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Pauline Grant

  • Government scraps flagship GP record-sharing project

    Pauline Grant's comment 07 Jul 2016 11:43am

    Sounds like this is part of planning for privatisation? So the government will want to carry it on in some form.

  • Can the Forward View revive general practice?

    Pauline Grant's comment 28 Apr 2016 7:23am

    If they had just increased the global sum per Patient they would have needed to spend hours thinking about it and coming up with 80 page documents and all the money needed to do that. GPS would have been happier, morale improve, which would knock on to improve recruitment. Why do they always have to complicate things? Maybe because if it were so simple none of them would have a job?

  • ‘I want to reduce the burden on GPs’

    Pauline Grant's comment 25 Oct 2015 6:37am

    Interesting that the one example he gives of a measure of quality is whether or not a practice has a recruitment policy. Why on earth does this matter and how does this affect patient care??!!

  • NICE guidance must pass the ‘10-minute test’

    Pauline Grant's comment 06 Mar 2015 6:15am

    I thought the '10 minute test was going to be that guidance should be readable and able to be understood in 10 minutes. This should also apply.

  • NHS England in talks to set up 'complex care' GP practices

    Pauline Grant's comment 21 Jan 2014 8:45pm

    Surely if general practice was properly resourced GPs could have more time to devote to complex patients and this sort of scheme would not be needed. having said that I work with socially complex patients and it works well as a doctor can develop a specialism. I have 20 minute appointments.

  • Psychological therapies 'only helping one in ten people', concludes new analysis

    Pauline Grant's comment 07 Jan 2014 10:05pm

    Access to psychological therapy has improved greatly since IAPT was introduc. Prior to this it was very difficult to access CBT, and provision varied depending on local set ups. I have seen many whom it has helped and I believe it has shown them a different way of dealing with mood problems! enabling them to have strategies for the future! as well as helping the current episode. these longer term benefits are harder to factor in to purely cost effectiveness calculations. I would be sad to see it go.

  • It's time for GPs to take back out-of-hours

    Pauline Grant's comment 31 May 2013 7:35pm

    I agree that the government might pay a reasonable amount for OOH initially but the the claw back would start and what they give with one hand they would take away with the other. I agree we have to find some way to manage demand but all options have such down sides, such as charging or only allowing set number of visits per year etc. doctors triaging everyone on the phone could work, linked with personal lists which increases knowledge of patients. Job sharing works well so 2 or 3 part time doctors can share a list and maybe working some shifts over the weekend would not be so bad. For some part-time doctors this actually helps with child care. It feels like we might need some reorganisation in the way we work but let's make it GP led and not government led.