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Paquita de Zulueta

  • Are we really 'resilient', or are we just overexploited?

    Paquita de Zulueta's comment 19 Feb 2015 1:04pm

    This is an insightful blog - thank you Shaba. My experience as a training hospital doctor (even longer ago than yours!) resonates with yours. I have to confess that I run (well evaluated) workshops on resilience and compassionate resilience for doctors, but in these I incorporate self-compassion as a key element. I too am suspicious of this movement for 'resilience'. The impression I get is that it aims to make individuals more compliant to a system that is dehumanising and unsustainable. So my aim is to move from resilience to resistance to resurgence. Rediscovering our values and what brings meaning and purpose to our work, and ditching the stuff that is wasteful of our time and energy and harmful to us and our patients. There are leaders out there who are seeing the light - for example Margaret Hannah Public Health deputy director in Scotland has written an excellent book called Humanising Healthcare and there are others. If you want to contact me, please do so. Best wishes. Paquita:

  • NICE statins plan could split GP profession, warn doctors

    Paquita de Zulueta's comment 11 Jun 2014 11:26pm

    Until we have full access to the trials data hidden by the pharmaceutical companies, we should hold back. Unfortunately we and our patients are not brilliant at reporting side effects...Just heard of a 92 year old given statins which gave him muscle weakness and as a result he had a fall which led to his demise. How many more stories are there like this one? What does a statin achieve for a 92year old - one extra week of life? (or, as in this case, several months less). We should all read Skrabanek again - The Death of Humane Medicine and the Rise of Coercive Healthism, or Ivan Illich's Medical Nemesis. They predicted this. In the end we have to die of something, but coercive healthism fuels the illusion that we can be made immortal if we just take the pills. All that we are doing is creating unnecessary patienthood and benefiting big pharma.

  • Charging migrants - crackdown on health tourism or just health?

    Paquita de Zulueta's comment 07 Jan 2014 2:37pm

    Yes we are and speaking up at every opportunity! Bravo for your ethical and courageous piece. I am currently working for doctors of the world London clinic where we see those turned away by GPs and hospitals or too frightened to access health care. Things will get much worse now, I fear...I have protested about the immigration bill at every opportunity including interviews with BBC, written for BMJ, Pulse, given lectures etc. We need to join forces and show our professionalism by refusing to comply with this shocking and dangerous policy/practice and by acting as a community of influence. Join us at @HVHForum Paquita