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A faulty production line

Catherine Welch

  • Scottish contract delivering ‘insufficient’ progress, says Scottish GPC chair

    Catherine Welch's comment 02 Dec 2019 4:02pm

    Worth reflecting on the terms- ‘realistic expectations’, ‘populist politics’, and ‘what did Scottish GPs really expect when the stayed away from voting in their droves!’. Scotland’s GPs have got what they deserve... the sheer apathy that lead to such low turnouts in the vote ‘for’ a new contract that was as planned and realistic as Matt Hancock’s 50,000 ‘more’ nurses, and Trump’s wall.

  • Disabled doctors will receive more support under new GMC guidance

    Catherine Welch's comment 07 Jun 2019 11:31am

    It’s about time the Medical Profession faced its own biases and prejudices towards disabilities and long-term conditions amongst its own. The Paternalistic culture backfires on us all. Anyone who has read my blogs will know I speak from experience about living, training and working with disabilities and long-term conditions. And reading the comments to some of them perfectly highlights the prejudicial and judging undercurrent constantly encountered by many doctors with both visible and hidden conditions.
    I hope this is more than just bluster from the GMC and CQC, but I think there is too much anger and awareness now for true equity to remain brushed under the carpet, and things must change if confidence is to be regained. However, big changes need to happen in other areas, including legal protection of rights and supports for independent contractors (ie GP partnership) if General Practice is ever to become truly representative and equitable.

  • All these acronyms are a load of BS

    Catherine Welch's comment 30 May 2019 10:13am

    Just as well I have an iron ex-Pathologist’s stomach- almost spat out my Eggs Benedict laughing when I read this! But I suspect the next version of ‘A to Z of Health Writing’ will end up with even more acronyms from the rise of the Social Media era...WTF, CUL8R, ROFLMAO...

  • Bawa-Garba decision is a relief - but there are no winners

    Catherine Welch's comment 10 Apr 2019 6:41pm

    Thank you Jamie. So few out there in the forum, whichever side they sit, have the foresight or the will to acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes, but that some have to make so many life-changing decisions that even the few mistakes of the conscientious can have devastating effects. It’s not how many mistakes, it is the nature of them that makes the difference. And the factors that promote more mistakes to happen.

    Cathy Welch

  • Reimagining the UK’s shortage of GPs

    Catherine Welch's comment 19 Jan 2019 10:55am

    Interesting reading in the comments here. Ponder this- could some of your comments re: retention, managing the adversities of working in GP today, and even descriptions of ‘heartsink patients’ reflect your own backgrounds, where you came from, where you saw your careers and lives going when you first embarked on your paths?
    You are all so fixed on the’shit hole’ that is General Practice here and now, but changing that in the long term is about a hell of a lot more than making our own beds more comfortable, it’s about engaging and encouraging the people who will be most contented and prepared to work in future GP. Addressing the issues from all sides.

  • New GP contract to mandate practices to join primary care networks

    Catherine Welch's comment 08 Jan 2019 12:59pm

    Also, as Richard Vautrey is saying 'This builds on this contract and will not replace it. Nobody will have to give up their existing contract,'...I wonder if this is up for being voted on? I suspect from the wording that it is a major contract change brought in through the back door, and ground-floor GPs may not get their say on it, unless you fight. If this is not a ‘new contract’ there is no obligation to canvass the membership, only to inform...

  • New GP contract to mandate practices to join primary care networks

    Catherine Welch's comment 08 Jan 2019 12:52pm

    Beware all ye English GPs... look closely at the Scottish contract, and the ‘cluster model’ being tried up here. When QOF abandoned in Scotland GP clusters were formed of supposedly similar types of practices and localities to become the driving force for ongoing Quality Assurance and Improvement. In some areas it has worked and practices have been able to co-ordinate activities. However many areas have collapsed, with no co-operation, and still more where 1 practice has become dominant in the cluster and others have either stood back to let 1 take all the pressure, or ‘power houses’ have developed. InScotland the framework is less proscribed, but I fear a more formalised or even forced structure will create definite winners and losers, and potential divisiveness in areas where very different practices are forced to combine services or organisational structures. And if ‘incentives’ or ‘penalties’ are then added, the downward spiral of power plays and manipulation are never far behind...

  • All this help is making me feel a bit ‘hypo’

    Catherine Welch's comment 15 Nov 2018 5:01pm

    Excuse me Hot Felon, I’m not in the least bit bothered by titles, unless it is clearly being used to belittle someone- yet another clear example of bullying behaviour. I am a Dr, with GMC registration just like everyone else here, unless you falsified a number to get a sign on to post here. Plus a license to practice on the GP register, which I suspect some of you are not. The only one that looks like a numpty is you if you think you can get away with hiding your insulting bully tactics behind clever denigrating sarcasm.
    So, Mr. ‘I don’t have the balls to put my own name to my insulting comments’ Hot Felon, do you feel big now?

  • All this help is making me feel a bit ‘hypo’

    Catherine Welch's comment 14 Nov 2018 9:49pm

    You’ve said it all in one sentence Janes Wallace. My job here is done. Good luck.

  • All this help is making me feel a bit ‘hypo’

    Catherine Welch's comment 14 Nov 2018 6:20pm

    I am astounded how, day after day, medics, and worse still GPs can be so far up their own a***s as to write something so profoundly insulting about colleagues, yes COLLEAGUES, just to justify their own sense of superiority.

    This article is nothing less than bullying on paper, with a thinly veiled attempt at anonymity of the victim. It is backbiting, it is damaging, it is unprofessional and it is just plain rude. I’d like to see how you would manage a vacuum-pump dressing in a poorly-lit room, and then see how you felt at being ripped apart in a nursing rag and ridiculed because you were reaching beyond your station. And you wonder why bullying is headline news in the medical profession- I’ll lend you a mirror as it seems yours is broken.

  • GPs defending patient complaints to be asked which guidelines they followed

    Catherine Welch's comment 31 Aug 2018 9:56am

    Guidelines? Or Protocols? Guidelines aren’t to be followed , ther are there as a guide to options, to be consulted as a support to clinical decision-making. Here comes the danger so many have spoken of with over-reliance on ‘guidelines’ and their institutionalisation- the workers took becomes the stick with which to beat them...

  • Government urges 25m holidaymakers to ‘contact their GP’ about medicines

    Catherine Welch's comment 07 Jun 2018 1:35pm

    Ahh, so GPs are also expected to be experts in international law as well, and of course patients have no need to assume any responsibility for anything as the GP should know it all and take all responsibility for the patient’s choices and behaviour. So is that what is meant by realistic medicine?

  • Medical conditioning versus the human condition

    Catherine Welch's comment 24 Apr 2018 0:23am

    S’ton class of ‘98?

  • Medical conditioning versus the human condition

    Catherine Welch's comment 23 Apr 2018 6:22pm

    Don’t worry, David, you’ve not heard the last of me yet! Back to work tomorrow (slowly!), far to much life to be lived to be giving up! :-)

  • Time to rebel against pale, male and stale

    Catherine Welch's comment 11 Mar 2018 12:43pm

    David Banner- I think you are right in much of what you say, and you are recognising what I fear many others are not. However, with that it is easy to believe that everything has changed. The reality is very different, as can be seen in some active Twitter thread from medics, nurses and other HCWs in Vritain and elsewhere. It’s easy to believe something doesn’t happen just because you don’t see it yourself.

  • Time to rebel against pale, male and stale

    Catherine Welch's comment 11 Mar 2018 12:39pm

    Touché. Nuff said. It seems the spelling of the gender types has also changed some I was in Primary School (slightly less than 40 years ago)...

  • Time to rebel against pale, male and stale

    Catherine Welch's comment 11 Mar 2018 2:39am

    Do you realise, AlanAlmond, that you have just fallen into exactly the same trap as I mentioned in my comment yesterday. I suspect you don’t, which just highlights the hold that cultural biases have on our thinking and behaviour. And round and round the hamster wheel we run, completely oblivious to the fact that we haven’t actually moved

  • Time to rebel against pale, male and stale

    Catherine Welch's comment 10 Mar 2018 7:27pm

    Correction-‘...if you are a trainer- seriously think back...’

  • Time to rebel against pale, male and stale

    Catherine Welch's comment 10 Mar 2018 5:31pm

    Reading these comments, I can see a lot of cognitive dissonance creaping through, in a similar vein to my blog on non-GP partners a few weeks ago. There is a lot of emphasis put on the title, the label. Defensiveness in the form of ‘I make my own coffee’, but very little recognition amongst the male respondents of the very real disparity between the GP workforce numbers and the numbers in roles of leadership and management, the GMC, BMA, CCGs, HBs, etc. There is an unwritten, unspoken and unrecognised bias in education and training. If you are a trainee, seriously think back- male, female, BME or other differences- did they all get the same emphasis re: clinical skills, communication skills, management skills, leadership skills. We’re the differences truly down to just their individual strengths and weaknesses, or was there a subtle shift in what you expected of each of them. Cultural bias is a silent master- you will never see the chains it holds on you til you look deep

  • It’s high time GPs moved out of the Dark Ages

    Catherine Welch's comment 24 Feb 2018 7:40pm

    Yes, doctordog, it probably will:-( Most cultural and thought changes do. Look st the inertia re: Safety and Systems thinking, and Human Factors & Ergonomics.