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Independents' Day

Michael Young

  • 'Help! Is there a doctor on board?'

    Michael Young's comment 04 Jan 2016 5:26pm

    Those dreaded words,'Is there a doctor on board?' I was on a flight to Johannesburg with my wife and three children. We had stopped at Paris,first stop from Heathrow. The next stop was Las Palmas. The voice made the announcement and I slid down in my seat. As did the passenger in front of me! It came again, slightly more urgent? I pressed the button, as did the hand in front of me! I wasn't alone. There was a male passenger on board who needed our help. The passenger was a retired Guy's doctor going home to Jo'burg. He was clearly having a bout of angina, and he knew! My fellow passenger said he was a kidney transplant specialist! Didn't do hearts. I was a GP! The cabin staff said the captain would radio ahead and put the 'Patient' off in Las Palmas. I asked for the medical kit on board the plane, apart from oxygen…. Not good! My wife had more in her hand baggage.

    The patient begged me, do not let them put me off at Las Palmas just get me back to Johannesburg. I spoke to the cabin crew and they said it was up to the captain. The captain asked, would I agree to look after him? I agreed and we continued with our journey, putting down at Las Palmas and made it to our destination without further drama.

    It was the 1970's I didn't give my indemnity a thought! Didn't ever hear from the airline! The patient wrote to me, very grateful. Has happened since, in a London Theatre! Not as terrifying as thirty five thousand feet in the air.

  • DH considering where to 'draw the line' on charging overseas patients for GP services

    Michael Young's comment 18 Mar 2015 7:05pm

    I would ask that the 'Editor' now looks at my email of the 28th. Of February 2015! This was my experience.

  • A wasted chance for real change

    Michael Young's comment 03 Apr 2014 1:37pm

    Without your team and 'Pulse,' the last four years would have just been drudgery. To get a page of asterisks and articles that made me almost laugh, well, ok laugh a bit! Thank you and goodbye or, just au revoir ? You have been a good team leader.

  • How not to miss pneumothorax

    Michael Young's comment 16 Jan 2014 10:07am

    Interesting article! My youngest son age 17, non smoker none any of the suggestion made by your consultant, other than tall and thin! Walking back up the hill to his car and bang! x-ray showed pneumothorax. It was a very long recovery....Would make a good Key Questions!

  • A miner triumph of diagnosis

    Michael Young's comment 03 Jul 2013 8:51pm

    Sadly, we still see asbestosis here in the Channel Islands. Old buildings are being demolished and the work force do not take enough notice of the health warnings. My wife has tennis elbow, blames it on Waitrose! Loved the article.

  • Pulse is changing – but our mission remains the same

    Michael Young's comment 16 Nov 2012 4:40pm

    At the moment, during this horrendous period of change,for whose good?The jury is out on that one. However,you remain the highlight of my week. Long may you continue to do so.