the NHS, while behind the scene, dismantling it, and blaming everyone and everything else.
    An intolerable organisation.

  • NICE urges rheumatoid arthritis patients to seek specialist care during flare-ups

    Glued2desk's comment 15 Jul 2018 10:14pm

    Northern Ireland (northern board at least) seem to be making up their own guidelines; as they go along -in this area. They are refusing all rheumatoid factor tests on grounds that anti-CCP testing is enough.

  • Doctors want 'sanctions' for patients who post recordings of consultations online

    Glued2desk's comment 28 Jun 2018 9:56pm

    Angry at our weakness on this one. If recordings are made with both patient and gp consent; then so be it (as long as no 3rd party info is divulged)
    However a secret recording by a patient, which is then posted to internet (tagged as me) for all to comment... That is a complete breakdown of 'doctor-patient relationship'. I can't believe we can't pass a stronger reply to this one.
    The statement above that "The consultation belongs to the patient" should make us all very angry.
    It is simply wrong. A consultation is a 2 way dialogue between a doctor and a patient, and we both have rights.
    Patients have right to respect,dignity,trust and diligance, do we not have the same?.
    If this happens to me, I resign next day. Can't be any clearer than that.

  • Practice asks patients to 'bear with' it as GP vacancies remain unfilled

    Glued2desk's comment 05 Jun 2018 4:46pm

    3.5 FTE for 11,000 +
    cant get locums
    what else is new

  • Why I'm swapping my portfolio career for partnership

    Glued2desk's comment 30 May 2018 8:04pm

    Great prose and I admire your tenacity.
    There is a lot to recommend being a GP partner, the job really can be what you make it. Many in this forum are (probably quite rightly) cynical. Doesnt mean you have to be.
    At some point it will and must change.
    I wish you the best.
    Would you consider an update in 6, 12 , 24 months?
    Would be of great use to all behind you considering similar steps.

  • BMA taking legal advice on Government changes to GP pension contributions

    Glued2desk's comment 26 Apr 2018 6:56pm

    We were ALL aware in 2015. I recall this being raised again and again as an example of unfair practice even before the changeover to new pension scheme in 2015.
    What is BMA playing at saying ‘we only became aware’ ....(a year later)

  • We must not be afraid to overhaul the general practice model

    Glued2desk's comment 26 Feb 2018 9:15am

    If you Google the authors name, you will see similar articles (some of them in pulse since at least 2003).
    I read with interest your leanings towards the 'exploited salaried' by the implied clearly 'more morally corrupt partners'. So it is no suprise that the author is in a salaried post.
    My (admittedly Northern Ireland) views of partnership model are that it needs completely overhauled, but I certainly don't think the exploitation exists here.
    I know we prefer to recruit a partner, but we keep getting told that people applying only want a salaried post or to stay as a locum.
    The salaried docs tend to earn as much if not more, have indemnity and sick leave, maternity leave covered, and aren't exposed to massive bills for premises, staff disputes, ongoing liabilities for staff pay and redundances.
    Author has an arguement, but I don't agree with many of his assertions.

  • ​GPs have almost twice the safe number of patient contacts a day

    Glued2desk's comment 19 Jan 2018 1:50pm

    and no way for us to issue a 'black alert/ red alert' or whatever the hospital are calling it these days, when they can effectively close admissions due to unsafe levels..
    we just keep on seeing at increasingly unsafe levels until we make a serious mistake or become ill.

  • Northern Irish GPs to get 1% pay rise 'nine months late'

    Glued2desk's comment 19 Dec 2017 10:20am

    Any money is of course very welcome
    But I feel terrible for doctors and staff of any NI practices that would have benefited from a bail out 9 months ago - and have been forced to close in meantime.
    Those partners presumably had to pay staff redundancies out of their own pocket... but now will also lose out to any backdated renumeration as their practice has closed.
    It is a sorry state of affairs..,and it is our patients who are suffering the most.

  • 'Indemnity scheme is good news but the hard work begins now'

    Glued2desk's comment 12 Oct 2017 11:28am

    is this a solution simply for England? , will Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales have any hope for help?

  • State-backed indemnity scheme to cover 'all GPs for all NHS work'

    Glued2desk's comment 12 Oct 2017 11:24am

    Re: Indemnity ...any news for Northern Ireland /devolved areas like scotland + wales??
    we are getting really shafted here, last GP rescue plan with help for GP sickleave pay didnt apply to us here either.

  • Jeremy Hunt may announce major reform to GP indemnity this week

    Glued2desk's comment 10 Oct 2017 2:42pm

    I remember the last big announement this man made re GP rescue package a couple of years back.
    we were all waiting for some fantastic package/offer on the table..
    Came to the announcement ...all he wanted to talk about was the '7 day doctor working week'
    Won't be holding my breath this time.......

  • Should nightshift work mean an earlier age of retirement?

    Glued2desk's comment 12 Sep 2017 4:19am

    Well written. And with a new unique idea. I even think I would be tempted back to night shifts or unsocial hours if there was a deal like that on the table. Plenty of 'burnt out' +50something gp''s might agree.

  • GP indemnity hikes could force me out of the job I love

    Glued2desk's comment 08 Sep 2017 8:31am

    I have come to same conclusion myself.
    Am a full time partner in northern ireland, I have decided to get alternative accreditation myself, with a view to reducing/ possibly stopping GP partner work altogether (curretnly in mid 40's). Only thing stopping me before now -was knowing that the other 2 partners would almost certainly have to close surgery if I left. We have had no success advertising and minimal locums. sad times

  • GPs do not have to make up extended hours lost during NHS hack attack

    Glued2desk's comment 05 Sep 2017 3:21pm

    It says everything about the attitude and contempt of NHS England towards GP practices, that this action would even be considered.
    To try and force practices to be responsibe for all outside forces/ acts of God/ extrodinary circumstances says an awful lot about how we are regarded as a profession.
    Ultimately NHS england bear an enormous responsibility for their lack of update of key systems and vunerability but as usual try and deflect blame to the GP Partners and practices.

  • Nearly 40% of trainees intend to take on partnerships within five years

    Glued2desk's comment 02 Aug 2017 7:24am

    Unusual comment from 'know my limits'/5.45am. Can't decide if it's meant to be sarcasm or genuine or just simply trolling. To blast newcomers as not being strong enough,,,and boast of not having a holiday for 5 years, missing school sports day as something to be proud off ???? I guess whatever floats your boat. As a GP partner I would certainly not be advising any trainees to take a job with you!
    I hope that car parking space and obituary are worth it!
    I might call myself 'glued2desk' but I don't need to enjoy it... I hope I know where my priorities lie.

  • Family of GP locum who died on 'day off' denied death-in-service benefits

    Glued2desk's comment 17 Jun 2015 2:47pm

    locum doctors pay into same pension scheme (which provides these protections on death) as the rest of us salaried doctors and partners.
    If a salaried/partner chose to work only 1 session a week- they would still be covered by full protection.
    yet a locum working 10 sessions a week paying same pension does not have these rights??
    This is a complete affront to all locum doctors - and should be the subject of vigerous campaigning by locum and non-locum doctors alike
    (and no I am not a locum)

  • More foreign GPs are essential to hit 5,000 target, say recruiters

    Glued2desk's comment 11 Jun 2015 9:29am

    9.10 - go on - stop posting anonymously - show us all if you are a real doctor.
    you are a troll sir.

  • GPs leaving NHS pensions scheme ahead of April changes

    Glued2desk's comment 25 Mar 2015 8:19pm

    OK I get that the lifetime allowance has now reduced (again) and undoubtedly more cuts to lifetime, annual allowance and possibly even changes to valuation factor of 20:1 are on the way no matter which party wins election.
    Trouble is the NHS pension scheme was never designed with these ceilings in mind and it doesn't really suit them.
    I think the biggest barrier to staying in scheme is the - 'all or nothing' approach that must be taken. I.e.- either we stay in scheme and pay a fixed non negotiable % and possibly break lifetime and annual allowance with the huge penalties... Or we leave - losing survivor and all other insurance benefits etc.
    I do notice the local government pension scheme (LGPS) have a 50:50 option - ie pay 50% of contributions for 50% of benefits. Why isn't this option open to us? I am certain that if some of these doctors suggesting leaving the scheme were given a 50:50 option -they would reconsider.
    Surely the overall NHS Scheme would benefit from that sort of stability.

  • Government to fast-track other medical professionals swapping over to general practice

    Glued2desk's comment 13 Mar 2015 10:28am

    I think this completly devalues our profession
    To suggest that any other doctor (of whatever speciality) can quickly retrain as a GP suggests that what we do is not worthy of any specalist skill.
    At first glance this might be considered a useful sticking plaster for the GP crisis - but ultimately it risks destroying the profession by undermining our worth.
    I do not note any similar programmes to quickly retrain as a psychiatrist , surgeon or physician.