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d in vadar

  • Clare Gerada to head up new gambling support service for GP patients

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jul 2020 5:23pm

    I don't disagree these people need help and i am aware of the ability of gambling websites, and other companies etc to target human behaviour to encourage and addict people to gambling, alcohol, phones, food etc etc - we have addiction genes for a reason anthropologically speaking. the issue who pays for it. considering we are about to get a massive bill for covid with subsequent reduction in essential services for the nhs and closure of services funded by local councils after public health was transferred to their control i am more worried about even getting the basics done for my patients. Its about time we stopped taking on board every bodies wants, make sure we have the cash for the essentials, which I am concerned is not going to be there in 2-3 years time, and make companies pay for the damage they deliberately create. being nice is not going to save the NHS. doing nothing to stop the abuse of it will destroy it. then what? already happened in dentistry - the first in the queue for nhs places or those who can afford private insurance are ok. the rest get left behind with the crumbs or nothing. already hints that a massive tax hike is coming to pay the bill, not a vote winner so it will come in other sneakier formats. if we do not protect the nhs from the havoc of covid the end result will be privatisation. and then no one wins. apart from the rich.

  • HIV prevention drug now available through the NHS in Wales

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jul 2020 4:58pm

    so not going to prescribe it though. not a GP drug, specialist only.

  • Smells like pandemic spirit

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jul 2020 1:09pm

    long may it last, until i retire anyway

  • GPs to resume patient reviews and health checks immediately

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jul 2020 1:06pm

    thats not what the law states, anyone can say some one is dead. you just need us for the certificates.

  • Clare Gerada to head up new gambling support service for GP patients

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jul 2020 12:51pm

    why is this provided on the nhs and not by the gambling services, they make plenty of profit, they should be paying for all of this, not taxpayers. might incentivise them to actually stop addicted people from losing all their money in the first place if they have to bail them out every time. well peeved paying for this through taxes. same for alcohol. where is the legislation to stop ripping off uk taxpayers.

  • Government orders 65m syringes ahead of potential Covid-19 vaccine

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jul 2020 12:44pm

    whose going to give it, who is going to pay for the extra staff time, needle boxes, incineration costs etc etc etc? can pharmacists give at same time as flu jab, can you give with flu jab, can you give to immunosuppressed etc - need info soon, not the week before.

  • This crisis offers the chance for a radical change of mindset

    d in vadar's comment 10 Jul 2020 2:03pm

    yep - mind set on leaving the NHS even sooner than planned.

  • GPs to resume patient reviews and health checks immediately

    d in vadar's comment 10 Jul 2020 1:58pm

    i don't have time to do them as still dealing with backlog, time spent cleaning after using PPE etc etc. pay us the money and we will do what we can when we can but if you push and do not support us you will lose us in the end. being kicked in the head when your already on the floor is not being supportive. This is how NHSE is coming across. its unrealistic and nasty.

  • NHS England set to 'redesign' GP appraisals

    d in vadar's comment 10 Jul 2020 1:53pm

    once every 5 years would be realistic, or not at all would be better.

  • GPs should refer a quarter of all patients for weight management, suggests NICE

    d in vadar's comment 07 Jul 2020 12:50pm

    this is a public health issue, NICE provide the guidelines but they are exactly that, guidance, everyone understands the disease burden caused by obesity but the issue is about how we manage it and how we pay for it. It is an actual waste of valuable resources to ask GPs to do this. Its not our fault public health budgest have been decimated by the move to council based funding, something we predicted would happen a few years ago and has been proven correct. But why are we so fat? too many cars on the road making it dangerous to cycle to work, selling off school playgrounds, fast food outlets everywhere and especially in poorer areas, expensive fruit and vegtables, cheap convenience food and alcohol, gym membership that is expensive for the majority of those who need it. once obese its very hard to lose the weight and needs a lot of support. so the answer is not GP based and never has been. subsidise fresh fruit and vegetables, have a fat tax for food and minimum pricing for alcohol, refuse all routine surgery for BMI over 35 till the person loses weight, subsidise swimming pools and gyms for low earners and free for children, bariatric surgery for obese diabetic patients is cost effective in the long term so fund it. remove cars from inner cities and provide cycle roads instead. create car free zones for housing that allow children to play outside safely for hours at a time. fund shopping experts and cooking programmes to teach people how to read food labels and cook heathily, provide personal trainers for the chronically ill to get them back exercising, provide free yoga classes or similar for all ages with health issue including mental health. stop enabling people to be obese, off work, long term sick, and no exercise. invoke strong work intolerance to bullying, sexist abuse and overt discrimination so people don;t get fat to avoid unwanted attention at work and outside the home. remove media pictures of too thin people - this sets a pyschological model of unrealistic expectations of normal BMI and health and beauty and encourages yo yo dieting - put on athletes instead who have normal BMI and eat heathily. we can refer people but we do not provide the service. stop abusing our time. this is what MPs are for and supposed to be leading and supporting in the implemntation of. taking into account public health advice.

  • Asymptomatic GPs could have weekly Covid-19 tests by autumn

    d in vadar's comment 07 Jul 2020 12:21pm

    last in the queue again i see. shambolic.

  • Two areas set to pilot call-before-you-walk A&E model

    d in vadar's comment 03 Jul 2020 1:21pm

    you are assuming there will be any GPs left for the urgent ooh care services to see them. just pointing out this may be a consideration you need to think about.

  • Many more patients should shield in second Covid spike, says DHSC adviser

    d in vadar's comment 03 Jul 2020 1:14pm

    there may not be a second spike as such as lockdown has created a different scenario. no rampaging across the population in one go as per normal and then mopping up the uninfected in 2nd and 3rd waves. we now have mutiple mini spikes across the country that will continue for the next few years either till everyone is exposed or we have a vaccine. as lockdowns start to affect peoples ability to earn cash and travel there will be less compliance with social distancing - there are already covid parties in the usa amongst the younger populations. the longer it goes on the less people with stick with the restrictions, regardless of the risk of harm to others, this is human nature. so at what point do we decide, if there is no vaccine coming, do we accept the inevitable and let the virus do its worst. 2 years, 3 years, 5 years ?? when exactly. with no conversations and no time frames coming from our leaders - people will do what they like and they clearly are at the moment. so i would suggest we ct with lockdown measures till march next year - post flu season - and then decide, if no vaccine coming in the next 2 years, end all restrictions in 2022. Give people a working time frame if you want compliance.

  • GMC to restart fitness-to-practise investigations this month

    d in vadar's comment 03 Jul 2020 12:58pm

    are they going to investigate the mask and PPE issue as a matter of priority, putting its workforce in danger should be investigated immediately.

  • MSPs call for ministers to consider fully salaried GP service

    d in vadar's comment 03 Jul 2020 12:55pm

    paid for overtime time and a third and double for OOH and BH - 37.5 hr per week, paid study leave, paid petrol for home visits, paid gmc, rcgp, insurance fees, sick leave, maternity and adoption leave, equipment paid for, locums paid for and access to tribunals for unfair practices, not trained to do it - not doing it, manager informed - bring it on.

  • RCGP criticised for 'all-white' board in open GP letter

    d in vadar's comment 02 Jul 2020 11:32am

    did we have proportional representation at the last election cause i didn't vote for any white males at all, nothing against them but none of them stood out as being representative of my view point and very much status quo in their descriptions. in fact quite dull. can we have more radicals to vote for please including those who may be disabled, have mental health issues and LGBTQ etc, mixture of partners, locum, salaried and portfolio GPs. as the RCGP is failing its members en masse it needs a massive shake up or it will fade and die as a pointless exercise.

  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    d in vadar's comment 01 Jul 2020 11:56am

    NHSE and DoH want you to in fight, not challenge the funding models, practices to close, doctors to leave primary care so it all can be privatized and replaced with cheaper noctors. the only way to stop all this is for all of us to resign on the 31st march 2021 and go private. after that they will just replace us with anything that's available, regardless of ability or suitability, as long as its cheap. You want to save general practice in the UK - then leave it, whilst you still have the choice

  • Golden handshake scheme for new GP partners comes into force

    d in vadar's comment 30 Jun 2020 5:52pm

    no thanks, reducing my hours in fact. by the way BMA, thanks to you, i have been either underpaid and not paid for over £800,000 worth of overtime work in the NHS. are you going to negotiate the money i was exploited out of by virtue of slave labour in the NHS?. £20,000 is a joke. Should be that every year for 5 years on top of normal pay rates with no subjection to tax or pension penalties or clauses. BMA - you failed yet again. please stop representing GPs. you have no idea what you are doing, and you never have.

  • BMA sets out plan for general practice to become carbon neutral in 10 years

    d in vadar's comment 30 Jun 2020 12:59pm

    we will be completely neutral in 10 years as by then we will have all left due to bankruptcy. not sure what the issue is. unless you mean the private sector as well.

  • GPs to catch up on public health targets post-Covid or risk losing LES cash

    d in vadar's comment 30 Jun 2020 12:56pm

    they are assumming there will be GP practices left to claw the monies back from. be careful what you wish for.