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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump


  • Number of GPs continues to decline as 200 leave in three months

    Ozzy's comment 22 Feb 2018 2:12am

    The NHS was never disimilar to an old car. Give it an annual MOT and service. A little bit of rust? No problem. Leave it in a barn then it will rust and corrode to the point of no return. GPs were never part of the solution either. More specialists to the denigration of GPs when they needed more generalists. Lets see what happens from now on. There are far too many specialists the NHS and not enough generalists. That is the problem.

  • Number of GPs continues to decline as 200 leave in three months

    Ozzy's comment 22 Feb 2018 2:00am

    New SNP tax changes North of the border is certainly going to help the rural and Scottish GP recruitment crisis!
    Along with the new Scottish contract. 10 years of the SNP.
    No further comment

  • Parliamentary petition calls for doctors to stop paying for GMC

    Ozzy's comment 22 Feb 2018 1:54am

    We are between a rock and a hard place. At the moment you can't practice medicine unless you are GMC registered. What to do?

  • Appraisal guidance needs 'immediate update' after Bawa-Garba case

    Ozzy's comment 29 Jan 2018 3:29pm

    I'm not sure how the law works but it seems to me we are now guilty by being open before being proven innocent Unfortunately to practice medicine in the UK we have to register with the GMC. Are they fit for purpose? I also thought appraisal was similar to patient doctor confidentiality. Obviously not. Beware!
    I believe we should all now boycott appraisal if we no longer have faith and confidentially in a system meant to make doctors better.
    Disclaimer- I have nothing to hide.