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  • GPC demands practices be compensated for 'systematic failure' of support services

    Richard's comment 11 May 2016 12:36pm

    Well done Chaand for taking this up.

    We are being told to hand write labels, re-pack records- back to dark ages.

    No bar coded labels, process not thought through, no records received for 5 weeks now.
    Dangerous and in breach of Caldicott.

    No audit trail. Website not running properly.
    No response to emails or phone calls.
    No way to get urgent notes- system doesn't work.Some practices being told to post urgent records practice to practice. Need I go on..

    BTW, how can you "pilot" something after the "go-live" date?

    NHS England needs to commission this service properly. Capita needs financial penalties- it must be in breach of contract, these moneys to be handed to practices for now, and ongoing situation needs sorting asap.

  • GP practice relocated by NHS England forced to close

    Richard's comment 31 Dec 2015 4:45pm

    In Australia GP don't provide home visits, and people pay real money to see GPs even every FBC gets charged.

    Weak excuse saying "too expensive to renovate to CQC standards". Says more about CQC than the practice -what is the point in having quality standards we can't /won't afford.

  • GPs to be paid £1.50 for each child invited under MMR catch-up campaign

    Richard's comment 01 May 2013 3:06pm

    Woopydoo! £1.50 per patient. Don't spend it all at once.

    We've already spent hours of surgery time on these same patients trying to persuade them that MMR was the right thing to do. I think DOH should recognise the workload impact of refuseniks, who will often be first in the queue when genuine measles appears.