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d in vadar

  • GP practice threatened with contract breach notice for failing to cooperate with network

    d in vadar's comment 17 Jan 2020 2:23pm

    in a pcn? - leave before its too late and your practice is bankrupted and destroyed by them. only way to protect your patients now.

  • BMA warns reported increase in pensions tax threshold 'will not solve problems'

    d in vadar's comment 16 Jan 2020 1:32pm

    most GPs don't earn that amount so not sure how that will help. they do know we are leaving because the job is sh##e - right?

  • Pharmacy referral service 'relieving pressure' on GPs is set to expand

    d in vadar's comment 16 Jan 2020 1:24pm

    don't think our local pharmacist is involved cause I get sent everything including stuff that's their job !!!!!

  • A draft of the deluded or deceitful

    d in vadar's comment 16 Jan 2020 1:22pm

    internet not working again

  • A draft of the deluded or deceitful

    d in vadar's comment 16 Jan 2020 1:20pm

    we receive

  • A draft of the deluded or deceitful

    d in vadar's comment 16 Jan 2020 1:18pm

    oh and any detailed report is £600

  • A draft of the deluded or deceitful

    d in vadar's comment 16 Jan 2020 1:17pm

    home visit is £300 an hour plus petrol and its £80 per 15 min appt, tests and scripts are extra, more for an experienced specialist GP - no wonder you have had no pay rise since 2004!!

  • GPs saw 13 patients on Christmas day under extended access opening hours

    d in vadar's comment 16 Jan 2020 11:47am

    shropdoc have problems getting docs to do the overnight shifts so they have to pay extra for these types of shifts - as does everyone else. there aren't enough locums for all the work that is out there so its a locums market. the pay rate hasn't really changed for the last 10 years so if you can get the same pay as a day GP why bother with night and weekend shifts, unless it suits your style of consulting. otherwise the continuity of care is lacking and its pot luck what doc you get. patients may like it but then again they also like eating too much, being obese and getting diabetes so you can't really take what they say as any reasoned argument. perhaps if they started paying GPs £300 an hour and no pension tax limit - as equivalent to similar professionals with the same level of qualifications or the same as our plumber, then perhaps there would be more GPs around to do the routine appointments and one would not have to buy in the extended or OOH service as much or at all. They are far more costly to provide than a GP in a practice, have less continuity of care and thus at risk of making more mistakes which in the end will cost the NHS far more than a generous pay rise for GPs in practice. We only get payments for our practices of

  • NHSE official admits ‘we need to make changes’ to draft network specifications

    d in vadar's comment 15 Jan 2020 8:43am

    nhs costs 143.4b for 2020-2021. GP gets 11b, ie 8.3% of budget, includes drug prescribing by GPs. we do 300m appts a year, ie 90% of the work, so why don't we get 90% of the budget. A^E see 23m per year - one year of GP funding per patient costs less then 2 x A^E visits. The NHSE still want 2-3% savings every year made. the funding is screwed against general practice. its not a profitable business to be in. when businesses reach this point they close.this is why general practice is failing. no money no business. You employ hospitals and private companies to do this you lose all the goodwill and unpaid overtime thats been provided for over 70 years by GP in the NHS. Whatever costs you budget for you have to double them in this scenario. damaging GP will increase costs and reduce efficiency. if you can't see this then you don't understand how the NHS works and why it is now failing.

  • Do we trust the PCN movement?

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jan 2020 3:41pm

    wales have removed alot of QOF, started post registrar rotations to support new GPs and boosting funding to GP practices with few local services. they recognise they need more GPs and need to support them to stay, especially in more rural areas. At least they are trying and recognise there is a problem. NHSE doesn't even recognise the problem. as you say, we don't go on temporary strike, just permanent ones.

  • Female GPs earn on average £40,000 less than male counterparts, finds report

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jan 2020 3:20pm

    i presume you've got one of those magic tables that clears itself every night after your have gone to bed, wardobes fill with clothes that magically wash and iron themselves and food appears in the kitchen as if from no where. the house cleans itself all on its own, children all sorted by themselves and elderly relatives get to and from hospital appointments by magic carpet. love to live in that house. where can i get one of those please?

  • 80% of partners say they would reject signing network DES if proposals go ahead

    d in vadar's comment 14 Jan 2020 3:00pm

    good. hope they do. terrible ill thought out contract.

  • Government's review of doctors' pension tax allowance begins

    d in vadar's comment 13 Jan 2020 12:32pm

    if we had been in unite for a union, for example, we would have been on strike and had our benefits re instated years ago. time for a union change for GPs. The BMA is not GP friendly. we need our own union that represents us, works for us and not for the government.

  • RCGP calls for extension to network DES consultation

    d in vadar's comment 10 Jan 2020 10:48am

    i thought the RCGP were all for the 5 year plan, pcns and how it was going to save general practice - have they realised they made a BIG mistake and gave the wrong advice? are they going to apologise for getting it so wrong? of course not. i am sure the gongs will be on the way, cos thats what the RCGP is there for.
    when nothing happens and we continue to leave at the grass root level, you know, us here, the ones who actually do the work, who you gonna have left to represent?. and like NHS england is going to listen to anything you say!!!! havn't for the past 11 years.
    why don't you threaten to withdraw GPs from all PCNS and unpaid work, advise GPs only to provide services they are in the GMS contract, no obligation for us to provide anything else unless its properly funded. why not advise GPs that any training has to be paid for by the local CCG and not GPs themselves, especially any compulsary training they set.if not paid for they don't have to do it. the RCGP should state that a GP does not actually need any compulsary training to do their job either once they have passed the MRCGP. Why does the RCGP not tell CQC to back off or else?
    why not?. cause they won't get that gong if they do.

  • GP concerns over network DES will form ‘basis’ of talks with NHSE, says BMA

    d in vadar's comment 09 Jan 2020 1:11pm

    dear bma GP committee - you have not been listening and you don't know how to do your job. this debacle was totally predictable if you had actually read the contract and did the numbers -they never matched the workload required - took me 45 mins to work that one out. clearly the people you employ are not competent and need replacing.
    as a union this is what i want:
    11% pay rise - no strings attached
    pension limits removed immediately
    max 24 pt contacts a day
    full reimbursement for all training costs
    petrol allowance for home visits and car maintenance
    GMC and all insurance fees paid for by the NHS, except private work
    overtime payment for any work in excess of 44 hours per week including meetings required by CCG, etc
    all necessary locum cover costs covered by the NHS.
    any extra non GMS work is costed fully and paid at nationally agreed rates with some variation for local needs in the case of where extra monies are needed to cover for example - transport costs in rural areas
    otherwise we are leaving and there will be no BMA cause there will be no doctors left in the UK.
    as a union you are not there to serve government or patients, you are there to support us. otherwise what is the point of you. you have forgotten your mandate. you have forgotten why you are there. you have forgotten who you represent. do something or you will be replaced.

  • Just one in eight GPs earns over £100k a year

    d in vadar's comment 07 Jan 2020 2:29pm

    why stay in the uk - earn 250,000 to 500,00 a year abroad. its good expereince and puts money in your bank account so when you have to return you only have to work part time. totally recommend it. we are not obliged to take the crap from the NHS, people need doctors all over the world. they all have the same issues. Just get paid more for it elsewhere.

  • GMC registration fees to rise by £7 from April

    d in vadar's comment 06 Jan 2020 12:30pm

    i can't afford it - am i allowed to start a go fund me page?

  • Millions of patients wait more than three weeks for GP appointment

    d in vadar's comment 06 Jan 2020 12:28pm

    and this is news because????

  • Housing development to go ahead despite GP and councillor concerns

    d in vadar's comment 06 Jan 2020 12:26pm

    total cop out by planning - should be law - no GP no new housing.

  • GPs to visit care home patients fortnightly under network requirements

    d in vadar's comment 06 Jan 2020 9:53am

    tried this as a des and despite 2 weekly ward rounds made no difference to home visit call outs or admissions, did create a lot of paperwork, did add more patients dying in the NH and extra unpaid work. It contributed to leaving as a partner as over worked and too stressed out by it all - if there is one thing that will drive out more GPs from partnerships - this is it.
    This should be done by a dedicated team with 24 hour cover to work effectively and to avoid OOH admissions and 111 call outs, most of the work is not GP level work either.
    this is a policy driven by people who have never done the work that is required. they should try it for 6 months and see how much it wears them out. crazy.