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Mary Hawking

  • RCGP calls for a more 'robust' NHS IT system

    Mary Hawking's comment 30 Apr 2019 12:02pm

    Is this a call for NPfIT v2?
    The Tech Manifesto appears to consist of an Infograph - and a Press Release (& yes, I have tried the RCGP website).
    One of the things missing from the 'Manifesto@ is the need for GP systems to support the business of general practice - but as the assumption seems to be that independent general practice won't exist for much longer, perhaps that isn't surprising!

  • New system will allow GP prison records to be transferred to other practices

    Mary Hawking's comment 18 Feb 2019 11:30am

    Wouldn't this require repeal of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act?
    I remember the problems of continuity of care - or just care - on admission to and discharge from custody being discussed frequently when I was in practice, and the same problems came up: the GP record is a cradle to grave record (& under the new GP contract the aim is to digitise everything - & upload all or part to LHCR, one of the aims being "research"..) which means that incorporating the prison medical record into the GP record would mean a *permanent & indelible* entry of any detention - including time on remand.
    Which is why it has not been done before.

  • Babylon patients waiting weeks for travel vaccines due to rising service demands

    Mary Hawking's comment 04 Feb 2019 11:28am

    I would have thought that a service targeting the young & mobile would have considered the likely demand for travel clinic services.
    It looks as though GPatHand patients may be 'forced' to re-register with their previous practices - or change their holiday plans/preparations!
    PS the practice profile most closely resembles that of University practices: how do they manage?

  • The health secretary’s vision for general practice

    Mary Hawking's comment 29 Jan 2019 11:32am

    Sorry, Christopher.
    "Smaller state" (USA model?) simply involves transferring functions best managed on a pooled risk basis (such as healthcare - where the normal developed economies model is universal compulsory insurance or tax funded) to an individual funded model with high transaction costs - and premiums related to claims.
    Socialism is *much* better - & who in their right mind now has any trust in the Conservative understanding or management of Business or the Economy?

  • Mr Hancock, there’s a simpler solution to this IT mess

    Mary Hawking's comment 02 Jan 2019 12:07pm

    remember GPASS?
    Single systems have their own problems

  • Pulse 2018 review: The growing attraction of early retirement

    Mary Hawking's comment 31 Dec 2018 10:25am

    I had had the impression that changes in the pension system - & LTA - was a contributory factor to taking the pension early - which no longer requires retirement from work - or even change in role.
    How do taking the NHS pension am
    and leaving the workforce (including locum or non-GP work) correlate?
    DOI - retired - late - 31.3.13 - so escaped the effects of HSCA 2012

  • Grappling with GP IT inefficiencies

    Mary Hawking's comment 23 Nov 2018 2:38pm

    Every practice does things differently: my advice would be to ask you trainer - and suggest the practice should have a "Coding/EPR handbook for Trainees" - to be updated when SNOMED is fully operational!

  • Leaked NHS memo warns pensions errors may affect 'large proportion of GPs'

    Mary Hawking's comment 19 Oct 2018 12:05pm

    re David O'Hagan comment.
    If PCSE are "only data processors" they ought to be acting under instructions from the "Data Controller" - and are only allowed to process the data in accordance with the instructions they have received.
    Was that in the contract signed by NHS England?
    And who is the Data Controller in this case?

  • Practices could receive incorrect QOF payments following IT update

    Mary Hawking's comment 26 Sep 2018 3:37pm

    If the problems started with a change in the Business Rules (Change? In September?That's *half way through the year*!!), why does it only apply to EMIS practices & not S1 practices? (What about Vision?)

    Has anyone checked whether this is a mapping problem? In the 4 to 5 byte conversion in 1994, my favourite mis-map was "Whole blood transfusion" converted to "lateral rhinostomy"..

    In the "Tired all the time" patients being listed as "depression", is this a Business Rule/extraction problem (easily correctable) or a Code Conversion problem (TATT actually mapped to "Depression")? If the later, this - in addition to corrupting the EPR - could have serious, long-term repercussions for the patients including job applications and insurance.

    I really hope the problem lies with the authors of the Business Rules!

  • Growth of Babylon app threatens 'financial balance' of CCG

    Mary Hawking's comment 21 Mar 2018 8:41am

    A 2 partner practice with 20,000 patients?
    Could Pulse find out how 2 GPs - and corresponding staff and premises - manage to provide adequate services to this number of patients?
    And how - & by whom - is the underlying technology funded/supplied?

  • Government must protect GPs against new data protection legislation, say LMCs

    Mary Hawking's comment 15 Mar 2018 9:47am

    The IGA - Information Governance Alliance - is issuing guidance for Health and Social Care.
    Unfortunately the General Practice/Primary Care Suite is now scheduled for March to May (previously March to April) - so it might appear to be a bit late to allow implementation by 25th May.

    Please note that Bedfordshire is 100% TPP SystmOne - which might have some influence on the suggestion that GPs shouldn't be the Data Controllers any longer.
    Connecting for Health decided that in a single shared record, GPs - and all other users - were Data Controllers in Common - with everything that that implied under DPA and will imply under GDPR.

  • GP practices told to review 44,000 patient records after data loss glitch

    Mary Hawking's comment 05 Mar 2018 10:52am

    It would be useful to know which system enables the entry of data without an associated date or time, the nature of this data (sounds serious if it includes Codes and immunisations) and whether it only arose after TPP changed its EDSM systems - as the article states. (if so, why are EMIS - X -EMIS transfers (presumably GP2GP) affected?

    I agree with the previous commentators: are the practices having to troll through computer printouts from system X practices to locate the missing data? And how will they be able to date it?

  • New mothers recorded as ‘having died of cot death’ following coding error

    Mary Hawking's comment 25 Jul 2017 10:39am

    Who has been using the Template, and in which organisations?
    If this is a TPP template, then only the organisation making the entry will be able to correct the error - so correction may be a major problem.

    Does the coding of the mothers as having died trigger any other actions e.g. removal from the practice list, any call/recall registers - or be reported to DWP or HMRC?

    With integrated records and massive data sharing, this Coding incompetence could have major repercussions!

  • Another 27 hospitals receive DH funding to 'build GP practices'

    Mary Hawking's comment 19 Jun 2017 10:56am

    I thought the Luton & Dunstable scheme cited by Jeremy Hunt was commissioned - and funded - by Luton CCG (& previously PCT) to reduce emergency admissions (& costs)?
    JH's schemes sound different.
    Will GPs be directly employed?(hosp covers liability, sick-pay, maternity & holidays - *&* employer's pension contributions, redundancy), or will service be contracted out to commercial (or non-commercial) organisations - who may find it difficult to recruit sufficient GPs?

    *If* pay is limited to £80/hr, what additional benefits will there be to bring it to close to market forces?
    Especially if contracts mean that the GPs involved cannot claim to be self-employed for HMRC purposes?

  • MP urges health secretary to stop closure of 5,000-patient GP practice

    Mary Hawking's comment 05 May 2017 1:50pm

    How far away are any neighbouring practices, and if they are only accessible by poor or non-existent public transport, do they have the capacity to make home visits to patients in Redcar?
    There are many practices closing: these details would always be useful in highlighting the impact of a closure, both on patients and other practices.

  • NHS England set to pay GP practices to combine to cover 30-50k patients

    Mary Hawking's comment 31 Mar 2017 8:06am

    There would seem to be little place for GP partners in this new set-up.
    How will the financial risks - investment in premises etc - undertaken by current GP partners be managed?
    Or is widespread financial ruin for property owning or long term lease holders aceptable to TPTB?

  • Funds worth £800m 'taken from GP services' to offset hospital debt

    Mary Hawking's comment 17 Mar 2017 8:04pm

    Just asking
    Many CCGs will themselves be in serious deficit at the end of the year: how will the "1% contingency fund" topsliced from CCG budgets be managed?
    Is it on an England wide basis? i.e. if your CCG is in a super efficient area with no deficit in any area, 1% is being removed to fund less "efficient" localities?
    Or on a local basis? i.e. if you are a CCG already in deficit, a further 1% will be added to your deficit?(what if this is inadequate for the Acute Trusts involved?)
    And will the services who should have received the services now not funded be not funded on a National or CCG level?

  • Patients will be able to see a GP in 'every A&E' by next winter, says NHS boss

    Mary Hawking's comment 10 Mar 2017 10:49am

    "Mr Stevens told the Public Accounts Committee meeting this morning that 'the £100 million capital is to make sure A&E departments can make the space available for GP steaming, the model that has been successfully adopted in places like Luton and Dunstable hospital, one of our top performing A&E departments in the country and have these in place by Christmas'."
    So this is *capital* - and for "making space available".Not to cover the ongoing costs of the GP triage service: wil this be covered by increasing revenue if each visit to A&E - whether seen by A&E or "triaged" to make an appointment with their own GP?

    Is this what is intended? and would it work - even if GPs could be attracted at an affordable cost?

  • What is involved in the frailty checks scheme?

    Mary Hawking's comment 02 Mar 2017 4:40pm

    I'd have thought that almost anything would be a "significant reduction in workload" compared to the Admission Avoidance DES!
    However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the workload will be insignificant - or the data collection burden insignificant: and this is a new contractual obligation - not a technically voluntary DES.
    "They will keep a register of the number of people with a diagnosis of moderate frailty and those with severe frailty, and record the number with severe frailty who have an annual medication review, have fallen within the past year and who have provided consent to a summary care record.": what about the patients who refuse to have a SCR, and how does presence of one or more LTCs correlate with "frailty"?

  • GP practices will get 52p per patient to cover rising costs of indemnity

    Mary Hawking's comment 15 Feb 2017 7:05pm

    Should have said: I agree this is peanuts: 51.9p per patient gives £4128 for 8000 patients....and doesn't even dent the rise in MDO fees!