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Gold, incentives and meh

Sue Murray

  • Who else was nominated?

    Sue Murray's comment 03 Sep 2015 2:21pm

    Dr Alison Behn
    Basildon Area
    Gives 150% at all times - great favourite in the surgery. Gives that extra time to LISTEN, HEAR and then acts with utmost professionalism - if their was to be a super hero Dr - she would be ours. Very proud to work with her.

  • Anyone we have missed? Let us know here

    Sue Murray's comment 03 Sep 2015 1:56pm

    Dr John Cormack
    Mid Essex, fights for underfunded practices - patient confidentiality , promotes the economy of Nurse led clinics - working alongside GP guidance. 'A true gentlman and valued GP' by his patients and staff. Won a recent award for being such a well respected Practitioner on National TV

  • Symptom sorter - cough in children

    Sue Murray's comment 08 Jan 2015 12:54pm

    This was a great refresher, reminding us - not to take symptoms at face value and look a little deeper - thank you

  • Extra 'named GP' funding in doubt as CCGs struggle to stump up cash

    Sue Murray's comment 20 Mar 2014 8:53am

    I am a Nurse working in General Practice - with 3 extremely hard working GPs. Please instead of widening the divide between secondary and primary care - we need to find ways of working together to prevent Hospital admissions, when we are told 30% of elderly admissions are dead within a year - I think I heard 1:10 don't leave hospital alive , instead of petty bickering we need firmer stratergies to ensure our elderly population are cared for. None of the subscribers came in to the medical field for the money - you all had the same basic training and then made your own carreer choices. Belittling each other is worthless. Be proud and face your frustrations together. GPs work hard long hours - in my experience work far longer hours than the public imagine - openness, and appropriate funding - are the answers and we need to negogiate to that end.

  • Hunt: Contract reforms next year will mean 'fundamental change to the role of GPs'

    Sue Murray's comment 24 Oct 2013 11:02am

    Sharing of patients records, is not our decision - it has to be the informed decision of the people who trust us. Most patients would agree - AE and other allied health care professionals - could know details such as allergies meds and general chronic illnesses. But it is -I believe not our right to allow all of the notes to be visible - nor I feel for this personalised information to be accessible to pharmaceutical companies and for research. Our patients trust in us as professionals -is paramount. we can not lose it - we should aim for clarity and openess. So after it has taken me 10 mins to explain this to my patient to get their consent - do I have any time to actually treat the patient.?