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A faulty production line

Neil Moody-Jones

GP Partner

  • All GPs must help patients obtain firearms licences if requested, BMA says

    Neil Moody-Jones's comment 15 Nov 2016 5:25pm

    So when I receive a notification I have to rely on the accuracy of my practice coding and any previous practice the patient may have been registered with (as notes transferred via GP2GP). I then need a failsafe method of flagging up any concerns to the police if my patient develops a condition that I deem to be a risk. If something dreadful happens then I can be blamed for not noticing or notifying something that in retrospect is deemed pertinent. And I'm doing this work when in my day? And for free (as how are we going to invoice, be paid and guarantee a response to the police within 14 days).

    Thanks BMA.

  • RCGP issues 'gratitude journal' for GPs to write down positive aspects of their lives

    Neil Moody-Jones's comment 27 Sep 2016 12:11pm

    Do you think we can all get away with an hour of colouring for our CPD this year then? I might get my son to do it. Or do you think we can block out some slots and do this instead of seeing patients? I'm sure they and the other partners won't mind.

  • RCGP issues 'gratitude journal' for GPs to write down positive aspects of their lives

    Neil Moody-Jones's comment 27 Sep 2016 12:04pm

    Will the darkness of my colouring and the bleakness of my reflective writing be used against me in my appraisal? A £5 rebate for all would have gone down better.

  • GP partner earnings 'increased by almost 2%', Government statistics claim

    Neil Moody-Jones's comment 14 Sep 2016 4:13pm

    Anonymous | NHS Manager|14 Sep 2016 2:52pm - you don't seem to get the concept of being a partner. The admin has to be done so we do it when we aren't seeing patients. We don't charge ourselves for this time. What would be the point? We share the profits as a group proportionately to our number clinical sessions.

  • Ms May can stop the strikes, but only if she wants to

    Neil Moody-Jones's comment 02 Sep 2016 12:17pm

    Hear, hear! Mrs May needs to read this.

  • Hunt's approach to junior doctor contract has been 'Stalinistic', says former leader

    Neil Moody-Jones's comment 19 Jul 2016 5:27pm

    From Junior Doctors Contract Facebook Forum:

    The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt
    Secretary of State for Health
    Richmond House

    Dear Jeremy

    A year ago you delivered, probably the most pivotal speech in your political career. You wanted to portray yourself as a great reforming politician. It was interesting how you started your speech, highlighting the funding gap that had opened up, a funding gap caused by the decisions this government has made to starve the NHS of funding. You triumphantly talked about the £8billion in funding your government committed, however you didn’t mention that that £8billion was because you refused to fund the other £22billion the NHS needed. The prime minister you were loyal to then, said and did anything to grasp onto power, including sacrificing the futures of the next generation with a gamble on an EU referendum that only gave him one further year with the power you all craved. That same Prime Minister made it clear that the NHS had to “get real” in how much your government would put into an NHS you didn’t really see the value off. An NHS you tried to block the celebration off in 2012 at the Olympics. Perhaps that was the real indicator of the things to come.

    Trying to claim credit in your speech for your party for the formation of the NHS, that you are helping to dismantle and destroy was probably quite a kick in the teeth for the beginning of a speech, but that wasn’t the last boot you were going to put in. You described the job of a Secretary of State for Health as dealing with crises, it’s a pity you didn’t think about the crisis you were about to create with the rhetoric you were about to deliver. You talked about Mid Staffs betraying what the NHS stood for, betraying the frontline staff. But you have continuously decided to beat the frontline NHS staff up again and again under the auspices of reformation. Why is it you think it is ok that the NHS is starved of funding to the point where only 6.6% of GDP is spent and is creaking under the pressures of a population in desperate need of healthcare. Your government has distributed ever more money to your core supporters. Your government have sacrificed the next generation to garner the votes of the last. Your government have pandered to racists and bigots in order to grasp power and turn the population against one another. Your government has rewarded greed and avarice, making sure that you can justify starving the resource from frontline services so that now the NHS is so underfunded, you’re driving away the staff that catch the sick when they fall, look after the dying in their last days, look after the most vulnerable in society. What did you do, you blamed those very staff, you attacked them and belittled them. You described how you would like to devolve power, yet the hypocrisy of continually forcing the NHS to do something it simply did not want to do, to impose on the next generation of young staff. To force them, not work with them. To attack them, not care for them. To blame them for your failures and that of your colleagues, and portray them as the problem. To tell them to “get real” as some badge to be proud off when you portray yourself as standing up to a trade union you accused of being out of touch. Yet a trade union if anything that has always been conservative and tried its best to actually highlight to you again and again what you are doing to the frontline staff you claim to cherish, and yet every single act seems to demonstrate your total lack of care for.

    Jeremy, you talk about avoidable deaths, never events. Like you are somehow above these things. Like the staff that suffer the emotional turmoil and consequences of having to live through them are the ones to blame. Why does this happen. The fault does not lie with a young nurse trying desperately to look after a ward of patients, or a surgeon desperately trying to get through another stuffed list with a manager breathing down their neck to hit a target. The fault once again lies at the door of Richmond House and the Treasury. You starve the system of resource and you force corners to be cut. You then put ever more pressure on the system to deliver. You wonder why mistakes happen. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do to stop them.

    You talked back then about intelligent transparency. What did you do about trainee doctors that try and reflect on their practice and then have those reflections used against them in disciplinary situations. What kind of no blame culture encourages a doctor to reflect on their mistakes and then use those reflections to attack them and threaten their career?

    Perhaps the biggest kick in our collective teeth was how you described being a more relaxed health secretary that was not going to take a stalinistic approach. Then being seen more like Stalin than any other politician by our generation of doctors, you decided to go far beyond anything we can have imagined. Attacked us not only collectively, but had your friends in the media come after doctors individually if they deemed to speak out against you. You had your staff brief journalists against doctors as if they were the enemy of the state. The use of the collective force of government and the media against a young generation of doctors simply standing up for themselves to protect themselves from your attacks, was beyond appalling. Stalin would have been proud.

    This speech was a great insight into how you run your department. You announced a series of jobs for the boys. What we learnt later in the year was that those boys were then wheeled out to question the professionalism of their junior colleagues. We are all glad that this is the medical leadership you envisage. You have single handedly taught us what kind of medical leadership we never ever want to see in our profession, in our NHS, frankly in our country. Luckily you continue to ensure that those most loyal to you are rewarded with lucrative jobs running organisations in medicine and healthcare that can ensure the profession is kept to heel. We are all glad to hear the GMC will now be fully integrated into Richmond House. Perhaps you would kindly ask the first efficiency saving to be getting rid of all the extra buildings and simply just move the offices into Richmond House, at least then we maybe able to save some money on our fees.

    A year ago you tried to drive a wedge through the profession and its BMA. You told us to “get real’ and we are not remotely in touch with our members. Lets be clear. Our members absolutely cannot stand what you are doing to the NHS. They cannot stand the idea of agreeing to anything you will laud over them as a victory. They hate any idea that they will be complicit with you and with your government. There is little the BMA or any organisation can do to get passed this absolute truth.

    So dear Jeremy, you managed to cling to the keys of Richmond House, despite Dave not managing to cling to the keys of no10. He sacrificed this country for one more year of power. Now that you are back hiding away on the fourth floor of Richmond house, what are you going to sacrifice? Please don’t let it be even more NHS staff. Please don’t let it be what little goodwill we had left, please don’t let it be anything but your pride. Swallow it and stop antagonising every doctor, nurse, midwife, porter, cleaner, secretary and a million other workers in the NHS that work their socks of for the population of this country. By the way, many of them aren’t British, just like me they were born elsewhere. And no, we aren’t interested in benefits.

    Best wishes

    Just another foreign doctor

    The Speech:…/jeremy-hunt-sets-out-his-25-y…

  • Abandon ship: The partners bailing as their practices head for the rocks

    Neil Moody-Jones's comment 03 Jul 2016 6:48pm

    The work will still need to be done. How does all being salaried help? If the work isn't done then the practice will collapse and you will no longer have a salaried role. Then they will bring in a private provider on an APMS contract which is more expensive - neoliberalism government plan achieved (and NHS bankrupt).

  • Mr Cameron, the NHS is not safe in your hands

    Neil Moody-Jones's comment 05 Feb 2016 6:04am

    Dr Neil Moody-Jones, Milford on Sea