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d in vadar

  • What GP practices will have to provide over Easter

    d in vadar's comment 08 Apr 2020 11:09am

    they cannot ask you to do the work and then not refund the OOH payments - that would be fraud under the terms of the contract. legally they are not supposed to change the terms of the contract without your signed agreement. if a practice refuses to provide the service with no contract change agreed and signed there is nothing NHSE can do about it. many GPs will do it anyway because we actually care about our patients but this is another example of using this goodwill and abusing it. If NHSE do not pay back the monies and fund it properly it will backfire badly. They will lose all credibility and trust.

  • GPs told to avoid 'looping' Covid-19-symptomatic patients back to NHS 111

    d in vadar's comment 07 Apr 2020 5:31pm

    all roads lead to early retirement, after this is all over, me thinks.

  • I'm having to start my medical career early - and I need Government support

    d in vadar's comment 07 Apr 2020 1:15pm

    emigrate once your first year is over. really really not joking.

  • Nine in 10 GPs have no eye protection, finds BMA survey

    d in vadar's comment 07 Apr 2020 1:09pm

    the differences in the support for general practices between the different countries of england, scotland and wales is quite interesting. England has a lot of catching up to do. Not sure why exactly but I can summise from previous dealings with NHSE. Just an observation.

  • GPs asked to set up dedicated home-visiting team for 'shielded' patients

    d in vadar's comment 07 Apr 2020 12:57pm

    perhaps , if we had been tested, we would know if we have had covid or not, and were potentially immune, thus transmission should, in theory, be low risk and wearing adequate PPE would protect such patients. But, alas, we are in england. so no chance. But i have done my training on how to put on and take off PPE - i watched a video on you tube - do i get a certificate? plus should i wear it in the supermarket and at the petrol station filling up etc etc, because, as we all know, the virus can live for some time on surfaces and be picked up without you knowing. just asking? Plus what do you mean by a team? in rural practice it is just the GP and a district nurse if you can find one at the moment. so does one person constitute a team in this case?

  • GPs should evaluate illness in children 'in the normal way', says NHS England

    d in vadar's comment 06 Apr 2020 5:14pm

    Define delayed and who by exactly. Is it also those children, who would normally present to A&E but are not attending for fear of picking up covid in hospital and at high risk. Or delay in getting an ambulance. Can we see the actual data please.

  • Regional commissioners should 'save' Covid-19 tests for GPs, says NHS England

    d in vadar's comment 06 Apr 2020 5:08pm

    Nope. Still not been offered a test. Back at work now. So do I self isolate again if I get a cough and fever or not. All seems very disorganised. Perhaps I should pretend to be a famous actor or sportsperson or politician. Front of the queue then. So how come community deaths are not included in the death toll figures. That's right. Cause they are not tested either. Really we should put covid 19 as cause of death on all community based death certificates unless we can be absolutely sure they are not. Just an observation.

  • NHS England urgently calls on GPs to offer spare time to Covid-19 triage service

    d in vadar's comment 06 Apr 2020 4:59pm

    Already fully booked. And some. Nhse missed the boat there a bit. By several weeks in fact. Bought my own PPE by the way. Just so you know.

  • The message on respecting the NHS is going viral

    d in vadar's comment 03 Apr 2020 3:56pm


  • The resuscitation question

    d in vadar's comment 03 Apr 2020 3:53pm

    technically, you have to have died or about to die, to start resuscitation. hence the low success rate. Its a concept which is hard for some people to understand, and explains those that request resuscitation despite the zero chance of success in their case. people want all the trimmings of the NHS but not the responsibilties of it. Covid has shown this in its full glory. welcome to the world of general practice. Thats why its a really hard job to do.

  • PHE publishes updated guidance on use of PPE

    d in vadar's comment 02 Apr 2020 5:47pm

    Baaaaaaa. Chop.

  • Who has the right to decide who lives or dies?

    d in vadar's comment 02 Apr 2020 5:45pm

    The last person standing gets to decide. I would suggest you think on that.

  • GPs to open on bank holidays to 'align with rest of NHS'

    d in vadar's comment 01 Apr 2020 9:33am

    You are aware this has a knock on effect. The BH days are part of leave entitlement. You make them working days the time has to be given elsewhere for employed staff. They also have to be paid. If it's not funded some practices may go bankrupt. You cannot charge for Ooh cover and not re imburse the money for the time covered. That's a breach of contract. You cannot change the contract without consent. You can pay practices who volunteer to do this. Which would be the most sensible way to do this. Those practices who are currently understaffed due to covid could exclude themselves rather than wear out their workforce. Whoever is trying to enforce this en masse is not considering the consequences. Anyone else would just ask us and pay for those that can do it. So why did they not just ask.

  • GPs should not examine children’s throats ‘unless absolutely necessary’

    d in vadar's comment 31 Mar 2020 11:43am


  • GPs to start getting tested for coronavirus from this week

    d in vadar's comment 31 Mar 2020 11:42am

    When exactly are we being tested. Date. How to organise one etc etc. Glad to know we are not essential in the scheme of things. Or of any value. Actors, footballers, royals yes. Doctors no. No wonder my kids want to emigrate from the UK. It's not a fair society. It's all about the kching.

  • ​The virus that is set to change general practice forever

    d in vadar's comment 30 Mar 2020 12:30pm

    not work in England as a GP, telephone call as many pts as possible before seeing them or esp. after seeing them. all pysch issues to be done over the phone initially. access to me as a GP will be limited, move more work onto nurses etc, reduce my hours and leave the NHS the day I hit 55. Not taking any more s###e from patients, government or anyone else. I don't think I am the only one who has realised we see far too much dross, do too much unnecessary paperwork and its less stressful not to see people in person and to work from home more. wanna make a complaint? Be careful what you moan about cause we may not be around to hear it anymore.

  • NHS confirms first death of a UK doctor due to coronavirus

    d in vadar's comment 30 Mar 2020 12:11pm

    when are we going to have access to the covid test? many of us are self isolating but don't know if we have it or not. we then go back to work not knowing if we are immune or not. we then have to self isolate again if we get a fever again. this is madness. wales test their staff. we should be testing today. doctors may be dying of covid but you wont know. this is a cover up at its worst. MPs get a test but we cannot. That's a national scandal and a disgrace. where is our hotline to book a test? We are putting our lives on the line here and this is how we are treated? inadequate PPE, poor supplies, no financial support for locums. your are going to lose doctors, once this is all over. Badly treated is one thing. Putting our lives at risk without any care is another.

  • ‘Reassuring’ evidence on surgical masks for GPs but only in use with other PPE

    d in vadar's comment 29 Mar 2020 9:21am

    Why us our death rate higher than Germany. Please explain. Would actually like to know.

  • All we can do is support you – tell us how

    d in vadar's comment 27 Mar 2020 9:19am

    Wore PPE. Now sick. Off for a week. Lost locum pay as a result. I probably won't qualify for any help. Not eligible for testing. Feel totally let down for doing my job. I hope to be back at work soon. Will care for the sick and dying. With or without PPE. Difficult choices will have to be made. we will carry on. We will cover our colleague's off sick. We will do our best. Because there is no one else out there who can do this. But I would appreciate some honesty. That the PPE doesn't work. That we won't be covered for our lost locum work. That if we die in isolation as a locum we won't be covered by the in service death payments. We will taxed heavily for any extra work. If we die our deaths will be hidden. And once this is all over. We will be forgotten.

  • Over 5,000 medical students will join NHS coronavirus effort 'next week'

    d in vadar's comment 25 Mar 2020 4:47pm

    what are you actually expecting them be able to do?