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Kadiyali Srivatsa

Kadiyali Srivatsa

Author: "MAYA" : Bring Tears Of Happiness & Fighting Infections Saving Lives
Inventor: Maya (Medical Advice You Access)
Keynote Speaker & Chairman "EuroSciCon Infectious Disease, STD & HIV Conference, 2018"
Teacher, publisher and working on Internet Things & Frugal Innovations to help fight infections and save lives

He worked in Paediatric intensive, emergency and neonates for almost twenty years as Staff Paediatrician and Regsitrar in hospitals (1983-2000).

In 2004, he re-trained and was employed in a pilot GMS Nurse-led practice, train and assess nurses to diagnose infections and prescribe antibiotics. He challenged institutions and published two books, created Apps to help doctors and patients share information. His mission is to help identify infected individuals and isolate them to prevent pandemics.

  • Report warns of 'inherent risks' with nurse-led GP practices

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 24 Nov 2018 10:59am

    I warned people in power about the risk of allowing nurses to diagnose, perform tests, interpret results, diagnose and prescribe drugs in 2004. The punitive sanction was imposed and my family and I suffered.

    In 2006, Patricia Hewett, Secretary of state, a non-medically trained person licenced nurses and pharmacist not trained in medical school nor registered by GMC to prescribe drugs. The consequence of this callous attitude and disrespect to medical ethics has brought shame to our profession.

    My case against the Institution and people in power will go to trial. Three Law Lords of High Court supported my claim (

    The Supreme court has now squashed the appeal by SOS and my case will move forward. The documents and cases I have collected will bring an end to this unethical medical practice and help us protect fellow humans.

  • New health secretary says he is a patient of Babylon's NHS GP app

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 12 Jul 2018 8:33am

    I must have been the first doctor who thought of using the internet because I published a website called This was before Amazon, Google and Facebook were born. After identifying the problem, I have tested the various hypothesis, collected data and created Maya (Medical Advice You Access), published books and created Dr Maya & Maya Dr to help patients and healthcare providers. If AI was the best option, do you think I would have hesitated to create Dr Maya Doll that could have replaced GPs? NO, because I believe it is our duty to offer basic healthcare to every human on earth FREE OF COST. I know there is no way we can replace family doctors using Apps or AI and so I will do all that I can to stop this unethical medical practice and defend my ethics and protect the fellow human.
    This health minister must be crazy if he thinks we can manage NHS using an app because NOTHING in healthcare is 100%. Offering advice and treatment based on the result of our audit is not safe and must be discouraged because the threat of superbugs is real.
    I have now worked as a locum in OOH and Emergency care and know doctors are forced to follow protocols and flowchart based on statistics and so inflicting pain and suffering to thousands of patients accessing these centres assuming they are the next best to GPs.

  • GPC to 'seek legal advice' over Babylon's attempt to register London patients

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 11 Nov 2017 11:35am

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  • GPC to 'seek legal advice' over Babylon's attempt to register London patients

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 11 Nov 2017 11:30am

    I think this app is not only dangerous but also infringed IP. I have been looking at ways we doctors can use IT to offer our service using IT, in hospital, I tried PAT (Paediatric Assesmebt tool) to systemise paediatrics but realised it is not safe.
    After testing various methods I created Dr Maya. Any doctor can create his/her Dr Maya to share info and also offer video, email, text and Skype links.
    Please stop IT companies using our profession to offer substandard care.
    Using link, you can create your own Dr Maya. Please take control of your profession and stop people stealing our knowledge and experience to kill our profession

  • 'If we can’t fund five days, how can we fund seven?'

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 14 Jan 2017 11:43am

    Government ignored warning, harassed, humiliated and ostrasised doctors who opposed them in 2006.

    Article published in pulse 'Systematic failure' has led to steep rise in paediatric emergency admissions, study finds and reply by Collin Powell; Do we need to change the way we deliver unscheduled care?
    Arch Dis Child 2013;98:5 319-320 "Warn other countries not to emulate UK experience".

    Evidences presented in various enquiries about wrong doings and compensation payment, speak volumes of unethical medical practice. I have not come across any one other than me pointing my fingers at non-medically trained people offering healthcare advice and treatment in UK.

    Even the GMC and BMA ignore this.

  • Failure to fully consider the costs of seven day access is irresponsible

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 14 Jan 2017 11:00am

    By the way, I have also published a book Maya Bring Tears Of Happiness that they can use and learn how to differentiate common from serious illness and manage them at home. eBook costs less than what they pay to park their car in hospital car park in 1 hour. If the avoid one visit to hospital / year they save money.

  • Failure to fully consider the costs of seven day access is irresponsible

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 14 Jan 2017 10:53am

    This is a problem that has been discussed for years and is unlikely to be resolved. The main problem is because Gps are not looking at this problem from another angle.

    Unfortunately, it was GPs who advertised, encouraged patients to consult early. I picked 50 patients notes that were very thick and went through them, I realised 80% of them had no serious medical illness but was psychiatric illness.

    Then I looked what was going on when they were less than 12 month, the result was not surprising. The mother was bringing this patient to consult GPs more than 13 times/year. These patients developed deep rooted belief that they must consult doctor even though the symptom was trivial. The doctor diagnosed the illness as hypochondriac or depression and refers them to psychiatrist.

    I have conducted various pilot project to learn how we can bring in changes and make patients more confident so that they share the responsibility.

    In 2006, I was annoyed, because the nurses working in walk in clinics and nurse-led practice were making clinical errors and so I developed a tool so that patients will not consult a nurse when they must not. I don't want to go through my story now but soon you will hear. Now using the tool I developed a simple APP that will not only bring in changes we all expect. You can offer 24/7, 365 days service, work less, earn more and also create a database of your symptoms. This is like insurence policy because you are in control. If NHS crumbles, you have the contact details and so can continue to offer your service.

    To tell you frankly, I am not concerned about NHS but am worried about doctors like you in primary care.

    Please watch my video ( and register as a doctor ( create your own Dr Maya apps that ask your patients to download Dr Maya and choose you as their doctors. Now you are all set to create your own network.

    Please note Dr Maya will help screen calls and reduce wasted consultations. If your name is in the database, you can offer advice, send email prescriptions, video consolation, refer and also book appointment. If the problem patient has is emergency, Maya will call 999, if the problem is common, Maya will refer patient to 111 and so you will get one or two calls in the night and also reduce 60% of emergency appointments. So its time you relax, see only patients who need your help and make nurses see more patients who you think are safe. Please check it out, lets take the bull by its horn. If JH thinks he is smart, we will prove we are smarter!!!!

    Please check this out because a day will come when one infected person will walk into your clinic and pass on an infection that can kill you (similar to ebola) and so be prepared.

    Read my article "Superbug Superbug Pandemics and How to Prevent Them" in American Interest and learn about a major threat that will be difficult to manage.

    I created this system not to save NHS but to help me because I did not want to get medical advice from a nurse who cannot differentiate penicillin from other antibiotics.

    Best Wishes.
    Please contact me if you need help, I am in London in February and will come over, help you create your net work...lets have fun

  • ‘This will turn general practice around’

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 16 May 2016 5:25am

    I feel sad after reading comments published here but can understand how difficult it can be to work as a GP in th NHS, knowing we do not get any support from GMC, BMA, Royal Colleges and Politicians.

    Patients have been made to believe we can deliver the best health care FREE of cost and so are often demanding.

    Please trust me, I have been in hell since 2007 and now am on the top of Himalaya, stronger than Etti to protect fellow human and defend my profession. All that I need is doctors like you to unite and not waste time venting anger over immoral and doctors who do not respect medical ethics.

  • ‘This will turn general practice around’

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 16 May 2016 5:08am

    I think its time I come out of shell and share information to help members of my profession to offer a service that we can all be proud of.

    My book "MAYA" Bring tears of happiness must be available in Amazon and also in book shops in UK. I have released two apps Dr Maya (for patients) and Maya Dr (for doctors). Using these Apps doctors can create a database of patients, symptoms, advice and exchange notes, prescriptions and also referral letters. I have also given doctors the option of telephone, video and text messaging.

    Using the apps, we can offer 24/7, 365 days service because Maya will filter and reduce wasted phone calls. If doctors in UK do not use the opportunity, we will allow doctors from other countries to offer their service for a nominal fee.

    I think this is the future of healthcare because it is cost effective, modern and also allow us to incorporate internet things that can monitor, perform basic clinical tests to help us diagnose and offer advice or treatment.

    Please check my Apps and take control of the situation and do not allow these people who claim to care and offer the best healthcare service in the world harass and bully us to accept their terms.

    We must join hands, bring back the lost human face of medicine and make sure our family and us are protected from infections like Ebola that killed more healthcare professionals than general public.

  • NHS paid private provider £165,000 for single home visit under GP Choice scheme

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 02 Apr 2016 9:17am

    Why waste time and money when I have offered Dr Maya, a simple app that can bring in changes to help reduce the number of patients visit hospitals, clinics. This was developed to help organise appointment system so that the patients are seen by the right healthcare worker.

    Even now people in UK are dying because patients access 111 instead on 999 or consult nurses in walk in clinic when they must have consulted doctors in the hospitals. You can down load Dr Maya (FREE) from Google play and soon from AppleStore.

    I am releasing an another APP for doctors to help offer 24/7 365 days service and collect fee from patients from all over the world. Registerd doctor have an option to create data base, insert images, videos and also links to articles and websites with useful information.

    Patients who choose the registerd doctor will only access informaton shared by the registerd GP. This is a simple and easy way to create a network of patients whom you can offer your service even if the NHS goes private.

    Doctors who contact me will be listed (free of cost) but in the future (if Government, Airline companies or WHO) does not help me, I will have to start charging patients and healthcare providers. My intention is to make this simple tool available FREE of cost to help us fight the threat of infections.

    Please check this out and contact me if you need more information. Soon you will see a book appear in the shops and in Amazon to help people with no access to internet use this system.

    Knowing the chances of developing a new antibiotic is very bleak, my innovation Medical Advice You Access (MAYA) was integrated by 7i" to help us initially identify infected individuals and isolate them to protect healthcare workers and humanity.

  • Medical students consider non-clinical careers after junior contract imposition

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 01 Mar 2016 12:31pm

    Its sad to read this news and so am offering an alternative method to help you offer your service to people from all over the world. You can do this using my tool and APPs called Dr Maya. (Free download for patients)

    People who download will need to find a doctor who can be linked to. Doctors app will be released soon. This app allows you to edit, add and delete common symptoms, I have listed and create your own database. This can be in any language so you will be creating your own Dr Maya App. 45 million people in USA are not insured, they can use the app to speak to you. Of course, you get paid $5 or $10 (you can set your fee). We will collect the amount before the speak. 700 million people access internet and am sure people will be happy to pay. This I hope will help people in war torn countries, epidemic area and poor nations to offer the best healthcare service.

    If you set up a private clinic, Dr Maya will help you book appointments. There is more things you can do...

    Why not check how Dr Maya works. Download, register (FREE) and please get in touch with me. We will create a "Cyber Network" of doctors and patients. The HM can go and jump in a lake.

    Meet me and see how my simple tool Dr Maya works. I will be exhibiting this at Superdrug Superbug conference in London on 16th & 17th March

    My mission is to protect patients and stop people in power harras and bully my colleagues (Hippocrates Oath). We are offering a service to humanity not politicians

  • NHS 111 'not sensitive enough' to pick up potentially fatal conditions

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 28 Jan 2016 8:03am

    Yes, GPs are under constant pressure to reduce antibiotic prescribing and referrals to acute hospital A&Es but what are they doing to solve the problem? I have tried my best to help bring in changes because it is unethical to make patients wait. The GPs did not oppose Patricia Hewett allowing nurses to take over primary care. Even after numerous deaths and scandal we are unable to bring in changes.

    I have done what it takes and created Dr Maya. This will allow doctors to create a database that he or she can share with patients. We must have a tool to share information as the the threat of bacterial infections that kill is real. I have integrated innovation that will help identify infected individual and isolate them so that patients waiting in surgery and us are safe. This is an app that will help GPs take control, if they don't soon primary care will disintegrate because doctor from other countries may take over offering advice and treatment using communication technology

  • NHS managers 'expect' GPs to go beyond contractual requirements on IT drive

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 01 Jul 2014 9:01am

    Its sad to see how people in power working in the NHS are simply wasting time, money and killing one of the best healthcare system in the world. I do not undersand why these people are not using their common sense but wasting £billions hiring soft are companies. I hope they will listen to what doctors say and not what software companies offer and help save the NHS.

  • NHS England should be slimmed down, says GP commissioning leader

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 13 Jun 2014 9:09am

    I do not think the GP commisioning leaders are clinicians who understand the practical problems in primary care. We offer a service and not business that thrive on others pain. I created a simple tool to help reduce delay and complications. Unfortunately, nurses who are allowed to work as doctors (with no formal training to examine, diagnose or treat) found my work threatens their ambition. Now I am free and soon will hear how this can help reduce access, demand and educate patients. The primary care physicians can increase the number of patients they offer advice and reduce complication.
    Patients who used my tools find it gives them confidence and reassurance they need.

  • Nurse prescribing 'a threat to safety'

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 13 Jan 2014 7:43am

    The result of ignoring our concern is now very obvious. This has not only made patients suffer but also resulted us in loosing almost every antibiotic we have. I have been warning about this threat to human kind since 2003 and am sure the callous attitude of our politicians will result in making millions of people suffer in the future.

  • NHS 111 to scrap complicated call summaries 'as soon as possible'

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 16 Aug 2013 9:57am

    I have attended various meetings organised by IT companies involved in innovation of tele-care and tele-mediciine since 1990s.

    The main problem that has occurred is because the people who are involved in R&D cannot understand it is not possible to replicate a service.

    In 1996, pre-printed assessment sheet was produced and tested. This has caused more problem than good.

    The verbose will be long and potentially dangerous and miss the important points within it that are clinically useful. I feel sad because the politicians are wasting money on a project that is not focused on patient care, safety.

  • 'Systematic failure' has led to steep rise in paediatric emergency admissions, study finds

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 09 Jun 2013 12:48pm

    Colin Powell in his article state we need a simple tool to help inexperienced junior doctors and primary care to help identify potentially serious illness in children. It looks as if he has gone through books and not searched for tools in the internet.

    I developed a simple tool in 2003 when I worked as a Salaried GP in a Nurse-led practice to help them decide who they must refer to consult me.

    Unfortunately this work was not one the nurses working in the Nurse led Practice or local walk-in-clinic because the nurses will only get to help manage flu, rash and simple UTIs.

    Please check how a my simple tool based on our clinical acumen and not statistically significant or nurses observation could have saved NHS this embarrassment and certainly prevented thousands of children psychologically damaged by hospitalisation. I have also created Apps that can be downloaded and used ...FREE

  • CCG retenders NHS 111 contract due to 'concerns' over rollout

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 17 May 2013 9:57am

    Are these doctors or a group of lay people?. If they are doctors, then I think we must ask them a simple question "Do they believe this triage system developed be nurses, helped by medical students safe?". Will the members of CCG accept advice and treatment offered by OOH triage service? "I certainly will NOT"

    Dr Gill et al, has clearly stated "Increase in emergency admission since 2003 is due to systemic failure in primary care, NHS Direct and A&E". The number of children admitted for a day after diagnosing URTI, LRTI and UTI is simply unbelievable.

    I do not think a well trained and experienced clinicians will accept these as a disease that require admission to hospitals. This speak volumes about the quality of care offered in the primary care in UK.

    I feel these substandard care offered by incompetent doctors or nurses must be stopped. It is not fair on our part to inflicting emotional and psychological trauma to a vulnerable child by disrupted family life. I wouldn't dare talk about the problems (Dr Gill has listed a few) these parents will encounter after the child is discharged.

    Admitting a child to hospital must be the last option. Any one offering to diagnose illness and managing children in the community must be competent if not they must not accept responsibility. The trauma inflicted in a growing child will always remain in the child's mind for years.

    It is obvious the doctors who are in CCG have forgotten their duty is "Not To Harm". I hope the GMC use this opportunity to bring an end to this un-ethical medical practice that has been on going since nurses, OOH and NHS Direct took over the responsibility to offer OOH and emergency care in UK.

    (1) Powell C. Do we need to change the way we deliver unscheduled care? Arch Dis Child, May 2013, 8,5, 319-320
    (2) Gill PJ, et al. Increase in emergency admission to hospitals. Arch Dis Child 2013;98:328-334