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Sesha Rao

  • Antibiotic prescribing targets in the GP contract? A medicolegal nightmare

    Sesha Rao's comment 16 Oct 2014 10:08am

    Many of the comments are utter nonsense. The usual course of events in uncomplicated UTI of sending for urinalysis and waiting for the result to prescribe an antibiotic is responsible for much recurrent UTI. This is only one case of not prescribing an antibiotic. GP prescribing of antibiotics is not the cause of resistance but lack of appropriate hygiene standards across the board in medical world!

  • To do or not to do

    Sesha Rao's comment 25 Feb 2014 2:35am

    This is as per the usual stupidity of NICE. One does not know where they get the info from or how they arrive at "guidelines. A fundamental principle should be - do not medicate unless necessary, and certanly, not on some dubious statistical bases.

  • 'Being on the patient's side has made me appreciate how much patients have to cope with'

    Sesha Rao's comment 21 Nov 2013 8:29am

    Very interesting article. The only problem is that in my experience, hospital doctors are very communicative and courteous to patients who are either also doctors or relatives of doctors. Other patients get very little information from them and are treated like sheep to herded together. Nurses, on the other hand, are much more helpful. I wish hospital doctors at all levels learn to be a bit less arrogant and communicative.