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Independents' Day

Jb Pittard

  • Pensions taxation pushing GPs to consider early retirement

    Jb Pittard's comment 11 Mar 2020 11:29am

    Essentially a decade + of aggravation from clunky semi mindless revalidation;CQC , where you pay for your own IKEA coffin with one nail missing; then the fools lottery of the pension debacle. Possibly the latter is driven by the drain of current GP pensioners on the available funds paid for by a dwindling full time worker drone GPs. The obvious move is to cease partnerships and draw your pension ;come back p time salaried or locum. All of the above hassles wiped out. If you think you will live long enough(not guaranteed ), then open a SIPP with HMRC free 20-40% top up .There will be some tax deferred but many by the time they are 75 will have forgotten what they want to spend their income on.

  • Doctor loses tribunal after refusing to use transgender patient's chosen pronoun

    Jb Pittard's comment 06 Dec 2019 12:28pm

    re IGDAF, my patient IKEA dropped this title after
    I informed him /her that it was Swedish for one part missing

  • Health secretary says Babylon-style GP model should become 'available to all'

    Jb Pittard's comment 21 Jul 2018 12:08pm

    The 200-plus GPs who have already joined Babylon also do so because they are treated with respect and not put under the levels of pressure all too common in other practices.'PR nonsense from delusional cherry pickers at Babylon.
    No addicts, mental or emotionally challenged, no sofasurfers, frail, poly co-morbids,housebound/residential care patients..the excluded include everyone with no smart phone and funded cellphone account.
    Of course it's easy street for Drs in this Necker Island of affluent tranquility.A rocks for brains ,superficial political careerist ,now busy hammering in a few more virtual nails into the underfunded NHS primary care service.

  • GP practices lose 'hundreds of thousands' as federation goes bankrupt

    Jb Pittard's comment 16 Nov 2016 11:14am

    The brilliance of agent Hunt ; not only does he proffer a build your own coffin flat pack for general practice. Many buy one of these and now; for no return on your funds; a bonus;Free cremation. This is from the same economic wacko land that is also offering a 40% increase in NHS availabilty with no extra resources ; all set in a system that is run at 20+% less funding than comparable EU countries. True magic.

  • Hunt to push ahead with routine Sunday GP appointments

    Jb Pittard's comment 10 May 2016 11:38am

    .build your own coffin
    Do this in your own time...better do it at weekends
    ...not enough yet??
    Pay thousands for tick bix CQC torture and time wasting..

    Dig your own grave.

    Master plan ..uplift availability by around 20%...with diminished resources.
    Really ? It's veyond parody.
    What can be ssid is that this will be his ladt job in public disservice.

  • Mr Cameron, the NHS is not safe in your hands

    Jb Pittard's comment 05 Feb 2016 10:31am

    Agree fully.. Although the other cause is in the current NHS Act.This was based on political dogma and the fatally flawed idea that private capitalism can profit from a freely delivered humane public service .

  • Junior doctors' strike suspended after last-minute agreement

    Jb Pittard's comment 30 Nov 2015 6:02pm

    Hunt has utter contempt for the principles of the NHS.He will swing whichever way he can in the capitalist breeze. He is blind to double standards viz BSkyB dealings. Online sources regarding his own company dealings verify his msrket driven mania. He must be fully resisted until his lack of ethical principles has him kicked out.

  • Hunt: Doctors will realise seven-day access is 'the right thing to do'

    Jb Pittard's comment 16 Sep 2015 11:57am

    If there is one phrase that should come with a 5 red light warning it is "the right thing to do" .This we can recall ,was and continues to be, the catch phrase of T Blair of Jerusalem about invading Iraq.

  • DH 'told workforce review to ignore GP numbers'

    Jb Pittard's comment 27 Jul 2015 6:38pm

    exactly correct 1 .34 pm...the idea of a vision always suggest delusional tendencies...hallucination is more like it.
    Howver wacky and lacking in pragmatism Tory policy is, there is some vested interest who will support it... the memory of those fellas rowing a sinking boat on the Thames comes to mind....even when it was going down...on they went

  • CQC trawling through 6,000 comments a month on patient websites

    Jb Pittard's comment 24 Jul 2015 2:03pm

    Rob Barnett ,spot on "abuse of the word intelligent"
    The non clinicians who end up creating other planet health policy move from Jargon1.0 through a series of expensive management consultancy eye catching jingoistic nonsenses.
    So what have we had ?" Reconfigure, Reform, Transform,a few others ; add your own; to Jargon7.0. This is the stupid parroting of "intelligent".
    In J Hunt's 25 !! year "Vision"; yes it is blatant certifiable delusion; he comes up with "Intelligent transparency"!
    You know, the situation where some one from Last Minute dotcom is called into fix things at the same time as the Genomic Ambulance comes round to cart you off before your AMI , to join the queue of wagons outside a full A&E department.
    Seriously, this cannot be made up by Orwell . The only consolation is the Secretary is in a State and his swivel eyed stare is beginning to make N Farage look like a definition of sanity.Soon it will be all over...won't it?

  • In full: Jeremy Hunt outlines his 25-year vision for the NHS

    Jb Pittard's comment 24 Jul 2015 10:17am

    " Mavis: "George!!Answer the door!!"
    G :"yes?"
    Man in green boiler suit " Ambulance Sir, in you get!Dont hang around"
    G."But Im fine and Mavis has made me tea cakes"
    MIGBS " That's enough nonsense Sir. We have your genome and you are due a heart attack any moment,no use struggling ....arghh Harry !! Quick...Taser! "

  • Petition for Hunt's removal as health secretary surpasses 100,000 signatures

    Jb Pittard's comment 22 Jul 2015 7:27pm

    This resignation campaign is important..It may not work immediately as we saw the anti Iraq War protest didn't.Things do come round as we have seen.This government and PM will not have the nerve to push through a coporate privatisation of the NHS. All health professionals need to reject the USA overspending high admin process. Millions are squandered on management consultants who then create structures that lead to more fat fees for more management consultancy.What serious career achievements have Cameron,Lansley and Hunt demonstrated?. Cake stall incompetents; they need to meet implacable vocational professional resistance.A free NHS is not a viable vehicle for a profit driven takeover.

  • In full: Jeremy Hunt outlines his 25-year vision for the NHS

    Jb Pittard's comment 16 Jul 2015 1:31pm

    The USA , corporate, privatisation agenda just cant be hidden . Linking Leeds to Seattle ??...The USA has 16.9% of GDP into the health system, much of it going on corporate tax efficient profit. The right wing politicians put more energy into denying 40 million citizens health care than dealing with gun crime.The UK figure ,9.27% of GDP. Do we really think the current NHS Act and corporate , private accountancy consultant driven processes will improve a social insurance based system? Intelligent transparency is the latest buzz word ,sound bite to follow on from reform, transform,reconfigure etc . that have all dismally failed for the last 15 years

  • £10m fund for struggling practices is not new money

    Jb Pittard's comment 26 Jun 2015 2:19pm

    *unt: " work with others to change its business model.’"
    "Close "

    Message to patients: You have lost your local practice which you valued, due to a faulty business model

  • CQC fees 'could double' as Government plans to withdraw funding

    Jb Pittard's comment 15 Jun 2015 0:08am

    Create a bureacracy lite non political primary care Society.

    Have it run by an elected expenses only board and a dedicated accountant.Pay all NHS "taxes" in an escrow account and with hold collectively from the CQC.Today ironically is 800 years since the Magna Carta was agreed.One of it's tenets was no taxation with out representation.
    With a quick digital data base the wjole of primary care can become a collective based on the core NHS principles and anti privatisation. Public support for their primary care service VS J *unt and Etonian in it together types...easy win

  • GP contract could be set for 'radical' overhaul as LMCs back payment by activity

    Jb Pittard's comment 22 May 2015 7:46pm

    The last time a cost was attributed to GP activity there was the dire result of OOH being undervalued.The Government has been spitting feathers ever since as the service has crumbled and costs escalated. It wont happen again that activity will be linked to funding as cost will spiral.
    The drift to worsening servicesand loss of small practices is designed to leave the public feeling it's GPs that are the problem. This then moves things towards private providers and some form of co-payment. Dentistry has long folowed that route.

  • 'Massive increase' in demand forced GP support service to shut doors

    Jb Pittard's comment 15 May 2015 2:10pm

    It's a slo-mo car crash. Agent Hunt happily deconstructing the self employed GP model and wiping out small pratices. Complex bidding rules favour private profit taking bids and salaried HCP of varying descriptions. The numbers of deluded attempts with golden hellos, 2 year introductory salaried posts , confirm how naive many in primary care remain.
    As GPs leave, gp part time, retire or do locum salaried posts; the public perception will be to blame front line staff. The same divide and rule process is wrecking community nursing and mental health services. The tipping point is closer than many imagine.

  • GP is 'only candidate' who could oust Jeremy Hunt from MP seat

    Jb Pittard's comment 07 May 2015 3:38pm

    A decent Vote count for the NHS candidate v NHS Secretary of state....speaks for itself.Shameful comment on Tory Health Service act and conduct

  • Tory plans to coerce patients into treatment could turn GPs into 'probation officers'

    Jb Pittard's comment 18 Apr 2015 1:28pm

    This shambolic approach to welfairies ,lurches between the nasty Tory Daily Mailites who think drinkers and eaters dont need taxpayer support( alcohol and tobacco tax deals with some of this) ,and the Bevinites who believe 100% of humanity is saintlike and deserving of unconditional taxpayer support.
    Simple solution is to move to non judgemental i universal support syatem where the whole population over 18 signs in for bio verified bank account( no double counting) then gets a fixed benefit linked to HMRC and benefits computers, so it is added to taxable income .Set the level so that all citizens can earn and only lose 20% of benefit for each2£k earnings so benefit disappears at £10K pa. Problem solved . Fat folks , drinkers smokers
    and stoners.All incentivised to do some WORK.

  • Pharmaceutical industry's 'manufacturing problems' are beyond a joke

    Jb Pittard's comment 05 Apr 2015 9:13pm

    There's a variant beclomethasone cream....£68 for 30g; everyone Rx that....see what happens.