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d in vadar

  • Pulse opens nominations for most influential GPs

    d in vadar's comment 21 May 2019 2:35pm

    I would like to nominate all the regular reader commentators on pulse today cause they're the only ones who give a crap. never heard of most of the other ones, but then again stuck at the coal face all day don't get to meet the influential, too busy doing the actual work. no gongs coming my way it appears.

  • Shadow health secretary raises Pulse findings in Commons public health debate

    d in vadar's comment 17 May 2019 2:23pm

    one council has stopped funding a pharmacy scheme to supply the emergency contraceptive directly to patients, this has resulted in patients missing out on contraception in time or needing emergency coil fittings. As pregnancy rates, TOP rates etc increase the NHS will pick up the costs and the council won't give a hoot as not their problem and not their bill. This was predicted well before the change of funding of public health from the NHS to councils.

    Public health was originally removed from councils and given to the NHS because councils kept taking public health money and spending it on council budgets instead. History has been ignored and repeated itself yet again. Total waste of money and a scandal.

  • Pension tax changes 'coincide' with spike in early retirements, says minister

    d in vadar's comment 17 May 2019 2:10pm

    i am amazed at their surprise. You take some of the brightest people in the country, change their tax status, limit their pension and to avoid excessive tax charges they retire early and go and work privately or as a locum instead. Either the government are incompetent or its a deliberate move to remove expensive nhs employees from the NHS, reduce the nhs pension bill, drive privatisation of the nhs and dumbing down of staff to the level on non questioning robots. either way its the end of the NHS. within the next 10 years the only way to see a doctor will be to go privately - private referrals requests already starting to increase.

  • Prime Minister hopes to recruit 5,000 extra GPs 'as soon as possible'

    d in vadar's comment 16 May 2019 2:22pm

    i never realised she was a comedienne as well. i am laughing all the way to the come and work in australia symposium as she speaks.

  • Telephone-first approach not a solution to GP workload, says study

    d in vadar's comment 10 May 2019 10:43am

    if we all refused to provide the endless phone calls and limited it to a maximum per day, redirect patients to 111 and A^E when full, something would be done. by taking the excessive workload we destroy general practice and ourselves. we do no one any favours by absorbing more and more work unpaid and without enough staff. time to stop.

  • Corbyn raises Pulse survey findings at Prime Minister's Questions

    d in vadar's comment 09 May 2019 8:52am

    the lights may be on but there is no one at home, roll on early retirement - 41% of the cohort i qualified with no longer work in the NHS and only one works full time

  • The dreaded words: 'Mum, I want to be a doctor'

    d in vadar's comment 03 May 2019 4:26pm

    banned my kids from doing medicine - all very happy, one at uni and loving their course - wished I done it for a degree because its really good and much better than medicine - didn't know it existed at the time which is a real shame - pushed them into doing subjects they love rather than do medicine . seen too many people doing medicine for all the wrong reasons and hated it ever since. just because they are good at science or all they family are doctors is not a valid reason to do medicine and does the NHS no favours in the long run. really we should allow our youngsters to study other degrees first then allow them to train in medicine if they still want to do it and be committed, 18 is too young to decide to be a doctor and too young to know if they would cope with the career as a long term option.

  • Doctors are suffering from 'moral injury' not burnout, says college leader

    d in vadar's comment 26 Apr 2019 10:44am

    its not moral injury - its workplace abuse by the NHS to its staff. Because of the inherent kindness of its staff the NHS has not been sued as much as it should have been. which in itself is another abuse.

  • Only one FTE GP produced for every three graduates trained, says NHS England

    d in vadar's comment 24 Apr 2019 12:18pm

    its not about female GPs, of all the people i trained with on my GPR scheme only one is still an actual full time partner (mostly male on my scheme), the rest have portfolio work like LMC, training, CCG stuff, work part time or have left GP or the UK altogether (33%). It's the job. Its pants. people are voting with their feet cause no one is listening. bring in all the extras as you want. They will cost more in the long run. Pointless

  • NHS Pensions still 'unclear' on locum pension changes after implementation

    d in vadar's comment 12 Apr 2019 4:56pm

    er peoples - the government does not want to pay for nhs pensions so is doing everything to stop people paying into it. GPs leave, private companies take over general practice, MPs get extra dosh for being consultants for private companies. happened with PFI, will happen with primary care.

  • Wales out-of-hours services at 'crisis point' as providers unable to cover weekends

    d in vadar's comment 12 Apr 2019 2:22pm

    so far done no OOH this year, not needed to, and i feel a lot better now i have my weekends back. pay rate same for last 10 years - not interested anymore, up the rates massively and i will think about it. otherwise its another sunday lie in for me.

  • Diabetes charity sends ‘at-risk’ patients to GP via online test

    d in vadar's comment 03 Apr 2019 1:55pm

    why not just do the diet till BMI is in the normal range and test if any symptoms, if the test is not going to change your initial management then why are you testing? bizarre.

  • BMA launches 'urgent investigation' into sexism allegations

    d in vadar's comment 03 Apr 2019 1:44pm

    boys meet altogether club finally been acknowledged then. will it change? takes insight or legislation to change - track record for BMA not great - hence not a member. how many women have been chair of the bma? I'll say no more.

  • GPs to receive training on tackling unprofessionalism from GMC

    d in vadar's comment 03 Apr 2019 1:31pm

    bullying is a coping mechanism for underlying stress due to various causes. If you don't sort the underlying causes you will not change the coping mechanism. many of these people are struggling with overwork, poor management structures, underfunding, unrealistic expectations, fear of making a mistake and being sued, depression and anxiety, addiction, personality disorders , lack of support and training from the NHS etc etc etc and are often subjected to bullying themselves. If you don't understand the problem and tackle its root causes nothing will change. this idea is to placate the victims only and does nothing to change the NHS culture that incites such behaviours in the first place.

  • Government set to double NHS diabetes prevention programme

    d in vadar's comment 02 Apr 2019 2:56pm

    i am not a dietician so know nothing about dietary advice - just so you are aware.

  • Preventing suicide amongst GPs needs a system-wide change

    d in vadar's comment 01 Apr 2019 1:57pm

    the NHS is a bully and functions on emotional blackmail of its staff to work for low pay and poor working conditions. always has done from day 1. people put up with it for a decent pension at the end and the feeling of a job well done helping people. now the pension has gone and patients complain rather than appreciating what they have been given, often at reduced costs compared to other people on the planet, there is now no incentive to work in it. The NHS was always run on unpaid overtime by all its staff - which is why private companies can never make a profit on nhs contracts - the UK could never afford the actually pay amounts that should have been paid to its staff over the past 70 years - it has always been run on a massive freebie which is why it has worked up till now. The NHS and this country owes NHS staff billions of pounds in unpaid overtime over the past 70 years. when this is ignored by successive governments and staff are pushed to their limits they just leave and no one wants to replace them. you can replace them with physios and pharmacists and the like but the inherent problem will remain and they will, eventually, leave too. to help staff cope you need to change the ethos of the NHS culture, pay for the work done and if this means cutting non essential services to cover the costs then that should be done too. Patients don't go to see a machine, they go to see a human being. The NHS cannot function without people. if there are no staff there is no NHS.

  • Welsh practices set for £2.88 per patient cut to global sum

    d in vadar's comment 01 Apr 2019 1:27pm

    are there still partners in wales? most of the locums i do there employ locums for all the GP appointments as no one wants to work there permanently - perhaps it the strain of all the sick notes one has to write!!!!!

  • GPs will need to take part in network peer-review meetings as part of QOF

    d in vadar's comment 01 Apr 2019 1:22pm

    am i wrong but weren't we doing this 10 years ago and it didn't work then because of staff shortages. you can prescribe all the ppi you like but i can't guarantee the patient is taking them, you would need a drug test for this. end of life care needs end of life staff, as the NHS and care systems are all struggling to find anyone to do the work bit pointless asking us to improve any system. why not fix the fundamental issues first before sorting out the extras.

  • Networks 'should include' pharmacies, optometrists and dental providers

    d in vadar's comment 01 Apr 2019 1:11pm

    no GPs then

  • GP gender pay gap 'far higher' than average at 33%, finds Government review

    d in vadar's comment 29 Mar 2019 2:21pm

    have no issue in GP as always paid the same but in hospital medicine I was told I would not employed as a trainee is surgery because I was female. that's why there is a problem now - pure misogyny and sexism at its best. I don't have a choice about having to take maternity leave to have kids but a bit of support would be nice - men do contribute 50% to the production of children. The expected norm is for the female to reduce their hours to cover child care commitments. I was lucky enough that for our relationship we did the opposite and my partner worked part time and I worked full time. I find the comments here out dated. If you are deciding to have children and ask one of the partnership to reduce their hours to cover child care then you should be compensating them for the financial loss in some format - as in contributing to their private pension or other costs etc. Its what I do for my partner - shame on you if you don't. this is about equality regardless of gender and responsibility to ones partner long term. its also about hospital medicine being anti social and un family friendly - I would see it as denying the general population of potential applicants who would be the best for the position available rather than whoever can squeeze their work home life to fit into an old and antiquated training system with long anti social hours and no fully paid 24 hours child care systems in place. everyone is losing out - not just women. I would also point out in general surveys most child care and housework is done by women in the UK still - totally unpaid - so in fact they are - in general - working 3 jobs daily rather than one. They are more likely to take on the care of an elderly relative than a male would - see the data. we are not doing all the paid jobs because we are still doing most of the unpaid ones - marlow is a poor quotation to be use based on this context and shows a general ignorance in the workload of various groups in society.