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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump


  • All GPs must help patients obtain firearms licences if requested, BMA says

    Richard's comment 17 Nov 2016 12:07pm

    The GPC has done us a disservice in seemingly negotiating this extra bit of work and responsibility for no fee.

    Please join me in writing to your local firearms service and insisting that GPs are paid a fee by the firearms authority (not the patient).

    The argument runs like this:
    1) Providing reports to the police is not part of our contractual responsibility.
    2) The police charge members of the public for administering their shotgun application -around £120 currently.
    3) The police feel that they need to tighten their policy and want us to search through medical records and generate a report to them.
    4) This request for a report comes from the police (not the patient) and is sent to the police therefore they have to incorporate the costs for this service in the fees they already charge for administering the scheme.
    5) Incidentally I have also made it clear that the practice has not agreed a timescale with them, that they cannot assume that if we have not replied within a certain timescale that we have made a check and that we have no concerns, and to stop making requests for reports until a framework has been agreed.
    6) I also point out that the read codes that we use on patient records are nothing to do with the police, and form part of the medical records. Likewise we would have no jurisdiction requesting that the police enter data on patients criminal or police records.
    7) I point out that as good citizens we will continue to report concerns to them as we always have.

    If local groups can negotiate we have a chance with not being totally stitched up on this one.
    Clearly GPs will get drawn into the next Dunblane event medicolegally, and we need to be compensated for taking this additional risk on.

  • Four practices to close in Plymouth for not fitting with 'national blueprint'

    Richard's comment 10 Nov 2016 7:11pm

    More practice closures, what a shame!
    I actually read the GP forward view (I need to get out more)

    It does actually promise £2.4Bn per year INCREASE in funding for general practice. Thats about £80K per GP per year inc in funding.
    If we and these poor practices actually got this money, they might stop closing

    We've seen nothing of the sort -no increase, just more bureaucracy and penny pinching.
    The only winners are likes of Capita.

    All very well saying GPs have to merge / federate, but no evidence that merging actually saves any money. Most GPs practices are run on a shoestring- just support them. Its not the GP system that's broke.

  • Practices to pay £23 pensions 'admin fee' per employee

    Richard's comment 10 Nov 2016 6:53pm

    Pulse -could you do a FOI request to the pension scheme?

    Before the pension review - there was a £2Bn per annum SURPLUS from the NHS pension scheme.

    Since then, employees contributions at 14% have gone up mysteriously to 14.3% and employers have been going up to 8-13%+ annually.
    If the scheme is not still in surplus- it will only be because of high earners leaving.

    If it is - this is a rip off.
    The employers contribution already covers the admin costs of running the scheme -that's what its for!
    More money taken by stealth from GP and hospital budgets front lines.
    Remember all surpluses from the pension scheme go straight to the treasury -they are not being invested for the members. So this is likely to be effectively a tax raising device, not aimed at citizens, but at the NHS.

  • GPC demands practices be compensated for 'systematic failure' of support services

    Richard's comment 11 May 2016 12:36pm

    Well done Chaand for taking this up.

    We are being told to hand write labels, re-pack records- back to dark ages.

    No bar coded labels, process not thought through, no records received for 5 weeks now.
    Dangerous and in breach of Caldicott.

    No audit trail. Website not running properly.
    No response to emails or phone calls.
    No way to get urgent notes- system doesn't work.Some practices being told to post urgent records practice to practice. Need I go on..

    BTW, how can you "pilot" something after the "go-live" date?

    NHS England needs to commission this service properly. Capita needs financial penalties- it must be in breach of contract, these moneys to be handed to practices for now, and ongoing situation needs sorting asap.

  • GP practice relocated by NHS England forced to close

    Richard's comment 31 Dec 2015 4:45pm

    In Australia GP don't provide home visits, and people pay real money to see GPs even every FBC gets charged.

    Weak excuse saying "too expensive to renovate to CQC standards". Says more about CQC than the practice -what is the point in having quality standards we can't /won't afford.

  • GPs to be paid £1.50 for each child invited under MMR catch-up campaign

    Richard's comment 01 May 2013 3:06pm

    Woopydoo! £1.50 per patient. Don't spend it all at once.

    We've already spent hours of surgery time on these same patients trying to persuade them that MMR was the right thing to do. I think DOH should recognise the workload impact of refuseniks, who will often be first in the queue when genuine measles appears.