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A faulty production line

Alias Nobody

  • Grassroots GPs call for GMC chief’s resignation in light of Bawa-Garba case

    Alias Nobody's comment 14 Aug 2018 10:34pm

    Could somebody at GP Survial set up a petition at for some of the good points above. Thanks.

  • Appeals court rules in favour of Bawa-Garba appeal

    Alias Nobody's comment 13 Aug 2018 5:14pm

    It's good news and bad news. Good that the GMC's own Tribunal is proved right. Bad news that Bawa-Garba still carries a criminal record for manslaughter! Yes - I know what that the case was not about quashing the criminal conviction. The point is that the people who set up Bawa-Garba have gotten away scot-free! This is ridiculous!!

  • Dr Bawa-Garba was in a 'perfect storm', says supervisor ahead of appeal verdict

    Alias Nobody's comment 13 Aug 2018 3:48pm

    Breaking news!! She's won her case!!!!!

  • Dr Bawa-Garba was in a 'perfect storm', says supervisor ahead of appeal verdict

    Alias Nobody's comment 13 Aug 2018 3:37pm

    Everybody needs to ask themselves 'Who is ultimately responsible for what happened?' - and then speak up! Are we afraid to speak up?

    Who got sentenced and who didn't? Who knew of systemic failures from an internal report? Who was responsible for systemic failures?

    Has everybody read all the reports and case law? Why not?

  • Police decide not to pursue charges against hospital over Bawa-Garba case

    Alias Nobody's comment 21 Jul 2018 8:50pm

    The police always discuss things with the CPS. The police may lay the charges but it's the CPS who brings the prosecution. So if CPS shows the police the palm held high, that's the end of it. Notably the CPS had the law on their side to bring down Richard Holden and attempt to catch 'Speedy Gonzales'

    But when in comes to 'big fish' in health services the law works differently - innit.

  • We’ve got it narse about face when it comes to noctors

    Alias Nobody's comment 21 Jul 2018 11:00am

    Everybody needs to get it right. The whole ANP thing is primarily a cost-saving exercise (in the minds of your masters). The ultimate Ponzi scheme is on the verge of a crash due to lack of investment. In fact your masters expect improved quality for less cost, year on year. This is crazy. The trouble for our profession is that creating ANPs is another 'divide-and-rule' strategy. How? Because as we see in some responses, some people are saying that their Practices would crash if no ANP. Well, sure it would but the root cause of that probability is underinvestment. ANPs are only plugging a hole on the cheap.

    Hey ho - we have Brexit (hard or soft) coming up. Nobody knows the true hit on the Nation. It's somewhere between £40B and £200B. 'Battle-stations' are on high alert. We have to pay up as a Nation as our life blood is squeezed by yet another mega Ponzi scheme called Europe. This means that the life of our Nation is of a higher priority than individual lives. Right? As sarcasm does not travel well in text-based form, I have to be declare my sarcasm and cynicism.

  • We have to stop making excuses for abusive patients

    Alias Nobody's comment 14 Jul 2018 11:28am

    The article is nonsense and divorced from reality! Did I abuse anybody by saying this? I did not!

    Reality is a harder place. The reality at the moment is that the customer (aka service user) is always right - and they have some powerful muscle on their side. Until it becomes standard (lawful) practice to record all consultations, the problem of challenging abuse by patients will remain. Taking issue with abusive patients is a time-consuming stressful experience. Do you have time for any of that? You do not!

    Sure the principle of not tolerating abuse is fine - but the reality of challenging it is not fine. Step out of your fantasy worlds for a change.

    My strategy for managing abuse is simply to pretend it's water on a ducks back. They could say whatever they want. I document verbatim what is said. I refuse to see on a subsequent occasion - and if my masters wanna take issue with me, I have the evidence for my actions. If they start forcing me to tolerate abuse, I'll then pelt them with the NHS Zero Tolerance policy. Is that okayyyyyy? [Now some will have identified 'Alias Nobody'. LOL]

  • 'Multiyear' funding settlement to replace annual NHS budgets, says PM

    Alias Nobody's comment 29 Mar 2018 12:39pm

    Why does common sense take so long to reach the upper recesses of power? Everybody knew for the last 25 years that an 'annual approach' to health services' budgets was insane. But no, the NHS had to be brought to its knees and almost go totally bust before action can be taken.

    We heard recently about an injection of £4 Billion per annum, which won't actually be seen until next year. I'm sorry - after strangling the health services to near death, we're now seeing rescue packages. This is like torture. The NHS and all its workers are victims of monetary waterboarding. Now we're given hope relief from the torture.

    Really - is this the way to treat all the people who your Mr Hunt lavishes so much praise upon? That too is part of the torture.

    I will remember not only the above patterns of conduct, but the torture delivered onto people who the health services provide for. Our masters will focus on the majority who receive high quality care. Does it mean that we should ignore the minority who have suffered? I don't think so!

  • Struck-off junior doctor to appeal High Court decision

    Alias Nobody's comment 08 Feb 2018 12:40pm

    So she has ditched her defence union (or separated by mutual agreement on this particular issue). Could this mean that they couldn't afford the best QCs? I think so. It means to me that when a really serious matter affects the whole profession (and the one) - money - which is 'muscle', becomes the big blocker. Good on Dr Quershi et al for fighting for Bawa-Garba.

  • Police 'to discuss' calls to prosecute hospital over Bawa-Garba case

    Alias Nobody's comment 02 Feb 2018 10:19pm

    It's ridiculous that the Police have to be nudged by BAPIO to investigate furhter. What - the police couldn't see it for themselves that the issue of Corporate Homide/Manslaughter was there, right in front of their noses?

  • 'Dr Bawa-Garba could have been any one of us'

    Alias Nobody's comment 02 Feb 2018 10:15pm

    "We are doctors. We are not God."

    Yes - but some of us have been playing God. How? Trying to cure everybody when we're covered with excessive workloads and poor resources, just like in the Bawa-Garba situation. Some even believe that God will help them for being godlike. Well, Bawa-Garba is a wake up call for everybody. You account to the courts - not God!

    The issue is not about defensive practice as something new under the sun. The issue has always been about delivering a reasonable standard of practice.

    Crazily, the GMC have issued guidance that when a doctor know that they are working in unsafe conditions, it is the doctor's responsibility to pass this up the tree - but not withdraw services. So in other words, doctors must continue to deliver unsafe medical services that risks people's lives until some plonker at the top do something about it. The guidance is pure nonsense!

  • Government makes 'u-turn' on introducing plain tobacco packaging

    Alias Nobody's comment 15 Jul 2013 12:14pm

    Packaging row about sale of the most dangerous substance that kills the most people every year - I give up.