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The waiting game

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  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    Named or shamed? The absurdity of dementia diagnosis rates Subscription

    13 Jan 2014 By beyondtheheadlines

    According to the Government’s prediction rates, 23 of Dr Martin Brunet’s dementia patients don’t have dementia. So who is in the wrong?

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    Charging migrants - crackdown on health tourism or just health? Subscription

    07 Jan 2014 By beyondtheheadlines

    As the Government plans to crack down on health tourism by charging migrants, Dr Martin Brunet wonders how this will affect the day job

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    A listening ear Subscription

    24 Dec 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    Dr Martin Brunet wants the Government to look at evidence and wait for results. So he knows that in this case he should keep quiet. He just wishes that the evidence the Government is listening to would be a little bit quieter too...

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    Cancer diagnosis - woeful performance, or the reality of general practice? Subscription

    09 Dec 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    The Two Week Rule for cancer referrals may be a commendable target, but sometimes it isn’t always possible - or necessary, says Dr Martin Brunet.

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    Statins, statins everywhere Subscription

    26 Nov 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    After analysing the cost/benefit of the shingles vaccination in his last post, Dr Martin Brunet now turns his attention to statins and NICE guidelines

  • 2689_Martin-Brunet-2012_300px

    Shingles vaccination - should it really be a national priority? Subscription

    18 Nov 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    Is the shingles vaccination a good use of NHS resources? Dr Martin Brunet crunches the numbers

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    Is this an eye-catching headline? Subscription

    01 Nov 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    Dr Martin Brunet looks at the way the press portrays health news and argues that eye-catching headlines that distort the truth harm both the health professionals they misrepresent - and patients

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    Why patients are not like badgers Subscription

    22 Oct 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    Dr Martin Brunet has noticed some similarities between the recent badger cull and the Government’s targets for dementia diagnosis

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    The joy of the irrational Subscription

    14 Oct 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    Dr Martin Brunet considers the importance of tending to your patients’ expectations in a consultation, as well as their symptoms

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    Just another health story Subscription

    02 Oct 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    It's easy to spot patterns in health news stories. However, patients don't conform to formulas, says Dr Martin Brunet, so neither should the solutions designed to help them

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