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simon sherwood

  • GP locum reliance caused half a million overspend in one area

    simon sherwood's comment 23 Sep 2017 3:57pm

    That's in an area right?

    I know one practice where overspend on locums was that in 1 year

    I know it very well in fact...

  • Practice ratings 'not linked' to lack of funding, claims CQC

    simon sherwood's comment 22 Sep 2017 3:19pm

    dear professor,

    using your logic, as quality is not linked to funding, how about cutting your budget by half?

  • Students at new medical school to be 'embedded in GP practice' for five years

    simon sherwood's comment 22 Sep 2017 10:03am

    how about not making life hell for those few Essex coastal GPs that have kept the service going by superhuman efforts in the face of the worst funding in the area, amazingly sick patients, and zero recruitment

    sorry dosent fit steves agenda.

    its too late for me.I gave up my practice and will retire completely very early.

    I suspect its too late for this town without multiple millions being spent.

  • All hail our new GP robot overlords

    simon sherwood's comment 21 Sep 2017 9:38am

    the problem is risk

    any computer that could accurately quantify the risk we daily face would not accept it.

    so whilst probably technically possible in the future the whole current game of loading risk on to GPs then blaming them when it goes wrong is not suitable for an algorithm.

  • Professor Steve Field: 'I'm promoting general practice whenever I'm talking'

    simon sherwood's comment 21 Sep 2017 8:38am

    Dear professor,

    please stop spinning

    Hot air and waffle cannot replace cold hard facts.
    One of the chief reason access in this town to GPs is so much worse than it was is the lack of morale causing people to quit. And one of the main reason for that lack of morale is you and your organisation

    even the outgoing MP realised it enough to take us to the health minister who ignored us

    so please spare us the bull, it makes me feel sick.although unfortunately there are now no doctors left here if I do get sick though

    so carry on destroying the NHS if you want, I cant stop you. but spare us the garbage above

  • Practice ratings 'not linked' to lack of funding, claims CQC

    simon sherwood's comment 21 Sep 2017 8:30am

    well steve if you want me to present you with some facts that clearly prove this to be untrue (at least in this area),then the offer to meet is still open.
    otherwise keep destroying in the name of improvement.
    But spare us the spin. you are fooling nobody and making yourself look silly.

  • Shifting sands of seaside practices

    simon sherwood's comment 16 Sep 2017 8:29pm

    I still can't believe how people with no idea about patient care smashed my practice and put me under such stress.....and now the situation is much much worse for the patients
    For me however as a salaried I can coast until retirement
    There's a strory of arrogance and negligence here from the ccg

  • Shifting sands of seaside practices

    simon sherwood's comment 12 Sep 2017 8:07pm

    Well I worked in Clacton on sea until the collapse
    And live in frinton on sea so am registered as a patient there.

    There's a story to tell

  • DH urges BMA to 'consider detrimental impact' of mass GP list closures

    simon sherwood's comment 07 Sep 2017 10:56am

    why not mention pay

    9 years of pay cuts means the workforce is leaving. it may be unpopular with the public but the UK is becoming uncompetitive in attracting or retaining doctors

    lawyers, bankers and every one else exists in the market place why not use. can we merge with the RMT and get the train drivers union to negotiate? they seem to understand the point that a union is there to negotiate price for its members skills, not serve HMG or indeed the public

  • Too many people are on antidepressants – GPs must act now

    simon sherwood's comment 06 Sep 2017 10:22am

    I remember a case (not here some years ago) where I was criticised for not prescribing antideperssants. criticised for prescribing antidepressants and criticised for not referring to MH (was under them but they wouldn't see due to no apts). all in the same case

    in the real world were damned whatever we do. spend a day consulting in jaywick prof. lets hear your solutions

  • No patients, no cry?

    simon sherwood's comment 16 Aug 2017 10:03pm

    I can't stand this emotional violence
    Leave in silence

    ( I listen to that song a lot)

  • No patients, no cry?

    simon sherwood's comment 16 Aug 2017 10:02pm

    Depeche mode

    Leave in silence

  • CQC threatens criminal prosecution of practices who fail to register a manager

    simon sherwood's comment 09 Aug 2017 1:09pm

    I left on 6th july last year.

    multiple multiple letters and forms later they took me off as registered manager in mid November.

    the only answer is to leave, and let steve field and his chums run the service.

    and guess what. theres a recruitment crisis so I can charge more for my services as I wind down to very early retirement bcause the area has no doctors at all (funny that)
    CQC good for patients? would be hilarious if it wasn't all so vicious...

  • The real conspiracy of NHS England

    simon sherwood's comment 07 Aug 2017 3:10pm

    winston had been advised to revise the boot production statistics down in back numbers of the times . he knew at heart the second statistic was no more or less a lie than the first as the evidence of his own eyes showed the majority of the population walked around barefoot and in all probability no boots at all had been produced

    (with apologies to George orwell)

  • Not in front of the children!

    simon sherwood's comment 19 Jul 2017 11:09am

    I would never put someone through the hell general practice can be.
    I don't think with the current legal climate and regulatory framework its even possible to survive for a working lifetime even as the best doctor.

    so no, im not going to lie. I actually will tell it like it is

  • NHS England looks to recruit 2,000 GPs from overseas to offset retirements

    simon sherwood's comment 17 Jul 2017 2:39pm

    dear all non uk colleagues who want to come and work here.

    the insane vicious and unfair regulation ,massive workload, regular media vitriol,and the parasitic rabid lawyers will ruin your career and possibly much much more

    take your caring doctoring skills and use them where they will be appreciated. which is not England in 2017

    and that goes for trainees too, who despite what the RCGP say should not be led blindly into the appalling mess primary care has become

  • Don't denigrate profession in front of trainees, RCGP chair tells GPs

    simon sherwood's comment 09 Jul 2017 7:03pm

    Dear RCGP

    So you want me to lie?
    You want me to say good doctors are not broken by inhumane workloads and insane and vicious regulation,?
    Perhaps you want me to say pay and conditions have not worsened year on year ?

    But then perhaps instead I will tell people the truth.
    The RCGP is one of the forces that have brought our profession to its knees.
    Do medicine by all means young trainees. But if you value yourself and your sanity avoid UK general practice

  • The things I miss most about partnership

    simon sherwood's comment 03 Jul 2017 9:27am

    I miss nothing, nothing at all
    I don't miss the huge responsibility of running a practice in englands poorest area that could not recruit.
    I don't miss the fact that I was viciously blamed for things that werea ctually results of failed politicians.
    I don't miss not having days off

    im salaried. im a good and thorough doctor.

    but my only plan is to cut my hours as soon as I can financially.and leave this stinking mess created by HMG as soon as I can

    really nasty blame for the front line for political and funding failing is the name of the game

    partner? never again

  • Plans for GPs to annually review patients prescribed opioids under discussion

    simon sherwood's comment 29 Jun 2017 9:36pm

    Dear BMA

    You are a union
    You've singularly failed to represent your members interests at at time when their services are more in demand than ever

    I don't see the RMT worrying about passenger health campaigns? Possibly that's why their pay has gone up and ours has gone down?

    You are a union, an ineffective gentlemanly union. You've let a shortage of staff which should lead to increased rates translate to pay cuts and worse conditions.

    So sad, there are so many people, myself included , who could do the job so much better than you

    You've failed your members as the NHS falls apart.
    Cancel your opioids committee and get real eh?

  • BMA to increase membership fees by 2%

    simon sherwood's comment 29 Jun 2017 9:19pm

    Dr dearden
    You negotiated the pension
    Which due to BMA weakness is now in tatters

    We are more in demand than ever but our services are less valued than ever

    A hint. Go to the RMT and learn what a union is for. Not for the public, not for HMG but for its members

    Train drivers get a very good salary because their skills are in demand and their union negotiates on their behalf

    It's time to learn